6 Habits That Make Women Go Broke

habits that make women go broke

If wishes were horses, we would all be rich… But does that mean we are all doomed to be poor or that some of us are destined to be poor? No, it simply means that we cannot become rich by wishing, we have to work for it and more importantly, be financially savvy. There are …

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Ways To Impress A Girl And Make Her Fall In Love

Ways to Impress a Girl and Make Her Fall in Love

When it comes to impressing a girl you like or have a crush on, little things or gesture really matters. It is not about faking it, or pretending to be who you are not, but about being yourself and doing the slightest thing effortlessly just to win her heart. However, people are different and we …

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43 Questions to Ask Your Ex-Boyfriend

questions to ask your ex boyfriend

A breakup is usually a sad experience. People get head over heels in love, but unfortunately, love sometimes turn sour for different reasons. When this happens, we could get curious and want answers in order to get closure. Some people believe that when a relationship ends, “bygone should be bygone”; an ex boyfriend should be …

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Things to Consider When Choosing First Date Outfit

first date outfit

I think people can sometimes fantasize about a proposed date that they underrate their outfit, with so much emphasis on the venue, things to discuss or eat. The reality then sets in when it’s time to get dressed and step out. There is a popular belief that men find it easy picking their outfit than …

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How To Be Happy In All Circumstances

how to be happy

Considering the rate of depression these days, it is paramount for people to know how to be happy. I know happiness is relative and we all derive happiness from different things, but in order to be happy, one need to be joyful always, finding satisfaction and contentment in everything and believing that life is meaningful …

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