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How to Know If You Are Being Played in a Relationship

How to Know If You Are Being Played in a Relationship

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We all want to be loved and not be used in a relationship.

We all want to know that our partners love us as much as we love them.

We all do not want to be lied to or deceived.

If only the world was this easy and people say what they mean, relationships would be easier.

Unfortunately, it is not always the case; sometimes, people just try to use others and you have to protect yourself from being used.

Here are the signs you’re being played in a relationship:


#1 Your happiness is not a priority

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While it is important to understand nobody can really make you happy if you have not found happiness and self-love all on your own, it is healthy to expect our partners to care for our happiness.

A partner who is in love with you will try to make you happy as much as it is in their power to.

If you are with someone who doesn’t care for your happiness, then you are probably getting played in the relationship.


#2 They do not try to spend time with you

When we are in love, it is only natural that we will desire to be in each other’s company.

That doesn’t mean we spend every waking hour with each other because we each have lives outside of each other, but it means that we will deliberately make time to spend time with each other.

If you are in a relationship where this is not happening, it is time to ask yourself some serious and honest questions.


#3 They prefer to keep the relationship a secret

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There is something about being in love that will make you want to shout it on the rooftop.

Being in love makes you so happy, the happiness will radiate and you will want to let the people around you share in your joy.

If you and your partner have both decided to be together and be exclusive, then there is no reason why the relationship should be kept a secret.

A relationship that is kept a secret is suspicious; it is a serious red flag.


#4 Their stories are inconsistent

If you are being played in a relationship, one of the most obvious signs is that their stories will be grossly inconsistent.

Some people are professional liars, so they are better at it but if you are observant, you will observe that their words and life do not add up.


#5 You do not see yourself in their plans

When someone loves you and they are in a serious relationship with you, they will see you in their future and plan their future with you in mind.

If you cannot see yourself at all in the plans of your partner, then it either means they are not sure of your place in their life, they consider you temporary or you are being played.


#6 You are always the one sacrificing and compromising

It takes two to tango; a relationship requires effort from two people.

You should not be the only one making sacrifices and making compromises in the relationship.

If your partner is not reciprocating the sacrifices and also making compromises, it means they are not investing themselves enough in the relationship and that could really mean that you are being played.


#7 They are only nice when they want something

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A player only cares to be nice when they want something from you.

They don’t bother to stress themselves when they don’t consider it necessary but a healthy relationship is not all about receiving, there is a lot of giving that takes place as well.

If you are only giving and not receiving, then you should consider that you’re being played in the relationship.


#8 You are in doubt of your place in their life

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If you are not sure where you fit in someone’s life, it is a huge indicator that you probably don’t amount to much in their life.

Sometimes, it would mean having an honest conversation; maybe they are not broaching the subject because they don’t how you feel about them as well.

However, if that is not the case, then you really are being played or you are just temporal.

A conversation will let you know for sure.


#9 Your instinct is sending red flags signalsHow to Know If You Are Being Played in a Relationship






















Our instinct is very powerful, especially that of a woman.

But we all, irrespective of gender, have a gut feeling that is largely accurate; listen to it.

It doesn’t mean that you immediately remove yourself from the situation but that you should pay more attention and investigate why you feel the uncertainty and discomfort in your gut.


#10 Your family and friends don’t like them

Sometimes, we are so consumed with our feelings that we cannot see what others can clearly see.

There is a possibility of one or two people in your family or amongst your friends don’t like your partner for a selfish reason but when the majority of your family and friends don’t like someone, it is not a coincidence.

Everybody cannot be wrong about someone.

These are people that have been in your life and cared about you for long, you should, at least, consider their opinion.

Chances are there is something there.

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