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7 Things That Can Make A Man Fall In Love With His Mistress

7 Things That Can Make A Man Fall In Love With His Mistress

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Believe it or not, guys can totally fall in love with their mistresses.

Ever wonder why some men don’t give a hoot about the chaos that comes with a divorce, but they’ll still go for it just to be with their mistress?

Not all mistresses are created equal, though.

Some of them hold more cards than the queen herself.

The heart has its own agenda, you know?

It just goes after what it wants, no questions asked.

Love has a crazy way of happening, and throughout history, men have gone to insane lengths for the women they adore.

I mean, there’s this guy who spent a whopping fourteen years doing whatever it took just to marry his dream girl.

He tied the knot with the first woman after spending seven years with the in-laws.

Then, even though tradition said he had to marry off the elder daughter first, he went on to put in another seven years to win over the second daughter, whom he loved.

Why would anyone waste so many years of his life for a woman?

Things we do for love, no one can imagine it.

So, yeah, falling for a mistress is a real thing, and there are legitimate reasons behind it.

Do you want to know more?

Scroll down and check out the reasons…

7 Things That Can Make A Man Fall In Love With His Mistress

1. They connect on a deeper emotional level

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People connect with different aspects of our lives in various ways.

A man might find himself falling for his mistress if she taps into his emotions more deeply than his wife does.

It reminds me of this story about King Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Simpson.

The King did something that monarchs, especially in Great Britain, usually can’t afford to do – he fell in love with his mistress.

As a result, he let go of his kingship and his descendants’ rights, all in the name of love.

I agree, it might not have been the smartest move, but let’s stick to our main point: men can end up falling for their mistresses if there’s a deeper emotional connection compared to their wives.


2. The mistress has become their confidant and best friend

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See, I get that not everyone buys into the whole soulmate thing, but trust me, it’s legit.

Some people only get it when it hits them, you know?

Take this guy who fell for his mistress, it’s like falling for your best friend.

If this mistress becomes his go-to for gossip, his ride-or-die, the one he spills all the gists to, it’s a given he’s falling for her.

I mean, your ride-or-die should be your main confidant, right?

If that role switches to a mistress, what’s the deal?

You trust and believe in someone because they’re your rock, your confidant.

When that trust shifts to a mistress, well, that’s where the heart follows.

Trust me on this one.


3. Early marriages

Getting married early can bring about this challenge.

When you tie the knot young, it can put a strain on you as you grow older.

It’s pretty common for couples to get fed up with each other as time goes on.

That’s why we’re always saying marriage needs some daily TLC to keep the love alive.

Marriage is like a daily workout, you have to put in the effort.

Sometimes, if a guy gets married young, he might miss out on experiencing different things with women.

Even the woman might not fully know the ropes of handling a man in a marriage.

As time goes by, the guy might meet someone new, and if he’s more mature than when he got married, he could end up falling for the mistress.

It’s tricky, but that’s one thing with marrying young.


4. If the wife nags

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Nothing beats a guy enjoying some peace and quiet.

He’d practically move mountains to get it.

If his wife’s always on his case, nagging about everything, and his side chick is like his warm escape, you bet he’ll catch feelings for her.

No one wants to live with a woman who’s always fussing and fighting.

That’s a surefire way to push the guy straight into the arms of his mistress.

Imagine coming home to a nagging wife versus another woman whose smile says, “I’m here for you.”

Where would you rather be?


5. The mistress gives him the support he needs

You know, we all want that one person who will always have our back.

Life’s got its goals, and we could use all the cheerleading we can get.

If your lady at home isn’t stepping up and the other woman becomes your main cheerleader, you might just fall for her.

Support can be cash, motivation, or even brainy talks, it comes in all shapes.

And if the wifey slacks on backing her man, the other woman who’s always there might just steal the show and steal his heart.



6. The wife looks down on him

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If a wife constantly disses her husband, he might end up fancying a woman who appreciates him.

When a lady looks down on her man, he’s likely to start looking up to his mistress.

And here’s a little secret about mistresses that some women miss, they’re pros at finding weaknesses.

Once they figure out what the guy is missing that led him astray, they fill that gap consistently until he’s all theirs, hook, line, and sinker.



7. If the wife has neglected her self-care

Taking care of yourself is not something to consider trivial.

If you don’t, you might not feel as appealing.

I mean, messy hair and a disorganized outlook.

That’s not a hit with most guys.

Also, when we talk to mistresses, they’re serious about self-care, especially how they look.

They want to be their best for the guy.

When you take care of yourself, it’s like giving the guy a little ego boost.

He’s proud when he sees you looking good.

But, if it’s the mistress he’s checking out, well, she’s got his love.



Do some people claim a mistress can’t replace a wife?

Don’t buy into that and jeopardize your marriage.

Your marriage is crucial; treat it that way.

Just because a guy is married doesn’t mean he can’t fall in love anew.

It can happen to anyone, not just a mistress.

It takes sacrifice and discipline; men face a lot of temptation.

Some mistresses are dead set on replacing the wife.

The wife shouldn’t let her guard down.

Keep things exciting in your marriage.

Keep exploring and trying new ways to keep things fresh.

Be the woman your husband keeps falling in love with again and again.