Simple Life Decisions I Made That Changed My Life

life decisions I made that changed my life

Our decisions make or mar us. This is a big lesson I learnt when I looked back on my life last year. I am not one to really compare myself to others because I have made peace with the fact that we are all on a different journey. However, when I looked at some of … Read more

How To Attract The Partner Of Your Dreams

how to attract the partner of your dreams

I want love. I believe you want love. We all want love. At the core of it all, we are emotional beings and it is important for us to find a special connection with another human being, in any capacity. One of these capacities is in attracting the partner of your dreams. Some people are … Read more

Signs She Likes You More Than A Friend

signs she likes you more than a friend

When a man and woman are friends, it is very possible that it is unromantic and they both just care for each other as friends, however, there are certain cases where both or one of them wants to be more than friends. It is easier to meet someone, feel an attraction and approach the person … Read more

50 Reasons Why I Love You List

Reasons why I love you list

A list is very powerful. When we make a list, it is tantamount to speaking into the atmosphere what we want and would like to see in our lives. In this context, it is a way to affirming to ourselves and our partner what they mean to us. There are many ways to spice up … Read more

How To Know You Are in Love

signs you are in love

  Love is a beautiful thing; probably the most beautiful word in human history because it evokes the strongest and most powerful healing. But unfortunately, love is also the most misused word ever. A lot of times, we confuse feelings like lust, obsession, and infatuation for love. The worst part is that even some traits that … Read more

Romantic Ideas That Will Help Rekindle Your Love

romantic ideas

Romance is like a fuel that keeps the engine of a relationship going but most of us really do fall trap of getting too used to our partners and stop doing the romantic things we did at the beginning. Sometimes, life gets in the way; even though that is no excuse because relationship is hard … Read more

Cheap Date Night Ideas That Will Rekindle Your Love

cheap date night ideas

You have found the man or woman of your dreams and as expected you want to spend time with your lover. I understand how it is even better at night, I mean, let’s not pretend, there is something very romantic about dating on a cool, beautiful night with the stars smiling at you. Yes, I … Read more

What To Do When You’re Meeting His Mum For The First Time

meeting his mum for the first time

  Meeting his mum for the first time can be really nerve-racking. Even if your boyfriend or fiance assures you about how great his mum is, you know it never really calms us down. We all know how many of our men are with their mothers; we know for most of them, her approval matters. … Read more