10 Signs He Doesn’t Miss You

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”Signs He Doesn’t Miss You?”

Is that even a ‘thing’?

Many people consider signs he doesn’t miss you as signs of him not loving you anymore.

However it turns out to be, signs are what they are – symbolic gestures used to communicate feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

So, if your man is giving you signs he doesn’t miss you or think about you anymore, then maybe it’s time to let go of the relationship.

If your man does give out signs that he might miss someone else, there are ways to find out for sure what his opinion is so you can decide whether or not this is a good person for you.

One easy way to do this is by simply asking him questions.

Using signs as an indicator of interest or disinterest has become more common in the last few years for reasons unknown.

Maybe it’s because texting is so easy that it’s almost pointless to say anything through texting anymore.

It might be easier for your man to send signs that he doesn’t miss you than something like “I think we should break up.”

If your boyfriend seems more distant when talking over the phone or if he doesn’t care about what you have to say, there is a chance that he may be watching his distance because he wants some space.

Although there are countless other examples of signs people use to show that they don’t miss someone, there are some of the most popular ones which we’ll be looking at in the course of this article.

Also, keep in mind that not all signs have the same meaning.

So, be sure to take the time to read through the signs rather than making mere assumptions.

There are many signs that someone misses you, but there are also some possible signs that they might not be missing you.

If you have been wondering, “Does he miss me?” this is the article for you!

Read on to see if your boyfriend misses you or not.

10 Signs He Doesn’t Miss You

1. Starts Doing Things On His Own More

If your boyfriend stops initiating contact with you and starts doing more things on his own, he may have begun to detach himself from the relationship.

2. Seems Distant Over The Phone

If your boyfriend seems more distant when talking over the phone or if he doesn’t care about what you have to say, there is a chance that he may be watching his distance because he wants some space.

3. What Does He Say?

If you’re wondering whether or not he misses you, there are certain things that you can pay attention to that will tell you what is going on in his mind.

Signs he doesn’t miss you may include him saying something along the lines of “I thought I told you never to contact me again?” or “You can stop texting me now; it is getting old.”

These types of responses indicate that he does not want anything to do with you anymore and wants no contact between the two of you at all.

If these signs are present, then chances are very good that he does not miss you; instead, he would like for life with your relationship to be left in the past where it belongs.

4. How He Acts When You Meet

Here are some simple signs he doesn’t miss you:

If when you first see him or first talk to him after a breakup, he acts as if the two of you never dated.

He does not smile sheepishly and look down at his shoes; instead, he is polite but distant.

Signs that indicate that he does not miss you include him saying things like “I think it is better for both of us if we don’t communicate anymore,” “I am sorry I led you on…it wasn’t meant to be between us”.

If you notice any of these signs, likely, he does not miss you.

5. He Hangs Out With Friends More

Another sign to look for that indicates that he does not miss you includes him staying out very late or going out with his friends more frequently than before.

He prefers the company of his friends to spending time with you.

It can be him making plans with you to do something together but then canceling last minute because something came up with one of his friends instead.

6. Doesn’t Share Things With You

One of the signs he doesn’t miss you is if, when something exciting happens, be it a new movie release or the opening of a new restaurant downtown, he never mentions anything about it to you or tries to invite you along even though there were no other plans made before this event occurs.

7. Gets Into Another Relationship Immediately After Your Breakup

He doesn’t miss you if he starts dating someone else almost immediately after your breakup with him.

This shows that he didn’t take any time to get over his relationship with you.

8. He Doesn’t Check Your Social Media Pages

A possible sign that he doesn’t miss you is if he doesn’t check frequently to see what you are up to on your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

9. He Neglects You At Events

If the two of you end up at an event together and he acts as if he is only there with his friends, he doesn’t miss you.

He’d rather be involved in anything that involves the rest of his friends but does not include you.

10. Pay Attention To The Questions He Asks

Signs that indicate that he doesn’t miss you include him asking questions like “How is your family? What has been going on with them lately?” and even “How have you been since we broke up; I know it was difficult for the both of us”.

If he never brings up anything about what happened between the two of you or how he feels about it now, then this could be a sign that he does not miss you as well as another indication that he has moved on from those feelings already.

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