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8 Things That Make a Man Irresistible to Women

8 Things That Make a Man Irresistible to Women

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Somehow, it feels like it is easier to know what will draw a man to a woman than to know what will draw a woman to a man

For men, the list includes being pretty and having fine curves, being industrious, and being respectful. (This list is based on popular opinion. Forgive me if it doesn’t rhyme with your opinion.)

Meanwhile, men are not sure exactly what makes them irresistible to a woman. 

I think popular opinion says it is money

But as a woman, I can confidently say that even though women like it when their men can take care of them and spoil them, money is a secondary attraction for real women. 

There are things they look out for that when they see in a man, they are almost unable to resist. 

These are the things we will be discussing in today’s article. 

These things are surface and first point attraction that helps bring them closer.

But there is no assurance that these things can keep them with the man if there is no strength of character. 

8 Things That Make a Man Irresistible to Women

1. Physical Appearance

Things That Make a Man Irresistible to Women

I don’t know what is key for many women when it comes to what makes a man irresistible.

For me, the key is physical appearance.

Now, physical appearance goes way beyond a handsome face and a fine body build. 

These things are important, yeah, but there are even more important things to look out for when considering physical appearance.

How clean are you?

How well-groomed are your hair and nails?

Are your clothes neatly laundered?

I was talking to someone the other day, and they asked how I noticed these things at first sight.

If something is important to you, you will definitely notice it. 

Of course, you will notice a person’s physical appearance long before you get to know their character. 

And you can tell so much about a man by how he looks on the outside. 

Any man who is both fine and clean is a spec that cannot be resisted. 


2. Sense of Humor

Things That Make a Man Irresistible to Women

Life is already as serious as it gets: nobody really wants overly serious people around them. 

Even though many women find a man who talks too much a major turn-off, they find men who have a good sense of humor very attractive. 

A good sense of humor means they are able to make them laugh using intelligent and well-timed jokes. 

A good sense of humor is not a man who is shaming or insulting people under the guise of jokes. 

A good sense of humor is not a man who does not know when to crack a joke and when to be on to serious business.

A splash of playfulness during interactions easily allows a woman to relax and feel very good being around you. 


3. Ambition and Drive

Things That Make a Man Irresistible to Women

There’s this set of people they call the NFAs – people with No Future Ambition. 

It’s funny how you’ll talk to a young person, and they do not have anything clearly spelled out that they want to do with their life. 

No woman wants to be entangled with men in this category.

When you see a man with ambition, you see a man who is determined to succeed. 

And even though he is not on that path to success yet, the fact that he is ambitious makes him so attractive. 

Aside from having a good character, having clearly defined goals and aspirations is like the icing on the cake. 

It adds this beautiful allure to a man’s persona, making him the dream of every woman who meets him. 


4. Emotional Intelligence

Things That Make a Man Irresistible to Women

Having emotional intelligence means that you understand and know how to manage your emotions as the circumstances may require. 

It also means that you can understand and empathize with other people’s feelings. 

Women naturally like emotionally intelligent men because they are able to understand their needs and better care for them during bad days.

Emotionally intelligent men also have very sound communication skills with which they are able to deal with conflict constructively. 

You’ll see the way he is able to comport himself during a crisis and deal with the situation with such intelligence that that makes you never want to let him go. 


5. Respect and Kindness

Things That Make a Man Irresistible to Women

You see those men who are very kind, not just to their women but to everyone they meet?

They are the real MVPs.

Life is as tough as it goes and everyone is seeking solace in the kindness they find on the way. 

When women meet men who do not think that they need to be rude and disrespectful to emphasize their masculinity but are tender and respectful and treat them with dignity and courtesy, they fall in love instantly. 

And who wouldn’t?

Many men are raised to believe that being above a woman means being a master to a slave. 

So they believe that they can treat a woman anyhow and all she needs to do is respect them. 

But women are wired to be attracted to kindness and softness, and it’s the reason men know to use soft talks when they are wooing her. 


6. Authenticity

Things That Make a Man Irresistible to Women

Fake life and double living are major turn-offs for women. 

A woman is more attracted to a man who owns his originality and lives a genuine and honest life. 

This is why you will find a woman choosing a man with a low income who is honest with her over a man who showers her with expensive designer clothes but is not honest. 

Honesty and authenticity are magnetic virtues that women can barely resist.

While pretense and façades may initially attract attention, wait to see the disgust on the woman’s face when she discovers the lack of integrity and sincerity in his lifestyle.

Between show-offs and honest living, real women often choose honest living, not minding how meager. 


7. Confidence

Things That Make a Man Irresistible to Women


A man who wears confidence is always so irresistible.

Now confidence is not the boastful arrogance that some men wear and feel like they are the best person in the world even when they do not know what they are doing. 

Confidence shows when a man is comfortable in his own skin and does not necessarily need validation to feel good about himself and what he has to offer. 

Confidence is a man who knows what he wants and does not shy away from pursuing it. 

Confidence says “I know what I am worth, and I know I am valuable”, and shows it in action. 

After physical appearance, confidence is my second most attractive trait in a man. 

It is way easier to be with a man who knows what he is worth than with a man who needs your validation to breathe in air. 


8. Sense of Adventure

Things That Make a Man Irresistible to Women

Finally, there are two types of men in this world – the boring ones and the adventurous ones. 

And no man is made to be either. 

A man can choose what type of man he wants to be and be just that. 

The only challenge is a woman wants to experience adventure and spontaneity in her life. 

So when she sees a man who’s got a beautiful sense of adventure, she becomes attracted immediately. 

There’s more to life than what is going on in your own corner, and even if you spend all your life going out and exploring, you would not have exhausted all of life’s beauty.

So why choose to stay in your corner and live a life with no color in it? 

When the world is out there beckoning?

Well, women like to enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with doing something spontaneous or new, and if you give them that, they will definitely want to stick with you.


What makes a man attractive to women is relatively different for different women. 

In fact, what puts one woman off may be a turn-on for another woman. 

But every man must possess strength of character, with a touch of cleanliness and kindness. 

Beauty and physical strength made wane, but what a man has inside is what is going to stay forever.