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13 First Date Ideas for a Perfect Date

13 First Date Ideas for a Perfect Date

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There is just so much that comes with a first date; the nerves, the worry and all the “what if’ questions. Then, of course, you also worry about the venue. If it is a case of a blind date, you want to make sure that it is somewhere that you can be safe (especially for women). And even if it isn’t a blind date, chances are you do not know this person that well, so you also want to make sure the venue is a neutral and safe place.

Most people would typically go for coffee, dinner or drinks on a first date because they provide a good environment to talk and getting to know each other, which is the point of first dates in the first place.

But sometimes, these places can also be too cliché and even stuffy, there are so many ideas out there that you can explore if you are seeking to go on that beautiful date.

First Date Ideas


first date ideas

I personally know people who feel like they don’t like going to see a movie on a date because it doesn’t give them room to talk. But I say it depends on how you plan it. I love movies and that is my best idea of a date, personally, first or thirtieth.

For a first date, a movie will definitely help loosen all the nerves, especially if you are both movie lovers. After the movie, you can go get ice cream to discuss the movie. That will help with the conversation part of the date and it will make finding what to talk about easier because it will definitely lead to other topics.


Comedy Night

first date ideas

According to an old saying, laughter is good medicine. If you both have a great sense of humour and enjoy comedy shows, then this is a good idea to consider for a date. It will also definitely ease the tension that comes with first dates.


Amusement Park

first date ideas

We all have that inner child in us that is begging to come out to play sometimes. What better way to let that inner child out than at an amusement park where you can cure some of your fears by going on some of the scarier rides and just have fun in general, playing games? And while you are doing all these, you get to know each other.


Golf Club

golfing - first date ideas

There is something about a golf course that is idyllic. You don’t even necessarily have to be an expert and that is the beauty really. You are simply there to catch fun and get to know each other. Play golfing and talking is just the perfect idea of a first date.



first date ideas - karaoke

I know what you are thinking. You are probably tone deaf and wondering what you should be at Karaoke on a first date. Honestly, just like playing golf even as an amateur, the fun of Karaoke is not to be Celine Dion or Dolly Parton. It is to have fun, singing your favourite songs.  It will also let you figure out whether your date is a fun-loving person or uptight, especially if that matters to you.


Museum or Art Gallery

You can explore your artistic sides, especially if this is something you enjoy normally in the first place, by going to the museum or an art gallery to learn history and appreciate art.



first date ideas - picnic

The day is bright and beautiful and you have a date. How do you take advantage of such a beautiful weather? Go to the nearest park, and enjoy the beauty of nature and talk. You can go with home-made snacks or you can buy some. A wine would also come in handy.



first date ideas - workout

You are probably already thinking this is a big no but don’t completely nix the idea already. If you both are into working out, then you can break some sweat while getting to know each other.


Learn Something Together

first date ideas

Learning something together is a first date idea that not many people consider but it is great nonetheless. You get to kill two birds with one stone. You can learn to paint, sculpt, or cook. It is not just memorable, it is creative.


Attend a Sporting Event

first date ideas - sports

Sports lovers are not left out. If you both enjoy the same kind of sports, it makes this easier, you can get tickets and go watch your favourite clubs play live. This is also not a totally bad idea if just one of you enjoys sports. Sometimes, the idea is stepping out of your comfort zone to try something different.



first date tips - walking

Sometimes, less is more. Walking, especially after sunset is not only romantic and healthy but it is also educative. You get to talk a lot and sight-see. You might be surprised what you will see in the same city you live but you have been too busy to notice before.



first date tips - zoo

Who doesn’t love animals? Spending time with animals is a great first date idea because of not only the idyllic environment but there is something about the uniqueness of nature that would serve a beautiful memory you won’t forget in a hurry.


Wine and Dine

first date ideas

I know I started this by talking about how dinner is cliché but it is not totally left out of the options I would recommend. You can decide to dress up, go to a good restaurant and wine and dine. You can talk your hearts out and ask different questions to get to know each other.


One thing I usually recommend is thinking out of the box and doing things beyond the ordinary. You might be shocked that your date is in for some of the ideas you come up with. First dates do not always have to nerve-racking, it can be fun and you can look forward to it if you plan it just right.