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How To Tell If A Girl Doesn’t Like You.

How To Tell If A Girl Doesn’t Like You.

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A girl’s mind is hard to read and understand, no doubt. Women’s emotions are complex.

A girl that doesn’t like you might not want to tell you outright for fear of hurting your feelings.

Here are signs to watch out for to know if a girl doesn’t like you.


She’s always distracted when you are talking to her. A girl who likes you would look at you. In fact, you will have all her attention on you whether you are talking to her or not. On the contrary, if she looks around the room, looks at her fingers or her phone, then she’s not into you.


She’s always making up excuses to avoid meeting you. She avoids outings and dates with you. She is always “busy” with work, studies or family. This might be difficult to figure out, because she might be genuinely busy. If she likes you, she wouldn’t mind rain checks.


She introduces you as her friend to people and emphasizes on it. She simply introduces you as her friend to her inner circle or family. That’s it, mister. You have been friendzoned!


She takes her time to reply you online and your text messages. You know she’s always with her phone but she responds to you hours or days later. Other times, she sometimes ignores them completely.


She talks about her crush or her dream man. This automatically shows you are not on her radar. She talks about those men possessing qualities that you obviously do not have.


She never texts you first or initiates a meeting with you. You cross her mind only when she needs something. You are like her handyman or a driver.


She is not interested in getting to know details about you. She has no idea what your likes and dislikes are and your hobbies. She easily forgets stuffs you have shared with her.


She is not impressed. She doesn’t laugh at your jokes, no matter how funny and impressive they are.


She is not trying to impress you or do anything special whenever you’re around her. Whenever you are around, she makes no attempt to look extra good for you.


You might feel some sense of rejection when the girl you like obviously doesn’t like you. Unrequited love is not pleasant. It’s emotionally healthy to be brave and call off the relationship. Mingle and find a girl who is going to be crazy about you as much as you are about her. Good luck!


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