How To Attract The Partner Of Your Dreams

how to attract the partner of your dreams

I want love. I believe you want love. We all want love. At the core of it all, we are emotional beings and it is important for us to find a special connection with another human being, in any capacity. One of these capacities is in attracting the partner of your dreams. Some people are … Read more

How To Tell If A Girl Doesn’t Like You.

signs a girl doesn't like you

A girl’s mind is hard to read and understand, no doubt. Women’s emotions are complex. A girl that doesn’t like you might not want to tell you outright for fear of hurting your feelings. Here are signs to watch out for to know if a girl doesn’t like you.   She’s always distracted when you … Read more

Romantic Ideas for a Long Distance Relationship

long distance relationship

Long distance relationship? Phew! A lot of people probably feel this way. I have friends who have made it clear if their partner is not in their geographical location, they are not interested. But we have also seen many who have been able to make it work. How did they make it work? Don’t get … Read more

How to Know If Your Partner Is Not Honest With You

how to know your partner is not honest with you

A relationship that is not based on truth is headed for the rocks. Honesty is as important to a relationship as oxygen is important to live. Basically, without honesty, no relationship can survive. And it is a principle of nature that truth will always reveal itself no matter how long it takes. However, it does take … Read more

How To Know You Are in Love

signs you are in love

  Love is a beautiful thing; probably the most beautiful word in human history because it evokes the strongest and most powerful healing. But unfortunately, love is also the most misused word ever. A lot of times, we confuse feelings like lust, obsession, and infatuation for love. The worst part is that even some traits that … Read more

Romantic Ideas That Will Help Rekindle Your Love

romantic ideas

Romance is like a fuel that keeps the engine of a relationship going but most of us really do fall trap of getting too used to our partners and stop doing the romantic things we did at the beginning. Sometimes, life gets in the way; even though that is no excuse because relationship is hard … Read more

How To Know You Are Dating A Narcissist

dating a narcissist

Dating a narcissist is very toxic. Not only does the relationship lead nowhere, but it also drains you of everything good that you have in you. The point of a relationship is to have someone in your life who you love and loves you too, uplifts you and makes you a better person. The person … Read more

What To Do When You’re Meeting His Mum For The First Time

meeting his mum for the first time

  Meeting his mum for the first time can be really nerve-racking. Even if your boyfriend or fiance assures you about how great his mum is, you know it never really calms us down. We all know how many of our men are with their mothers; we know for most of them, her approval matters. … Read more

Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make at the Beginning of a Relationship

mistakes you shouldn't make st the beginning of a relationship

If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? This text from the Holy Bible emphasizes the importance of laying a good foundation. Builders will tell you that the foundation of a building is perhaps more important than every other part because the foundation will determine what will be built on it. So also … Read more

Sure Ways to Get Him to Propose

get him to propose

  It can be quite difficult when you are ready for your relationship to move further and you cannot determine the state of mind of your partner. It is even more difficult for women because they don’t want to come off as desperate but when you know, you know. So the question is how to … Read more