Romantic Ideas That Will Help Rekindle Your Love

romantic ideas

Romance is like a fuel that keeps the engine of a relationship going but most of us really do fall trap of getting too used to our partners and stop doing the romantic things we did at the beginning. Sometimes, life gets in the way; even though that is no excuse because relationship is hard … Read more

Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make at the Beginning of a Relationship

mistakes you shouldn't make st the beginning of a relationship

If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? This text from the Holy Bible emphasizes the importance of laying a good foundation. Builders will tell you that the foundation of a building is perhaps more important than every other part because the foundation will determine what will be built on it. So also … Read more

Why Good Girls Remain Single

why good girls remain single

You have probably heard it said many times that bad girls get into relationships and get married faster than good girls. This is probably a surprise because of the irony. I mean, when we think about it logically, shouldn’t the good girls find it easier to get a man, who is interested enough to want … Read more

Should I Be Playing Hard To Get?

Playing hard to get

Should I be playing hard to get?  The million dollar question! If you had asked me this question a few years ago, I would have said, “Oh, yes, definitely, you should be playing hard to get. How else would you let the guy know you are special, not cheap and should definitely be desired?” This … Read more

Fun Places to go in Lagos this Valentine

fun places to go in lagos

There are many fun places to go in Lagos especially this Valentine. So if you live in Lagos, you plan to live in Lagos, you are a tourist in Lagos, or you plan to visit Lagos, you are about to find out fun places to relax and rejuvenate your mind (with your boo/bae). Monotony breeds … Read more

Relationship Deal Breakers You Should Watch Out For

relationship deal breakers

”A deal breaker is something that is important enough to you to prevent you from agreeing to something, buying something, etc.”- Cambridge Dictionary Relationship deal breakers are factors or behaviours that can make you to doubt the continuity of a relationship. I think the hardest thing about relationships is that you are bringing two human … Read more