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9 Things Guys Find Unattractive In A Woman

9 Things Guys Find Unattractive In A Woman

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Today, we are going to touch on a tricky topic.

It’s about the fact that, just like women find some things unattractive in men, men also find some things unattractive in women, and some women don’t know.

The other day I told a friend that her makeup was a bit much, and she hit me with, “What do you know about female fashion?”

The funny thing is, she’s always griping about not catching any attention from guys, but she’s not thinking about what she might be doing that turns them off.

I get it, not every woman realizes some things guys find unattractive.

I’m not saying we’re all the same.

Even identical twins have different tastes.

But there are some common things that many guys generally don’t dig in women, and surprisingly, it’s often things that women think are attractive.

We are not talking about things of nature like height or body shape; society’s messed up enough about that.

This article is just about the things you can do something about – the learned behaviors.

We’re not here to judge, just to enlighten you on stuff that can be changed.

So, get ready to open your mind and hear what’s up.


9 Things Guys Find Unattractive In A Woman

1. Nagging

Things Guys Find Unattractive In A Woman

Let me kick this off with a snippet from Proverbs 21:19 (KJV), “It’s better to dwell in the wilderness than with a contentious and an angry woman.”

This got me thinking about a lady’s WhatsApp status I came across.

She claimed her love language is arguments, mood swings, and complaints.

She said, “If I complain and argue too much with you, it’s because I love you.”

Honestly, that kind of love language isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially for guys.

I’ve never come across a guy who enjoys being around a constantly nagging woman.

Don’t get me wrong; arguments and complaints here and there are fine.

I mean, no one’s perfect, and it’s okay to express dissatisfaction when needed.

But a constant stream of arguments and complaints?

That’s a recipe for a headache.

Men appreciate peace of mind, and they’re drawn to places where they can find it.

On the contrary, they’re not fans of nagging, and they’ll steer clear of anyone heading in that direction.

It’s that simple.

So to that Bible quotation up there, you will agree that men don’t want a nagging woman.


2. Heavy makeup

Some guys think slathering on too much makeup means you’re hiding something.

Heavy makeup sparks questions.

Men are visual creatures.

They want the real you, not some mask in the name of makeup.

Men believe in what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

Don’t wrap yourself up with makeup; show your true gift.

Sometimes, makeup makes you look more like a clown than attractive.

Instead of finding you hot, some guys might see you as a joker.

It’s not a joke – trivial as it sounds, it’s cost some women opportunities.

I once saw a skit where a guy thought a girl changed her face after washing off her makeup; he bolted.

You can turn unattractive once the heavy makeup washes off, making you seem like a different person.

Many women feel pressure to wear heavy makeup in order to look attractive.

However, the truth is that men are often drawn to a more natural and authentic appearance.


3. Pretence

Pretence is like slapping on loads of makeup, but it’s not about looks; it’s about your habits —your characters.

It’s pretending to be someone or something you’re not.

As an African saying goes, “Character is like smoke. No matter how much you try to hide it, it’ll find its way out.” 

Pretence can also refer to putting on a facade or acting inauthentically in order to fit in with a certain group or gain approval from others.

However, this type of pretense often leads to feelings of disconnection and dissatisfaction because it goes against one’s true nature.

If you’re not being true to yourself, you’ll come off as confused or like you’re juggling two lives.

People will wonder which version of you is the real deal.


4. Ingratitude

Things Guys Find Unattractive In A Woman

Most guys love giving, especially to women, and it’s like a universal guy thing.

They will go the extra mile, whether it’s doing stuff, handing out gifts, or even tossing some cash around, especially for the women they’re into.

But pay attention to this, nothing kills the vibe more than ingratitude.

Imagine busting your butt at work, pulling in killer deals for your company, and your boss just acts like it’s no big deal.

That’s the feeling guys get when their love efforts go unnoticed.

A simple and sincere “thank you” can work wonders.

It’s like telling them you see what they are doing and you appreciate it.

It’s not just politeness, it’s a golden ticket to getting even more attracted to the man.


5. Bad behaviors

Things Guys Find Unattractive In A Woman

Have you ever noticed that people with bad manners also complain about others’ etiquette?

It’s funny.

But that’s to tell you that nobody’s a fan of lousy behavior, and it’s not just a guy thing.

So, no matter how stunning you may look, if your manners are off, it’s a turn-off for guys.

Bad manners can make you seem less attractive, as being unpleasant tends to make anyone unappealing.

Behaviors are a crucial part of what makes someone truly beautiful.

As someone wisely put it, “Good looks might draw in men, but good behavior is what keeps the relationship going.”

That statement rings true and holds water.

You might catch a man’s eye with your looks, but if you lack manners, you automatically become less attractive.

Some of those bad behaviors include being rude, unsympathetic, judgemental, and heartless—especially towards others, not just the man.

He’ll likely consider how you’ll treat his friends and family.


6. Clinginess

Feeling clingy gives off this vibe like you’re missing out on having your own life.

It’s like you become this shadow of yourself outside of the relationship.

And you know what?

It’s not great for a guy.

It makes him feel suffocated.

Guys love their personal space big time.

Invading their privacy is not cool.

So, when you’re too clingy, it’s like piling up some heavy load for the guy, and he might just want to ditch the load, which unfortunately might be you.

Being overly clingy doesn’t score points on the attractiveness side for women with men.



7. Caring too much about money and material things

Guys generally like women who aren’t all about money and material possessions.

I mean, sure, money is important, and it’s cool to treat yourself now and then.

But when a girl is all about the bling-bling and things that are way beyond her reality, it’s kind of a turn-off for us dudes.

Most of us want a chick who’s down-to-earth, happy with what she’s got, but still has dreams and hustles for more.

Don’t get me wrong, being content doesn’t mean being lazy.

It’s about being cool with what you’ve got while still grinding for more.

Some girls, though, they’re on this mission to get things at any cost, and that’s just not our jam.

If the guy is into that, great.

But for most of us, a girl who’s all about material things just doesn’t cut it.

So, be content, and work for more, but don’t go crazy on the possessions.

It’s a major turn-off.


8. Being overly jealous

It’s fine to feel a bit jealous sometimes, it can show you care.

But when it goes overboard, guys might see it as a red flag.

Being overly jealous can seem kind of threatening to them.

Like, check this out: there’s this woman who flipped out and poured boiling water on someone, thinking she was her guy’s side chick.

Turns out, the other woman was just a business associate.

Long story short, that jealousy mess wrecked the guy’s business.

So, being super jealous is not the best move if you want to stay attractive to a guy.


9. Being bossy

Things Guys Find Unattractive In A Woman

Telling a guy what to do like he’s a robot is a major turn-off.

Remember, you’re not his boss.

So ditch the elder sister vibe ordering him around.

Even elder sisters have limits.

I get you want to take charge occasionally, but there’s a line between that and being bossy 24/7.

Let him be the head, and seek and respect his opinions.

Being bossy can make you seem arrogant, which isn’t attractive.



Guys have things that might not be their cup of tea when it comes to women, and we’ve covered the big ones in this article.

The rest kind of fit into these categories.

I gathered these insights by chatting with guys, asking questions, and drawing from personal experiences.

It’s a helpful guide for women to know the dos and don’ts.


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