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Simple Life Decisions I Made That Changed My Life

Simple Life Decisions I Made That Changed My Life

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Our decisions make or mar us.

This is a big lesson I learnt when I looked back on my life last year.

I am not one to really compare myself to others because I have made peace with the fact that we are all on a different journey.

However, when I looked at some of the things my mates had achieved, I couldn’t help but think about the fact that I made certain decisions in the past years that affected me.

I think you will agree with me that being self-aware is very important. I had to come to a place where I knew I had to make a turnaround.

The beautiful thing is that all I did was to make simple life decisions but I can see how it is beginning to change my life.

What are these simple life decisions I made that changed my life?


  1. Be In Charge Of My Happiness

I made the mistake of thinking people or something will make me happy. Any time I was unhappy, I was certain it was because somebody in my life did not act the way I expected them to or I lacked something.

I was so sure if I had a particular thing or if people just acted right, then I will be fine.

Luckily, I came across this quote that gave me an epiphany; “life is 20 percent what happens to you and 80 percent how you react to it.”

This quote made me realise I was basing my happiness on external factors and until I began to realise that my happiness is largely dependent on me, I will continue to be unhappy.

Now, I handle only things I can control; I let anything I cannot control go, believing strongly that it will sort itself out.

And it always does.


  1. Be Consistent About Reaching My Life Goals

I wanted speed; I had goals and I wanted to reach them. I’m sure you can relate to it, especially when all around me I could see people doing great things.

But I quickly learned that it wasn’t so much about speed but about consistency. I needed to be okay with the position that I was in at the moment while working towards where I wanted to be.

Getting worked up over what I felt was my sluggishness was counterproductive. It didn’t help me in any way. It just made me worry and produced zero results.

So I made up my mind to put my all into my work, be consistent and rest in the knowledge that surely, I will get there.


  1. Forgive Myself For My Past Mistakes

Forgiving myself for my past mistakes was one of the simple decisions I made that changed my life.

I have done things in the past that I am ashamed of and I have failed where I thought I was going to succeed.

However, dwelling on them is not going to get me anywhere. I had to be comfortable with my imperfections and my weaknesses.

I had to accept that I am only human and making mistakes is part of being human. Instead of dwelling on the past, I pick the lesson.

The only way I can move forward is by leaving the past behind.


  1. Drink Water And Mind My Business

The world is interconnected and for some reason, we feel like other people’s business is ours as well.

I am ashamed to say I fell into this trap. I had to remind myself that I have so much of my own business to mind.

When I started spending time on my own business, I found out I didn’t have time to bother about that of others.

And I mean, drinking water? It is a very healthy practice that makes me feel healthy and full.


  1. Be Fearless

I used to be full of fears; I was not only afraid to live but I was also afraid to reach for my goals because I was scared of failing.

I wanted to be successful; I wanted to leave a legacy behind and yes, I was working towards it but I held back a lot.

I held back from so many things because I didn’t want to fail. But better failure than not try at all and yes, once I tried, I failed some but I also recorded great success.


  1. Nurture Meaningful Relationships

No man is an island; no man can exist without other people. We all need somebody, we cannot function alone.

So, I made a decision to nurture every meaningful and healthy relationship in my life, whether family, friendship and even work colleagues.

I decided to pour into people that were pouring into me and I can see how beneficial that is.


  1. Read

This goes without saying that readers and leaders. No knowledge is wasted.

I made a resolve to read books that I knew will nourish and increase my knowledge because there is a difference between reading and actually reading the right books.

We are what we read. So, I wanted to read books that will make me grow and I took deliberate steps towards achieving this.


  1. Live Healthily

While we are trying to live fulfilled lives, it is also important that we remember to take care of our body.

So one of the simple life decisions I made that changed my life was to take deliberate steps to live healthily.

I started watching what I ate, invested in regular exercise and drinking water.


  1. Love

Love is the most beautiful thing. It is a universal language that everyone, despite our background, can understand.

Sometimes, it is painful and sometimes, it is hurtful but we cannot decide to stay without love; that is an empty life.

I choose to love and pass on the kindness that has been given to me.


  1. Play

All work and no play no makes Ayandola a dull girl. I am going to play and live life to the fullest.

I will not just exist; I will live and that is exactly what I am doing.