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9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Success

9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Success

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You might find this odd, but it is real.

Your guy might get a bit jealous of your success, even if he genuinely cheers you on.

Some men see the success of their women as a competition, and it’s been like that forever.

Traditionally, men are fostered with the duty of being the providers, but times are changing.

Women are doing their own thing, breaking free from waiting on men to make things happen.

And this is making some men feel less of themselves.

Sure, some guys are super supportive of their partner’s dreams, but not as many women support their guys.

It’s a bummer that some women face this tough choice: either dial down their ambition for peace at home or go for their dreams, risking their marriage.

Some guys struggle to handle their women’s success, and the stats show a higher divorce rate for successful women.

If you’re holding back on sharing your achievements because of your boyfriend’s reactions, it might be a sign he’s feeling jealous of your success.

If your boyfriend starts acting differently after you share the good news, jealousy could be creeping in.

Watch out for these unexpected behaviors, they’re often red flags that jealousy is in the mix.


9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Success

1. He doesn’t show support

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Success

This one’s pretty clear-cut and easy to spot.

Some guys won’t really get behind your goals or dreams.

You could share news about a work promotion or invite them to support your exhibition, but it’s like talking to a stranger.

They won’t cheer for your success or bother showing up.

I once read this story online where a woman told her husband about her awesome Christmas sales, and his response was, “So? What’s the big deal?”

Maybe he figured she could do her own thing now that she had some cash.

It’s just them being scared you might outshine them.



2. He talks down your goals

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Success

Just like I told a friend, having a boyfriend who does not support your dreams is tough, but it is even worse when he belittles your goals.

It’s seriously demoralizing.

A jealous boyfriend plants fear in your mind, trying to sabotage your dreams.

He might say you are not cut out for what you want, compare yourself to others, and make you doubt your abilities.

Instead of encouraging you, he focuses on your weaknesses.

It’s not because they care.

It’s their insecurities at play.

They are afraid you will outshine them, and they will lose control if you succeed.



3. He will try to make you feel guilty

They pull this trick often.

They like messing with your head, making you feel all guilty about your relationship, blaming it on your job or career.

They have this classic move of claiming you care more about work than them, like your job takes the lead role in your life, and your relationship is just an insignificant part of everything.

It’s all about making you feel guilty and throwing you off balance.

They play it smooth, pretending you’re not giving them enough quality time, maybe even tossing in a bigger accusation about you getting arrogant.

The funny thing is, they’re the ones who can not handle your success just fine.



4. He reports you to family and friends

My friend, this awesome lady who’s killing it in performance art, had a bit of a situation.

She scores this fellowship abroad because she’s that good, right?

But then her boyfriend flips out, accusing her of going on some romantic escapade instead of embracing her success.

He’s basically telling everyone she’s off on a lovey-dovey vacation with another man.

Now, keep in mind that she’s rocking the performance art scene, snagging awards left and right.

The problem gets real when she bags this overseas fellowship for six weeks.

Instead of celebrating her achievements, the boyfriend starts yelling to anyone who’ll listen that she shouldn’t go because, well, he thinks she’s cheating.

It’s like, seriously?

Your partner’s success should be a reason to brag, not to freak out and start badmouthing them.

Jealousy can turn someone into a total buzzkill, broadcasting your personal drama to family and friends.



5. Constantly disagreeing with you

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Success

It would seem like your decision-making skill gets a bad rap because your jealous boyfriend just can’t agree with you on anything.

It’s because they want to be the boss and control everything.

Your success makes them uneasy because it means you’ve got things under control independently.

So, even if they know you’re making a good call, they’d rather argue and take a wrong turn than admit you’re right.



6. He doesn’t celebrate you 

Who’s supposed to celebrate your achievements?

Your boyfriend, right?

But, Nah, he doesn’t.

He acts like it’s no big deal and might even say so.

It’s like he thinks your win isn’t worth celebrating.

Or maybe he thinks you’re going overboard by posting online and celebrating all by yourself.

To them, your celebration is just showing off.

The funny thing is, they’ll celebrate their wins, and you can’t even call it showing off.



7. He demands you do things for him at odd times

I came across this post on Facebook where a woman shared how her boyfriend got this weird habit.

Right when she’s rushing for work, he hits her up for sex or breakfast, and it’s like, where was he all night?

The dude wakes up, and boom, either he’s in the mood for sex or suddenly starving.

Turns out, it’s some jealousy thing, like he’s trying to mess with her work hustle.



8. He accused you of dating the men in your circle

There’s this famous Nigerian celeb whose hubby started throwing shade, saying she was cozying up with her boss and other big-shot guys, claiming that’s the secret to her success.

He went on about her scoring deals through who-knows-what means.

Long story short, they split.

It’s just another case of a jealous lover who can’t believe you earned your success through hard work and instead cooks up cheating accusations with men in your circle.



9. He doesn’t care much about important dates

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Success

You’ve already shared details about the event you are headlining, and you’ve been reminding him for ages, maybe even the night before.

But he’s pulling acts like he has forgotten, making it seem like he couldn’t care less about how big this is for you.

Now you’re stuck, trying to hustle him into getting ready so you won’t be fashionably late.

That is most likely a hint of jealousy in the air.



This should not be, but It happens a lot that guys get jealous when their ladies rock the success scene.

Probably because they feel like they can’t be the boss, or the woman might challenge their decisions at home.

Look at female celebs’ lives, tons of them face this and end up in divorce.

The cool thing, though, is that it helps you spot real love.

If someone genuinely loves you, they won’t be jealous of your success.

And if you mess up, they’ll have an honest talk with you about it.

Keep an eye out for these signs early on,  you want to keep your future and career safe.

Jealous acts like this are not healthy.

So, if your boyfriend’s showing them, make your decision fast.