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Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl Out

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After you have figured out and certain that a girl is the perfect person for you, asking her out is the next step to take.

Don’t let fear of rejection, anxiety or shyness hold you down. These are insanely romantic ways to ask a girl out. Good luck!

1. Ask her in person. Keep it short, sweet and simple.

2. Ask her over a phone conversation. You already have her number, right? Why don’t you give her a call?

3. Write a romantic letter to her like in the old times.

4. Bake a cake expressing your feelings. For example, find out her favourite color and decorate.

5. Write a poem. If you are talented, just write about your feelings and make it super romantic.

6. Go Kanye on her if you have the means. You could do something over the top like renting out a stadium just to wow her or watch high school musicals and organize a party stating your intentions.

7. Ask her friends for help. You can get to know her likes and interests to figure out what exactly would impress her.

8. Take her to the movies and ask her out.

9. Send her flowers with a note, stating your intention.

10. Do you know her type of music? If you can, write and sing her a song.

11. Write the words on a shirt, wear it and walk up to her. Girls like guys who are daring and creative.

12. Ask her over a text message. If you are shy, try this.

13. Ask her over a video. Film yourself, be romantic, talk about your feelings, ask her to be your girl and send it to her.

14. Are you a great cook? Bring out your culinary skills and cook something up. Send/take it to her and ask her out.

15. Girls love jewelry. Buy a piece of jewelry and personalize it with her name and your intentions. For instance, a necklace or bangle can do the trick.

16. Let a teddy bear do the talking. Get a talking Tom or Angela, record and send to her.

Above all, don’t forget to tell her how insanely beautiful she is, and how you’ll be so lucky to have her in your life. Girls love compliments! I hope you get the girl and have amazing time together.


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