8 Signs That You Are Sapiosexual


It is not uncommon to hear people claim that they are sapiosexual. While most people throw the word around because they think it’s cool, only a few actually exhibit the true characteristics of a sapiosexual. Fewer understand what it means to be sapiosexual. The dictionary defines sapiosexual as being sexually attracted to intellectual or mental … Read more

7 Cute Reasons Why Good Men Don’t Cheat Even When They Can

  “But all men cheat”—this is a phrase I’ve heard so many times from women, of all age brackets, and it doesn’t sit well with me. I believe this is a phrase created by women for women to justify why they are enduring relationships with a cheating boyfriend/husband. Do all men cheat? All of them? … Read more

How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You

A relationship breakup isn’t one of the easiest things to go through in life. But however hard it may be, it’s important to make efforts to heal and deal with it. Another funny truth is that nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your ex wishes they didn’t let you go. It’s okay if you … Read more

How To Know He Likes You But Not in Love With You

How To Know He Likes You But Not in Love With You

Let me tell you a story. Some years back, I met a guy online and we had a deep connection. He had similar values, saw many things the same way, wanted the same things out of life and even had similar personalities; my doppelganger practically. As expected, homegirl was certain he was the one. I … Read more

Simple Life Decisions I Made That Changed My Life

life decisions I made that changed my life

Our decisions make or mar us. This is a big lesson I learnt when I looked back on my life last year. I am not one to really compare myself to others because I have made peace with the fact that we are all on a different journey. However, when I looked at some of … Read more

How To Have Fun With Your Family This Holiday

  The holiday season is a special time of the year that everyone looks forward to because it’s a time to relax and have fun with family and friends. There are so many ways to have a fun-filled holiday without breaking the bank. It’s all about being creative and staying within one’s budget. The holiday … Read more