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You’re in a relationship and you’re trying to figure out if he really loves you or not.

You know that he acts like he loves you, but something inside tells you that there’s something off about it.

Is it possible for a man to pretend to love someone?

The answer is yes, it’s very much possible for a man to pretend to love someone.

Here are some signs he pretends to love you:

10 Signs He Pretends To Love You

1. He Does Not Communicate























One hallmark of a healthy and balanced relationship is communication.

It is indisputable and cannot be overlooked.

A healthy relationship that is based on mutual love survives and thrives on communication.

Communication is not just about talking.

Communication can be carried out through words and actions.

Everyone cannot be an excellent, all-star communicator, nevertheless, true love communicates.

Do not forget that indeed, true love communicates.

It is very important to hold on to that fact.

A man who loves you will communicate his feelings to you clearly.

So, if any communication of any and every kind is lacking in your relationship, you might need to take mental stock of the situation.

Communication also involves listening.

Does he listen to you? Do you feel heard? Do you feel like you hit a brick wall while relating to him? Then, he might be pretending to be in love with you.

For a man who is truly in love, his communication is crystal clear.

There is no ambiguity and no room for doubts.


2. Zero Accountability

True love is accountable.

A man who loves you is accountable to you in everything.

You don’t have to force accountability if the love is true.

When the feelings are there, and the motives are pure, accountability is effortless.

A man who truly loves you will accept responsibility for his actions towards you and for how he makes you feel in every way.

Don’t be deceived, a man can be accountable to you when the love is pure.

You don’t have to settle for less.


3. R for Responsible























Love is responsibility.

Confessing and admitting that you are in love is declaring and claiming responsibility. 

If it is love indeed, the man will be responsible towards you.

He will be answerable for his actions that affect the growth and progress of the relationship.

A man in love understands that a relationship is a responsibility, and he is required to do everything in his power to take care of it.

If the love is real, you won’t have to force him to be responsible towards you and the relationship.

A responsible man reciprocates the gestures you make towards growing the relationship.

If you find out that you’re the only one running up and down to make the relationship work, it’s a clear sign he pretends to love you.

It’s not uncommon to find some men declare to high heavens how much they love you, but their actions never match their words and you’re left to wonder.

That’s a huge sign right there, babe.

You don’t just talk; you walk the talk—if your intentions are right.

So, don’t be deceived by love declarations that do not translate to actions.


4. Does He Show up?























A man who is pretending to love you shows up just enough to not be suspected. 

He does not have to be there a hundred percent of the time, but if most of the time, you discover it is more absence than presence, he’s not around when you need him, he does not show up, and he’s never there, he might be faking his feelings.

True love shows up. True love makes you feel that you’re not alone.

A lot of women are in a relationship, yet feel so alone—like they’re in it alone. No emotional support whatsoever.

If this is you, review your relationship.


5. You Make all The Plans

A man who loves you will want to spend time with you.

He will make time for you. You won’t have to force him to spend adequate time with you and devote attention to you.

If you are the only one making the plans all of the time, chances are that you are the only one in love. 

If you find yourself always advocating for spending time together as a couple, you just might be dating yourself.

Think about it.


6. He Avoids The Challenges of The Relationship

No relationship is perfect.

Every relationship is unique in its own way and comes with its own challenges and difficulties and problems.

That difficulty arises in a relationship does not mean it is wrong and it certainly does not signal the end of the relationship.

But solving the problems in a relationship fosters union, intimacy, and closeness.

It also prolongs the lifetime of the relationship.

Leaving challenges lying around for too long is injurious to a relationship.

When a man avoids dealing with the issues of a relationship, a high chance exists that he might be pretending to be in love.

After all, dealing with the problems that exist in a relationship would indicate progress.

Only a man who is truly in love invests in the progress of a relationship.

It takes a lot of mental and heart work to move a relationship forward.

Pretense will not cut it, and nor will it see it through.

A man who is faking his feelings will avoid the work, he simply will not do it.

So, if, as a woman, you are the only one bothered about the challenges and problems in a relationship, you need to have a rethink.


7. He Says He Loves You When He wants Something from You























Every woman loves to hear the three magic words consistently from their men.

But if you have noticed that he only tells you that he loves you when he wants something from you such as money or physical intimacy, then this could be one of the signs that he pretends to love you.

He might be saying those words just so that he can get what he wants from the relationship.


8. He Only Shows Affection When Others are Around























If your guy only shows affection when other people are around and never when you are alone, it’s because he wants them to think you guys have a good relationship and don’t want them thinking otherwise.

That’s the height of pretense if you asked me.


9. He Doesn’t Want You to Meet His Family

Most people are eager to show off their partners to the people they love — their parents and siblings.

But if your boyfriend is pushing back on the idea of introducing you to the people who raised him, it may be time to worry about whether he’s in this for the long haul.


10. He Avoids talking about the future

If he’s not talking about the future with you, it means he doesn’t see one with you in it.

He might be taking things slowly, but if he’s not making any effort to make things serious, then it means that he doesn’t want to commit himself or make things serious with you.

Most of the time, women can tell if a man loves them or pretending to. 

This article is just a confirmation of what you’ve been suspecting. 

A healthy relationship based on mutual love and interest is not a taboo, it is possible, and you can have it.
























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Friday 26th of May 2023

This is one sided and and demeans men as the bad guys. Fair to point out these are signs of a faulty relationship, but admit it could be a “she” vs “he” that is doing said things


Saturday 20th of May 2023

Hey- I’ve been with my man for 20yrs. Had a 3yrs old daughter before our friend ship. He adopted her since then because her biological father is not in her life. We planned a wedding about 6x which never happened. I backed out every time the time gets closer. I’ve been pregnant for him 3x and lost them all. Now a have beautiful daughter for him and still not married. I feel that we are not on the same page with our friendship. He worked a lot and I takes care of the kids. He’s done everything for us except spending time with us. I know for a fact he’s not cheating. I brings home him pay check every week and give it to me. I run the household and take care of expenses. I feel deeply that our friendship is only base on caring for the family. Not our love together. He refused to go out on dates with me. It doesn’t matter how much I have asked him. He only goes on family trips, vacation and so forth. Nothing with us together. I feel alone most of the time when the kids are at school. I craved him attention. When he’s home from work he just sleeps. He doesn’t like communicating at all. So I’m just left confused most of the time.


Sunday 23rd of April 2023

You think you know everyone by just a few but unfortunately not all of us are created equal. Sorry, not sorry!

John S.

Sunday 9th of April 2023

This is a good article.

Love Pavillion

Monday 8th of May 2023

Thank you.

The Real Man

Thursday 9th of February 2023

Why is it only about man?? The exact same points apply to woman also.. Amd god knows there are many pretender women out there.