A break up is usually a sad experience. People get head over heels in love, but unfortunately, love sometimes turn sour within the twinkle of an eye. However, sometimes, we would still be curious and wish to know certain things so we can get closure.

Some individuals do not have time for any chat with the ex, I am also of the opinion that “bygone is bygone”, an ex boyfriend should be in the past and there shouldn’t be time for witty chat to set the records straight.

But, of a fact, asking an ex certain questions even if it takes few months to have the confidence to ask may bring about healing from the heartbreak caused by a breakup.

Here are some of the questions to ask your ex boyfriend

  1. Did the relationship make you a better person?
  2. Do you have any question for me and I promise to give an honest answer?
  3. What is that thing you would ever remember me for?
  4. What do you think is the major cause of our breakup?
  5. Did you get bored of the relationship?
  6. Did you ever cheat on me?
  7. Why did you cheat on me?
  8. What is the most memorable date with me?
  9. What were the things we really had in common?
  10. What attracted you to me in the first place?
  11. What do you think really led to the breakup?
  12. Do you still have the gifts I bought for you?
  13. How do you feel about me now?
  14. Do you and your friends or family still talk about me?
  15. How did your friends feel about our break up?
  16. Why do you still like my pictures and view my stories on social media?
  17. What do you think we may have done differently to make the relationship work?
  18. Are you in another relationship yet?
  19. Was I romantic enough?
  20. Did you ever truly love me or just an infatuation?
  21. Did you regret being a relationship with me?
  22. Do you feel like it was wasted years?
  23. Did you tell your new girlfriend about me?
  24. Do you sometimes wish we were still together?
  25. Do you actually miss me?
  26. At what point did you feel you had fallen out of love with me?
  27. Did you ever dream of a future with me, or it was all a fantansy?
  28. What’s the worst thing I ever did to you?
  29. Who is cuter between your new girlfriend and I?
  30. Do you stalk me or you think I stalk you?
  31. Was I good in bed?
  32. Am I a better kisser than her?
  33. Can you make your coffee by yourself now?
  34. Do you now make your bed by yourself?
  35. Do you think there is any habit I need to change?
  36. Do you think I was a jealous girlfriend?
  37. Did you ever thought that I flirted with other guys?
  38. Do you actually know what you did wrong?
  39. Do you know you can sometimes be overbearing?
  40. What’s your present impression of me?
  41. How did you get over the breakup?
  42. Whom do you think put more effort in the relationship?
  43. Do you think we can still come back together?


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