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Signs that Your Partner is Emotionally Unavailable

Signs that Your Partner is Emotionally Unavailable

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It is normal to be infatuated with someone in the beginning of a relationship. You know the rush of adrenaline that makes you feel like you are living in a fairy tale because you have found your queen/prince charming?

Yes, that.

However, reality usually sets in when the initial excitement has worn off and lovers begin to doubt the survival of the relationship.

Truth is, it takes two emotionally available partners to make a relationship work, and it’s very possible not to know that your partner is not emotionally available because  your senses are clouded by emotions. This article will help you to understand the signs to show that your partner is no longer emotionally available in your relationship.

Signs that Your Partner is Not Emotionally Available

Here are some tell tale signs to spot an emotionally unavailable partner:

They avoid commitment

Emotionally unavailable partners are the ones who won’t commit to you. They shy away from serious conversations about the future of the relationship.

They may even tell you not to address them as boyfriend or girlfriend in public.

They are reluctant to introduce you to their friends, family, or coworkers or be introduced to yours. They just don’t want to be identified with you in public.

Some of them usually say it openly that they dislike or are not yet ready for marriage.

They give confusing signals

Partners like this sometimes choke you with calls and messages, then they go MIA for some days, weeks, or even months.

They tend to be emotionally distant, shut down, or can’t deal with conflicts in relationship.

The relationship may have started on a good note, but they later start withdrawing.

If you are constantly yearning for connection and overtly anxious rather than being actually connected to them, then it’s likely such a partner is emotionally unavailable.

They are narcissistic or controlling

These are partners who will not want to be inconvenienced or modify their routine for the benefit of the relationship.

They are always rigid, and they detest compromise.

All they care about is themselves and their needs. Most things in the relationship revolve around them.

They struggle with addiction

When a person struggles with addiction to porn, sex, drugs and other things, its unlikely that they will prioritize their partner.

The addiction may affect their desire to be available for a relationship in a healthy way.

Have a rethink about settling down with a partner who is battling addiction without getting help.

They are perfection seekers

They look for and always find lots of flaws in the opposite sex.

The issue is that they’re scared of intimacy, hence, their anxiety rises when they can’t find any imperfection in you.

They will find an excuse to break up from a relationship when given the slightest opportunity.

They are invasive or evasive

They can be secretive and may quickly ask inappropriate questions about money or sex.

For instance, they may indicate a hidden agenda and unwillingness to allow a relationship to unfold.

On the contrary, someone may hide their past due to shame, and this may be an obstacle to being intimate with their new partners.

They prefer long distance relationships

Although long distance relationships are not uncommon these days due to the ever increasing number of online dating sites; emotionally unavailable partners may prefer communicating through Skype, emails, or texting and other social media forums other than making plans and effort to overcome the challenge of distance and see you in person.

They are seductive

These kinds of partners give sexual cues too early in a relationship.

Seducers are persons who avoid authenticity, because they don’t believe they’re enough to keep a partner.

They find ways to sabotage a real relationship.

Seducers are all about power-play and conquest is one of their tools.

They are workaholics

Some emotionally unavailable partners are elusive, sneaky, or frequently working or tired. They always use being busy at work as an excuse not to give attention to their partners.

They are distrustful

They might have been betrayed or lied to in the past, and they now look for similar signs in everyone rather than move on and let new love lead.

They still hung up on an ex

People heal up from breakups at their own pace, but some emotionally unavailable partners still have their conversations with you revolve round their ex.

They may frequently complain about their ex or make reference to them.

These are likely indications that they are still in love with their ex, thus can affect their relationship with you.

It is important to pay attention to the actions and reactions of your partner, especially if there’s mutual attraction. It is possible that a person seems to be Mr. or Mrs. Right, yet they are emotionally unavailable, and this will eventually lead to nothing but pain for the person at the receiving end.

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