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Sure Ways to Get Him to Propose

Sure Ways to Get Him to Propose

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It can be quite difficult when you are ready for your relationship to move further and you cannot determine the state of mind of your partner. It is even more difficult for women because they don’t want to come off as desperate but when you know, you know.

So the question is how to get him on the same page with you so he can propose and you start planning your forever? All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Have an honest conversation with him


For a relationship to lead to marriage, it means that it is a mature and committed relationship, so there is really no point for games.

Sit your partner down and have an honest conversation about your plans and expectations. There is nothing to be ashamed about wanting to get married; it is a very valid desire, so don’t let anybody shame you for your desires.

Make it clear even before the relationship progresses that you are not looking for a fling but a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. Talk about your future plans, visions and dreams and let him see himself in your plans.

Don’t give ultimatums or play games, you don’t want someone who will be forced to marry you anyways; trust me, you are better off. You want a man that loves you and genuinely wants to spend his life with you. During the conversation, you might find out he is ready or you could find out his fears and concerns and you will both make a decision together over it.


Subtly talk about the kind of ring or wedding you want

You can also let him know you are ready for that proposal to come anytime soon by subtly letting him know the kind of ring or wedding you want.

It is more advisable that you don’t just talk about it out of the blues. Find a conversation that can lead to it. Maybe lead with one of your friends’ proposal, ring or wedding. Talk about it and chip in what you would have preferred if you were the one.

Try not to make it frequent, the trick is to be subtle and stealth.


Give signals that you are ready

Your partner might be afraid that you are not ready and that is why he has not proposed. I mean, no man wants to go down on one knee, only to be rejected. Give him signals subtly that when he proposes, he will get a yes. Don’t say it directly, chip it into conversations that have to do with marriage, maybe based on a book you read, a movie you saw or wedding you attended. Whatever signal you can give can work so he knows you are on the same page as he is.


Introduce him to friends and family

More often than not, a girl will not introduce a fling to her family and friends. Introduce him to your family, especially, so he knows he occupies a special place in your heart and you are expecting something serious from the relationship.


Avoid trying tantrums

There is a tendency to start throwing tantrums because you have not gotten what you want. Don’t throw tantrums, it is always counter-productive. No matter what happens, you need to prepare yourself to be okay with the decision you make. It takes two to tango; you want someone who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them. If he doesn’t see the reason for marriage yet and based on his reasons, it is left for you to make a decision. Be realistic but don’t accept less than you deserve.

Whether this leads to a relationship, remember not to settle, you deserve to be loved, you deserve to be wanted, be fair as well because your partner also deserves all these. I wish you the best.