25 Reasons Why I Miss You List

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When we are in love, we enjoy being in the company of our lover. While this doesn’t mean that we want to spend 24/7 with them, we wouldn’t mind spending a substantial portion of our time around them. So, it is expected that we miss them when they are not around. Letting them know the specific reasons why we miss them is a great way to let them know how special they are with us and how much we want to be with them. We have taken the time to compile heart-warming reasons why I miss you list in case you have difficulty penning your thoughts down.

  1. I miss how I feel around you
  2. I miss your smile that lightens my world
  3. I miss your voice, it melts my heart
  4. I miss the sound of your laughter that assures me of your happiness
  5. I miss your sense of humour
  6. I miss having your arms around me
  7. I miss feeling the ways your hands fit in with mine
  8. I miss cuddling with you
  9. I miss our discussions
  10. I miss seeing your intent look when you are listening to me
  11. I miss seeing attraction in your eyes when you look at me
  12. I miss arguing with you
  13. I miss cooking with you
  14. I miss sleeping next to you
  15. I miss feeling your lips against mine
  16. I miss your touch and gentle caress
  17. I miss talking to you about my day and hear you share yours
  18. I miss travelling with you
  19. I miss dragging you to go shopping
  20. I miss making you watch sport with me
  21. I miss the way you tease me
  22. I miss laughing with you
  23. I miss being silly and naughty with you
  24. I miss seeing the world through your eyes
  25. I miss seeing your face light up when you say, “I love you”


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