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How To Make A Man Crazy About You

How To Make A Man Crazy About You

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How to make a man crazy about you

Are you curious about how to make a man crazy about you?

Once you figure it out, you’ll find out that it’s not rocket science after all.

However, it’s not so easy to get and hold the attention of a guy.

Due to the lots of side attractions that abound in today’s world, it can be difficult to make a guy go crazy over you.

This is because you’re not sure of their interests or what they’re looking for.

The good news here is that men are not as complex as people think they are.

Contrary to what people think, men are straightforward individuals.

Also, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to make them go crazy over you!

Generally, people think that being gorgeous and attractive will make men want a girl.


But your character and personality are some of the things that make them stay attracted to you.

Want to know more?

Don’t go anywhere.

Follow me as I give you an exposé on how to make a man crazy about you with some tips.

How To Make A Man Crazy About You


1. Take good care of yourself

No matter the gender, taking good care of one’s self is just about the most beautiful and best thing anyone can do for themselves.

A man in his right senses will be attracted to you when you have proper hygiene, eat well, and exercise.

Not only do you look good, but you also smell great!

Who wouldn’t be attracted to you, please?

When you take adequate care of yourself, it simply sends a signal that you can be able to take care of other people subsequently.

An attractive trait in women is the ability to take good care of themselves, invest in their health and be able to maintain their lifestyle.

2. Be yourself

One of the best ways to make a man crazy about you is by being yourself.

When you show guys who you are at the core, real men who know your worth will go over and above to be with you.

In addition, you’ll find yourself attracting only guys who have genuine intentions for you.

On the contrary, if you are someone who likes to pretend to be who she is not just so that you can get the attention of a guy, it won’t work.

You stand high chances of attracting the right guy for you when you are true to who you are.

Let’s assume that pretending lands you a good man, you’ll find out that eventually, you’ll get tired of the fake front you put up because it was never who you were from the onset.

And one thing about men is that they can distinguish real from fake easily.

They are simple but are not stupid.

Looking for one sure way to make a man crazy about you?

Be yourself.

3. Being kind hurt no one

When men (and people generally) meet someone for the very first time, it is the first few impressions that help to create a mental picture of that person.

And everyone wants to get close to a kind person.

So, if you’re looking for how to make a man crazy about you, try being kind.

In the world of today where kindness is a rare trait and wickedness abounds, a genuine act of kindness is like a breath of fresh air.

Do you also know that kindness is attractive?

Now you know!

People link kindness with being nice generally and men naturally want to have something to do with a kind and nice lady.

How to make a man crazy about you 3

4. Confidence is sexy!

Just as the saying goes, confidence is sexy.

I don’t think anything can beat that.

It means that you are in control of your life, know who you are and your worth, and are not afraid to let other people know too.

Tell me, who wouldn’t love you?

Just throw your bag of insecurities into the trash bin if you want to make a man crazy about you.

However, do not confuse confidence and arrogance, as there is just a very thin line between the two.

Rather than being boastful and proud, just express faith in your abilities and capabilities and watch the world pause for you.

That’s where the real power lies and every man wants to revel in the confidence of his woman.

A confident woman does not need the validation of others; she draws validation from within herself.

What’s sexier than this?

5. Subtlety is key

Try to not come up to him strongly in a bid to make him like you.

Men are chasers naturally and are thrilled by challenges.

Not only does he find your dropping subtle hints about your intentions towards him here and there sexy, but he also sees it as a sign that you don’t need to be too vocal while heading straight for your target.

And to most men, this is an attractive trait.

While being easygoing, try to be able to draw others to yourself and accommodate them at the same time.

If you’re on a quest for how to make a man crazy about you, you should know that guys don’t like it when a girl tries too hard to get their attention.

So, be the subtle kinda lady.

6. Self-respect is paramount

There is nothing more distasteful and unattractive than a person who has no respect for themselves.

Everyone, men inclusive, knows this.

Respecting yourself is the very first step towards being able to respect other people.

It is all about knowing when to make yourself a priority and attend to all your needs first.

This trait will attract a man and make him wanna stick around you.

Respect is very necessary if you want to know how to make a man crazy about you.

7. Be open to him

By this, I don’t mean that you should start going on and on about your age-long secrets.

It simply means sharing the regular details of your life with him.

I don’t think anyone can go crazy about someone they hardly know.

Strike a balance between opening up to him and still having some air of mystery around you.

It’ll make him want to know more about you and unravel what you’re all about.

You can share your dreams, goals, and thought processes with him.

Seeing that you have your solid opinions and views about issues is one of the guaranteed ways to get a man crazy about you.


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