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8 Sure Signs He Is Using You For Money

8 Sure Signs He Is Using You For Money

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What are the warning signs you should never ignore while in a romantic relationship, no matter how much you claim to love your partner or how much your partner loves you?

Pay attention to the red flags and ask yourself if you can cope with them in marriage or call it a quit before it is too late.

It’s common in the dating stage where men think women are often after their money, financial security, and free lunch or dinners while women also think that men are after their bodies, financial or material gain. 

It’s a belief that’s so pervasive that it’s actually worked its way into the dating stage. 

As a lady, you might suspect your man could be using you for financial gains if you are financially secure and up there in your career. 

You have doubts and have seen a few things that have made you uncomfortable and worried. 

You’re starting to fear that he wants more of your money than the love he claims he feels for you.

Are you ready to uncover the truth?

You’ll need to decide if the reason you’re with him is worth it for the troubles that may come with it. 

You might accept the fact that he wants your money if you’re getting what you want too. 

But if you evaluate the relationship and you are not gaining anything, it might be time to tell yourself the truth that this isn’t the relationship for you. 

You deserve better than someone who would use you for your money to his selfish gain. 

The question is, if you notice some signs that your man is using you for money, how would you feel and what would you do? 

Sure, you will feel bad and used and it is your decision to know what to do next.

8 Sure Signs He Is Using You For Money

1. He is always asking for money

signs he is using you for money

If you have a higher earning power in your relationship, you may notice that your man is always asking you for money.

How frequently your man asks you for money should be a pointer to check his intentions towards you.

You may notice that you give him a lot of money and he never reimburses you or reciprocate. 

If your partner is always asking you for money, it’s a strong sign that he is using you for his financial gain.

If you pay attention to your instincts, you’ll discover that your man is only interested in what he’s gaining from you not because he cares. 

He’s still with you not because he loves you as he claims but because you’re his ATM, and he cashes out from you whenever he is in need.

You might want to excuse this on the ground that love comes with sacrifices.

However, where a man is not financially available, he should make up for it in some other ways.

Where he is not measuring up in any way, then you can be sure he is using you for money.


2. He is always concerned about how much you earn.

Is your man always curious to know how much you earn monthly? 

This could be a sign he is after your money and not love.

A man who is always asking about your monthly income has an eye on your money. 

He’s only interested in anything relating to money and what your money can buy for a better life. 

He asks about your investments and how much salary you earn as an employee or make as an entrepreneur. 

You would notice that every discussion he is having with you starts and ends with money. 

And he can only come around or calls you on the phone when he needs money to solve his problems and nothing more than that.


3. He always asks you for favours. 

signs he is using you for money

Does he always ask you for favour that cost you a lot of money, time, or other resources? 

This could be a sign he is using you for money. 

If he’s happy to have you help him do domestic chores, run errands,  pay his bills, lend him money or otherwise help him out, you might begin to wonder if he just sees you for what you can do for him.

Even if you’re not married or living together, he seems to think you’re supposed to bail him out whenever he is in need of financial help, even ones that better decision-making could have avoided. 

The issue isn’t that he depends on you to attend to his needs as his woman. 

It’s the fact that he always thinks that his problem should be your problem, too, and he doesn’t ask first if you’re able or willing to help out.

That’s not your role as a partner in a relationship, no matter what he might say. 

You can only help when it is necessary and willing to render the help.

The fact that you’re in a relationship with him shouldn’t make you an automatic burden bearer in every moment he gets himself in trouble.

If he always does this without first considering you or even finding  solution to it, then you can be sure he is using you for financial gains.



4. He’s only nice and happy when he wants something from you.

Have you noticed that naturally, your man is not one to show emotions or excitement when he is around you?

And then, it happens that he needs money from you or money needs to be spent on his needs, he then suddenly starts acting all nice and happy?

Does he pull away when you’re unable to meet these needs?

Does he ignore your presence when he seems not to be in need?

Does he give you a cold shoulder when all of his needs are met?

Does he try to do something for you when he feels you are the only one that can help him out?

If your answer to all of the above is yes, then you can be sure he is using you for your money.

It doesn’t feel good, these are warning signs you should never ignore. 

You may need to get clarity on why this is so and have a rethink if it is something you can continue or back out.


5. He is always expecting without Reciprocating.

signs he is using you for money

How often does your man reciprocate all you do for him whether in cash, gifts, kind or word of mouth? 

The life wire of any relationship is give and take. 

If your partner consistently takes but rarely gives back or shows little interest in your needs, it may suggest that he is only interested in what he can get from you.

He fully expects you to pay for him, but he never reciprocates what you put into the relationship to make it memorable for you both. 

He assumes you should shower him with gifts on his birthday or Valentine’s Day as he sits to play the role of a recipient without giving you one.

Reciprocation is very important to demonstrate in any relationship, and you might feel used if the relationship seems to revolve around what money thing you can buy.  

This can be draining and tiring as you realize that you’ve become his personal ATM and great provider.


6. He’s not interested in spending time with you.

Does he always want to go out or comes up with lame excuses to avoid being alone with you? 

Does he prefer spending time with friends than you? 

If he finds it difficult to stay in or doesn’t enjoy spending time with you, there’s definitely a problem in the relationship that you need to dig out.

On the other hand, you might find that he spends more time with you when you need to do something for him or promised to help him sort some things.

This could be a potential problem in your relationship as it indicates a sign that he is using you for money.

If your partner is only around when he needs something but absent when you need support or companionship from him, it suggests he may not truly value the relationship.


7. He is never willing to help you out.  

signs he is using you for money

Can you tell his reaction and action whenever you are in need financially, materially or emotionally? 

Does he show concern and try his best to be of help? 

Does he cook up flimsy excuses to justify his inability to bail you out?

If your partner refuses to help you out financially when you are in need but expects you to help him out when he is in need because you earn more, it could be a sign that he is just using you for your money.

One of the evident signs that a man could be using you for your money is when he doesn’t care about your needs and has zero interest in assisting you financially.

Sometimes, it is nit about him even being able to help out directly.

It is about the efforts he puts in to help out.

When he is a bag of excuses rather than a head of solutions, then you can be very sure he is there for the money.


8. He doesn’t appreciate anything you do for him.

Does he appreciate you when you do something for him? 

Does he say thank you or pretend as if not happened? 

If he never appreciates anything you do for him or reciprocates all you are doing, it could be a sign that he is just using you for his selfish gain. 

He carries on as if it his right and the good deed is a benefit that accrues from his office as your romantic partner.

Someone who finds it difficult to say thank you is displaying a red flag you should pay attention to.

If he doesn’t appreciate the money you spend on him, all the dates you take him on, or anything special thing you did for him, he could be just after your money. 

The easiest form of showing gratitude is simply saying thank you and meaning it.

If he finds it difficult to do this, it’s quite understandable that you would feel used and unappreciated.


It’s advisable to approach such situations with caution and communicate openly with your partner. 

Sit him down to have heart-to-heart talk. 

Discuss your concerns, feelings, observations, fears and worries with him and try to gain a better understanding of his intentions before concluding.

In addition, before you consider dropping the relationship entirely, let him know that you feel used and unappreciated.  

It could turn out that your insecurities have gotten the best of you, and you’re not seeing the situation as it is. 

Talking to him about it will give him the opportunity to speak up and explain himself. 

It could clear up any misunderstandings and bring the relationship back to life.

And if otherwise, you’d be freed from the burden of the relationship eventually.