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10 Steps To Beat A Player At His Own Game

10 Steps To Beat A Player At His Own Game

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Life is full of challenges, and one of those challenges is dealing with players when you are up for a committed relationship.

When you’re active in the dating world, you’re likely to come across them.

They’re always there.

But what can you do when you realize the person you’re dealing with is a player?

One approach is to use their own tactics against them.

If you’re wondering how to handle a player, you don’t have to overthink it.

We have the answers right here in this blog post.

We’ll be drawing inspiration from a book called ‘The 48 Laws of Power‘ by Robert Greene.

We’ll focus on Law 3, which is “Conceal Your Intentions.”

This law advises disguising your true intentions and adapting to your adversary’s behavior to gain an advantage.

It’s all about mirroring or imitating your adversary’s actions or strategies to outsmart them.

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with effective strategies for dealing with a player by turning the tables and playing their own game.


10 Steps To Beat A Player At His Own Game

1. Don’t let him know what you know

10 Steps To Beat A Player At His Own Game

To start, don’t let him know that you’ve figured out he’s playing games.

Keep this to yourself.

Act like you’re unaware of what you’ve found and go along as if everything is okay, letting him think he’s in charge.

If he realizes you know his game, he might change his tactics or withdraw.

You don’t want to give him that opportunity.

This is to help you remain in control of the situation.

Make him believe he’s the one in control by not showing that you’ve uncovered his game.



2. Don’t have sex with him

10 Steps To Beat A Player At His Own Game

The most typical players you’ll come across are those who aim to get intimate with you.

Some are after your money or have other motives, but the most common ones are just looking to have a physical relationship with you.

If you haven’t been intimate with the player yet, it’s a good idea not to do so.

If you’ve already been intimate with this person, it’s still possible to take control of the situation.

You can regain control by pulling yourself back and keeping the person guessing about your intentions.

His ego will make him feel off-balance because he wants to be in charge, and that’s how you can decide the moves.


3. Keep your expectations in check

Some people believe you can make a player change.

Don’t be one of them.

Forget those Bollywood movies, players come not but to deceive, to steal, and to break your heart.

Don’t believe that you can turn him into a committed boyfriend.

You’ll only hurt yourself.

He might even use this as another tactic.

Outsmarting him at his own game is like serving him a dish of justice.

Wrongdoers should face consequences.

Don’t focus on changing him.

Don’t imagine he will be a loving husband or great father.

Don’t think of how handsome he will be in old age.

It’s a temporary thing, so keep it at that.

Players usually move on to other targets after they’ve been defeated by one.


4. Be hard to get

10 Steps To Beat A Player At His Own Game

If you are always available to pick up when they call, you will give them less reason to chase after you.

So, it’s good not to always answer their calls.

If they invite you to go out, you can let them know you have other plans.

The idea is to keep them interested and pursuing you.

If they suggest a meet-up, you can initially agree and then, at the last moment, say that something has come up and you can’t make it.

This will make them want to earn your attention and keep you interested.

Politely suggest they reschedule.


5. Let them pay for it

10 Steps To Beat A Player At His Own Game

In the literal sense, make them pay for the game.

Let them take you out to fancy dinners and on fun trips.

Enjoy nice things, and let them treat you with their money.

Don’t spend your own money on things that aren’t really yours.

When they’re playing with your feelings, don’t let them do it for free.

It’s like they’re playing with a toy, and toys aren’t free, you have to buy them.

So, let them foot the bill, but don’t give them what they want.

Outsmart the one trying to deceive you, scam the scammer.


6. Let them keep guessing

10 Steps To Beat A Player At His Own Game

Be mysterious.

Keep your true self a secret.

Share only what you want.

Your path is your own, so climb one step at a time and surprise them with your actions.

Stay unpredictable.

This way, they’ll stay interested.

When you’re not completely known, you’ll keep their attention.

The sense of intrigue you build will turn them into curious Columbus, working hard to explore more about you.

Be the mystery they’re trying to solve by not giving away too much about yourself.


7. Flirt with other guys and let him be aware

It’s his typical behavior.

He might be doing it secretly, but it’s not as hidden as he believes.

Try talking and spending time with other guys when he’s around.

Go on dates with other people.

Even when you go out with friends, if he asks, just say it’s someone, but don’t give details.

Let him feel a bit jealous.

In fact, you should keep your options open.

You’re aware this relationship won’t last.


8. Befriend his best friend

10 Steps To Beat A Player At His Own Game

Challenge his ego by becoming close friends with his closest buddy.

Make him think his best friend outshines him.

Flirt with his best friend in his presence.

Give attention to his friend more than him whenever you are all together.

If he wanted to hurt you, flip the script and wound his self-esteem.

Let him believe he lacks the charm to manipulate you.

This will make him question himself.


9. Befriend any of his prey

Steps To Beat A Player At His Own Game

See if you can find others he’s targeted before.

Make friends with them to make him uneasy.

Let him worry about his own actions.

He would be unsettled and won’t know how to react.

Give him the impression you’re up to something.

Even though you’re not.

Your goal is to disrupt his life.

Just like he tried to do to you.

Make him realize he can’t toy with people’s emotions and get away with it. 

Show that even the strongest among us have limits. 

He must understand that not everyone will take his actions lightly. 

Maybe then, he will stop and think twice before making any future decisions that could hurt someone else.


10. Be the one to call off the relationship

Steps To Beat A Player At His Own Game

The last straw is to pick up the phone and end the relationship yourself.

Don’t leave the decision in his hands.

After you’ve used these tactics on him, take control and initiate the breakup.

When you take this step, you’ll make him question himself.

He won’t be able to stop thinking about you and will feel regret for losing you.




When your eye gets gunk in it, you clean it out and show the eye the mistake it made.

This is how you teach a player to stop playing.

Hide your true intentions and act like them.

It’s not right to play with people’s feelings and emotions.

Players need to learn a lesson.

But sometimes, it’s better to just walk away completely.

If you find out someone is a really bad person, it’s safer to end things and move on.

You don’t want them causing trouble in your life.

Some players are all about their ego, and they can do anything to preserve it.

In those cases, it’s best to cut ties and stay safe.