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Signs She Likes You More Than A Friend

Signs She Likes You More Than A Friend

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When a man and woman are friends, it is very possible that it is unromantic and they both just care for each other as friends, however, there are certain cases where both or one of them wants to be more than friends.

It is easier to meet someone, feel an attraction and approach the person with the intention of a possible romantic relationship than it is discovering your feelings for someone who is a friend.

This is because largely most people relate with their friends the same way they relate with their partners, except for physical intimacy.

So it can be really hard to guess if your friend – that you really want a relationship with – wants the same. But not to worry, it is not impossible and that is what I am here for; what are the signs she likes you as more than a friend?


She contacts and wants to be around you more often: One of the first subtle signs you should watch out for is if she wants to be around you or text and call you more often.

Now, it is possible she has always been clingy or you guys already have a culture where you speak every day; that doesn’t count. It has to be something she wasn’t doing before. How often do you guys communicate before as against now?

Does she always want to be with you now? Does she always make an excuse for you guys to be together alone?

The answers to these questions might just point to whether she likes you more than a friend or not.


She becomes shy and awkward around you: When a girl is friends with you, she is very comfortable around you and doesn’t much care to impress you.

But if she likes you, she becomes shy and awkward. If she is usually chatty, she might stumble over her words or starts talking too much if she is usually quiet.

Then, there is a tendency to be clumsy and stumble over things because she is nervous around you.


She becomes flirty: Friends usually don’t flirt with each other; people usually flirt with someone they are attracted to.

If she flirts with you; saying subtle but suggestive things, using love and kisses emoji more on chats with you, then something just might be up and she probably wants more.


Her body language changes: Everything about her changes. She starts acting differently around you and starts reacting differently to you than she does with other guys.

She smiles more often and laughs at practically everything you say; even when it isn’t particularly funny.

She plays with her hair, licks her lips, can’t look you in the eye, mirror your movement and start unconsciously tilting towards you because she wants to be close to you. All these are telltale signs she likes you more than a friend.


She becomes a little jealous: If your friend, who doesn’t seem to mind the girls you hang out with or that you have a crush on a particular girl is beginning to feel uncomfortable when you mention other girls, then chances are she has feelings for you.

A little jealousy is very natural when we have feelings for someone and if a girl wants you for herself, she will not want other girls around you.


Her friends react differently to you: Chances are she has told her friends about you, so expect to be treated differently or looked at differently by her friends because they are trying to make sure you are worth it after all or they just find it funny that their friend likes you.

The reactions of the friends might be subtle but it is still there.


She is always watching you: She will watch you when you are not looking. I mean, it is only natural to want to stare at the person you have feelings for and she will always stare at you, especially when you are not looking.

So, if you catch her always staring at you, you might want to investigate if she likes you as more than a friend.


She observes subtle things about you: Friends know a lot about each other but it usually takes a genuine interest in the other person to figure out certain things. If she is able to come up with insightful things about you that you haven’t told her, then she just might have feelings for you.

In order to be certain about this, make sure she is not the type of person that is usually observant.


She is suddenly interested in your love life and talks about hers: If she likes you as more than a friend, now she wants to talk about your love life. She is suddenly interested in knowing what girl you like and what girl you have a crush on and sometimes, she uses reverse psychology to push girls (who are usually not as good as her) your way, so you can realise she is the best for you.

On the other hand, she also talks more about her love life; she tells you about guys who are interested in her and those she is considering, with the hope that it will make you realise what you are about to miss.


If your friend wants you as more than a friend, these are definitely some of the telltale signs; all you have to do is be observant.


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