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16 Fantastic Marriage Proposal Ideas

16 Fantastic Marriage Proposal Ideas

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Marriage proposal is one of the beautiful moments most people would have in life. This is a pleasant day that lovebirds in relationships yearn for and always love to make it memorable. When I was single, my marriage proposal was something I fantasized about and thank goodness, my husband did it in an amazing way when the time came, so much that it caught me unawares and the memories will forever linger.

There are so many ideas or ways to propose to your lover. But, it’s about being creative and knowing the language of your partner and the style they admire. Not everyone loves a public proposal, they just want a private affair or event, involving “You and I”, but to some others “what is the proposal without the show off”?

Meanwhile, some persons just want you to chant the words into their ears without having to put a ring forward. Funny world it is, people are unique in their own ways and we need to respect that.

A lot of people want to propose to their soulmate in grand style and wouldn’t mind hiring planners to help cook something amazing for this great day.

Here are some beautiful proposal ideas of how you can propose to the love of your life, or help plan a proposal.

#1 Sit at the private pool side in the evening, have some mushy conversations and pop the question

This was the idea my husband used for our proposal, we hung out with few close friends at a pool side in a 5-star hotel that I have always loved. I placed my order of barbecue fish only to open the plate to see the ring glittering. He went on his kneels, only for him to chant one of those sweet words I never heard in my life. I couldn’t but shout “YES” to forever with the love of my life, knowing how much effort he might have put into creating this awesome idea. So I’d recommend this for anyone who wants something in between a private and public proposal.


#2 Get four of your mutual friends to wear dresses with prints of “WILL /YOU/ MARRY/ ME”?

Your lover may have no idea of what these crew put on until they file, with him on his kneels popping the questions while you also read those words boldly written on those wears on your friends.


#3 Go on a date in a place where there is Karaoke or High-life music

This would be nice if your partner isn’t a private person and you are not the shy type. You should have informed the organizers earlier, then at the right time, you may step out, sing a song you have composed for her and walk up to her popping this amazing question. Just be sure that this would go well with her. Otherwise, she may find the attention unappealing.


#4 Propose at a family lunch or dinner

This would be a great idea for lovebirds with family values. I mean it will be a memorable day for them and their family, if after giving a toast to catch everyone’s attention, then pop this question and let your sugarplum chant “YES”.


#5 Spray rose on the bed around her before she wakes up

This is one of the most common ways of proposal. Private people find this idea perfect for them. You can just spray the bed with roses in love shape while she is still asleep if she is a deep sleeper, then let her wake up to the fragrance of those roses, or while she is in the bathroom to shower, decorate the bed with those beautiful roses and ask her the sweet question.


#6 Destination Proposal

I can bet that most women would love this idea. Plan a surprise overnight or weekend getaway with her at her favorite destination. You won’t just blow her mind with the proposal, but also fulfill her desire to have one of the valuable moments of her life at her dream destination.


#7 Put the ring in her coffee at a coffee date or her wine at the cocktail party

This is one of the scariest proposals I have witnessed anyway, because I’m usually afraid that she might swallow the ring #LOL. After all, the rings are usually big, not to be felt when swallowed with drinks right? But it will be wonderous for her to feel the ring in her mouth; catching her unawares is worth it.


#8 Compose a lovely poem and write the question in block below the lines

I know the world is now digitalized and not many people have time to compose poems these days. Other than the internet “copy and paste” rhymes, it will be heartwarming for her to read those penned lines from you and only to complete the reading with “WILL YOU MARRY ME”? is something she would love. This idea would be great for shy persons who wants to have it in private.


#9 Paint it on the wall and trick her into viewing the area for her to figure it out

If you ask me, I would say there are so many ways to propose marriage and a lot of these look more like a private scenario, but a lot of us always want other people in our lives to witness this gracious event. Hence why we go for other ideas. However, getting to paint the wall with “WILL YOU MARRY ME” and making her figure it out is something that would catch her unawares and of course she would love it.


#10 Spell it out on a scrabble board

If you both love scrabble, you might just arrange those words on the board and let her figure it out. She might take it to be a joke, but seeing you say it with your mouth and putting the ring forward would mean the world to her.


#11 Design a website and boldly write her name with the question in block on the home page

This idea would be great for couples who fancy technology. I mean, nothing beats sending her the link to the website while you are seated beside her, telling her you want her to read an amazing gist, only for her to click and see her name boldly written with “WILL YOU MARRY ME”?. She will be so dazzled.


#12 Write it on the sand at the beach

Everyone don’t have to break the bank to propose. This is one of the romantic ways that wouldn’t even cost much. Just spell it out on the sand at the beach and have her read it. Before she completes reading it, pop the question to her. She would never forget that she got to say YES to you feeling the cool breeze of the beach.


#13 Have the words written on cardboards and get friends to hold them

This is also one of the common proposal ideas, but it is still not out of place. No idea is old fashioned, as long as it knocks your heartthrob off her feet. So this is for you if you don’t want to spend so much and have adorable friends in your circle who are willing to give their support and be a part of your great day.


#14 Write it on the cake on her birthday

Her birthday is one of the best days to ask her this amazing question. She may have thought it is the usual birthday cake, but it will be surprising for her to read the caption and see “WILL YOU MARRY ME” rather then “Happy Birthday”. Trust me, every of her birthday day will be a double celebration as she would always remember how you knocked her off her feet on her birth anniversary.


#15 Write it with Lipstick on the dressing room

This is another romantic way to privately propose to your love. You should have figure out that she isn’t going to step out of the house without her makeover, so write it boldly with a lipstick on the mirror and let her read it. This will definitely be captivating, I promise.


#16 Pop the question at the horticultural garden

She is going to definitely love this if she is a lover of flowers. Right in the middle of the garden, with just you and her, kneel down and ask “WILL YOU BE MY WIFE”? she wouldn’t hesitate to say YES because you understand her language.


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