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How To Be A Woman He’ll Never Forget

How To Be A Woman He’ll Never Forget

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You have probably heard men – and even women – say that there are many fishes in the sea.

They usually use it to mean that you are not the only girl – or guy – in the world and so, if you go, they can easily get another.

However, there are certain people who are unforgettable; no matter how much you try to lump them together with others, they just stand out.

This doesn’t happen by chance; these people are simply unique, their act and the way they carry themselves makes them stand out from the bunch.

How can you be a woman he’ll never forget, you may ask?

You just have to be an unforgettable woman.

How do you achieve that?


1. Be independent

How To Be A Woman He’ll Never Forget


While there is a thin line between being independent and making a man feel unwanted; if you know how to balance it all, you will be the kind of woman he’ll never forget.

A girl boss, who has her own life, her own friends, who is making things happen, making her own money and has goals will always be attractive.

Men are always drawn to women who don’t need a man to survive but also enjoy and want him around.

Knowing how to strike a balance will make you an unforgettable woman.


2. Demand respect and love

A woman who knows what she wants and is not ready to settle for less is always attractive.

You are more likely to be unforgettable when you are the kind of lady who doesn’t accept a lack of commitment from a man who wants you.

A woman who demands to be respected and loved will be respected and loved.

A woman who is a pushover, who doesn’t have boundaries is forgettable.


3. Pursues only when you are pursued

Men will always respect a woman who loves and respects herself enough not to pursue a man who isn’t chasing after her.

If you are the type of woman who sits by the phone waiting for him to reach out or the type who is clingy and always around, you will be easy to replace.

But when they see you are only ready to run a mile for someone who has done the same for you, you leave a mark in their heart.


4. Be a woman he can count on

How To Be A Woman He’ll Never Forget

Nobody likes being around an unreliable person.

You are more likely to leave an indelible mark when you are a woman he can count on.

An independent woman is one who has the right connections or the right knowledge that can help him.

She is the kind of woman who speaks the right words to him when he is down and even shows him tough love when he needs it.

That kind of woman is a woman he’ll never forget.

Truth is, men only remember women who are useful to them.

If you’re useful to a guy, he will never forget you.


5. Be confident

Confidence is always attractive.

A woman who is confident will always stand out among women who lack self-esteem.

Always walk with your head held high remembering you are a special breed and there is no another you.


6. Be warm, kind and respectful

A lot of women fall into the trap of believing that being strong means being uncouth and rude to men, especially.

If you have been hurt by certain men in your life, please heal before considering being in another relationship, so you don’t miss out on great people because of your pain.

Beyond that, if you want to be a woman of character, you have to be a woman with warmth, who shows kindness and respect to everybody around, irrespective of their status, age, race or religion.

No one forgets a kind person, men inclusive.

7. Be positive

People will always prefer being around a woman who has a positive outlook on life than one who is full of negativity.

If you want to be a woman he’ll never forget, you have to be his peace and safe place.

After facing all the stress of the outside world, he should be able to come to you to get some positivity that will inspire him to keep pushing on.

You will be easily replaced if he doesn’t find that with you.

And to be this kind of woman, you need to have internal peace yourself.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

Work on being at peace with yourself, only then can you radiate peace.


8. Love without holding back

How To Be A Woman He’ll Never Forget

An unforgettable woman is one who loves hard.

She doesn’t give her love easily but once it is given, she gives her all.

She is the kind who gives everything – on her part – to make her relationship work without regrets.

However, she’s also not one to tolerate being mistreated in the name of love.

She has no problems withdrawing her love from a man who doesn’t appreciate or reciprocate her efforts.


9. Compromise when necessary

A woman who understands that she is in a relationship and so has to meet her partner half-way is hard to forget.

If you are always combative and not ready to bend in certain issues, you will make it easy to replace you.


10. Be unapologetically you

A woman who is not afraid to be herself is very attractive.

That does not mean she doesn’t know she has flaws; she does.

But she is always striving to be a better version of herself and not become someone else.

She is comfortable in her skin and that’s what makes her unforgettable.


11. Be fun

How To Be A Woman He’ll Never Forget

If you want to be a woman he’ll never forget, you have to be a woman who is not afraid to have fun.

You work hard and play hard.

Nobody wants to be around a grouch, who has no sense of humour.

Be able to laugh at yourself, tease him, laugh together and be ready for adventure; that will definitely give you a special place in his heart.

How To Be A Woman He’ll Never Forget

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M Sadiq Malik

Saturday 7th of January 2023

Excellent conclusion on unforgettable women