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50 Reasons Why I Love You List

50 Reasons Why I Love You List

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A list is very powerful. When we make a list, it is tantamount to speaking into the atmosphere what we want and would like to see in our lives.

In this context, it is a way to affirming to ourselves and our partner what they mean to us.

There are many ways to spice up a relationship but writing a list to tell your partner why you love them will help us gain perspective on how much our partner means to us and also let them know we are paying attention and appreciate all they are to us.

If you are not good with the words, here are 50 reasons why I love you list that can inspire you when you need to make the list.

  1. You make me happy
  2. I am myself around you
  3. You inspire me
  4. You encourage me
  5. You push me to be a better version of myself
  6. You look at me like I am the only person in the world for you
  7. You love me when I act unlovable
  8. You are my best friend
  9. You listen to me ramble on
  10. You understand me
  11. You are so likeable
  12. We laugh together and at each other
  13. You do not think there is anything I cannot achieve
  14. You forgive me
  15. You are always ready to help me
  16. I feel whole when you have your arms around me
  17. I enjoy being around you.
  18. You allow me to be my own person and not try to change me
  19. You understand and respect privacy and boundaries
  20. You hug me even when I’m messy
  21. I miss you when you are around
  22. You are the best person I know
  23. You correct me but never condemn me
  24. You are honest
  25. You are faithful and loyal to me
  26. You are not afraid to be vulnerable with me
  27. You love and accept my friends and family
  28. You consider my opinion on issues
  29. You respect my decisions
  30. You are dependable and reliable
  31. You take care of me and our family
  32. You make me and our relationship a priority
  33. Your touch still melts me even after many years together
  34. Your smile still brightens my world
  35. You never let me doubt your love for me
  36. You take care of me when I’m sick or tired
  37. You make sure you look good for me
  38. You don’t like to see me sad
  39. You trust me and you have earned my trust
  40. You sacrifice for me
  41. You are ready to compromise for our relationship
  42. You surprise me with gifts
  43. You are fun
  44. You try to make my dreams come true
  45. You see me as an extension of yourself
  46. You know how to get me to smile when I am down
  47. I can tell you anything and everything
  48. You make my world better
  49. You are hot
  50. You love me and you have redefined the meaning of love for me.


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