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Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys

Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys

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Have you ever wondered why good girls love bad boys?

Well, you are reading this, that indicates that you wonder why.

It is ironic, I must admit, that good girls love bad boys.

What is there to love about somebody that is bad, most likely insensitive, inconsiderate and selfish?

I mean, I get that unlike qualities attracts but what could be attractive about a bad person?

Good boys should be more attractive because they will treat you right and shouldn’t that be what will attract a girl.

Well, the truth is that girls are not exactly attracted to bad boys because of their “bad” qualities.

No, they are attracted to certain qualities that bad boys possess.

Fortunately, you can learn these qualities without necessarily being bad.

Trust me, if you are a good boy with these “bad boy” qualities, you will become irresistible and that girl of your dreams will not be out of your reach. All you have to do is learn those qualities that make good girls love bad boys.


Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys

1. Confidence

As much as we love to hate them, we cannot deny that bad boys are confident and therefore, unafraid to approach a girl, flirt with her and tease her.

They are not afraid to go after what they want whereas a good boy might take his time before voicing out how he feels. The truth is simply that confidence is attractive on both men and women.

People are generally more attracted to someone who looks put together, knows what they want and not afraid to go after it.

Despite modernity and more women asking men out, there are still many women who love to be pursued and bad boys are willing to pursue the girl they want.

And most likely, they won’t come begging and acting like their life ends and begins with her. This is very attractive to many girls.


2. Air of Mystery

There is this air of mystery around a bad boy that drives women crazy.

A bad boy is enigmatic and unpredictable and that makes them even more attractive. The fact that they are not always available, keep you guessing keeps girls on their feet and makes the relationship even more interesting for girls.

Girls always like that mystery that he exudes because it makes it look like they are the only one who can figure it out.


3. Good Dress Sense

Compared to good boys, bad boys are usually very attractive.

This is not usually because they are actually more good looking than the good boy. It is just that they have a good dress sense and know how to look attractive so they always make a fashion statement.

They are the boys who steal the show whenever they step because they take their time to look good and they have the confidence to go.

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4. Adventurous and Risk Taking

Bad boys are adventurous and they are risk takers.

They are always breaking the rule, which surprisingly makes them even more attractive.

They are either rebellious to authority or to nature itself and do the riskiest but adventurous things and trust me, this is very irresistible to most girls.

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5  Fun and Exciting

Life with a bad boy can never be boring and lacklustre because bad boys are always full of ideas on how to make life fun and exciting.

The monotonous life of many good boys makes it hard to keep girls interested.

Most people get bored easily and to keep them around, one has to keep them interested. Bad boys are pros at keeping a girl glued to them by spicing up her life.

Many times, when people hear about bad boys, they want to completely shy away from them.

While there is nothing attractive about a guy who is narcissistic, selfish, inconsiderate and whatever quality that accompanies being bad, there are qualities that good boys can learn from bad boys.

If you want to get the girl of your dreams, then while you should definitely not become bad, you should definitely imbibe the qualities mentioned above.

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