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When it comes to a romantic relationship between a woman and a man, nothing can be compared to when both parties play their role in the rawest form they can.

I mean, men being men and women being women without anyone trying to usurp the other person’s natural born energy or role. 

There’s absolutely nothing interesting in a woman trying to take a man’s role nor a man trying to take a woman’s role, we’ve all been uniquely created by the creator for different purposes. 

Most women don’t even know what feminine power feels like or how they can tap into that energy.

See, nature designed you in that gender-specified body for you to achieve your purpose and to fulfill your destiny as a woman. 

Many women are out of tune with their gender abilities and gifts, so they see being a woman as a problem they need to find a solution to and then begin to toughen up till they shut down every last fiber of their femininity. 

Being feminine is the most attractive and powerful thing a woman can be. 

If you’re still reading, let’s explore together how you can be more feminine.

These 8 tips I’ve compiled below might be of great help to you. 



1. Be emotionally intelligent 

How to be more feminine in a relationship

In simple terms, this means expressing your feelings without letting them interfere with how you talk and react to your partner.

You need to know how to talk to your man without conviction and properly address the situation in a mature way. 

This will not only show that you’re in control of your emotions but also make your partner feel respected and understood.

Some women don’t manage their emotions properly.

When they are angry, it affects their tone and behavior in a way that they end up showing a very ugly side of them.

This shouldn’t be you.

Emotional intelligence is really needed to start operating on a feminine level; it is a key ingredient you can’t afford to lack. 


2. Give room for connection

How to be more feminine in a relationship

Refraining or pulling away from connecting will not give you the feminine energy you need to have a powerful relationship. 

This is because after a while, the person will stop, and you’ve given the impression of ‘I want to be alone.’ 

Here’s a simple analogy: When you reach out to carry a toddler, and they pull away from you or start crying, how does it make you feel?

Exactly, now you get my point. 

Make sure to make time for quality conversations with your partner and really listen to what they have to say.

This will not only help build intimacy but also show that you value their thoughts and feelings.

I know that some people are traumatized based on their past experience, then see a therapist and heal from the ugly past holding them back from becoming the kind of woman they need to be and start tapping into their feminine energy. 


3. Work on being vulnerable

Vulnerability doesn’t mean you’ve become a doormat to be walked over by your partner—hell no!

What it truly means is that you now consciously allow yourself to be taken care of by your partner by accepting healthy love and care. 

Your vulnerability will show you your areas of strength as a woman, and it’ll help you become more confident.

Learn to ask your partner for help in your relationship.

It’s not just feminine. It shows your man how to be there for you. 

So become a vulnerable woman today and ask your man for help, either with work, your emotions whatever it is, learn it. It shows a sign of being feminine. 

4. Be more expressive 

How to be more feminine in a relationship

I want to assume that your partner does not have psychic powers, so whatever you aren’t talking about won’t be known to him.

Talk to your partner more, do it properly and effectively, discuss anything and everything, and stop holding back.

Femininity requires you to express yourself effectively. 

I don’t really know why you all have another gist partner outside your relationship, turn that man into a gossip who can’t wait to give you that premium gist he’s been holding in all day long.

That’s how I know when a relationship is healthy. 

To be more feminine, this is very important.

When you express yourself, you’ll be better understood by your partner. 

5. Communicate effectively 

How to be more feminine in a relationship

Communication is the act of sending a message from the encoder to be decoded and understood by the person it is meant for.

When the message isn’t clear enough, the decoder can’t decode the encoded message.

This is what happens when you don’t communicate effectively. 

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

This puts you on a pedestal of ‘the woman who knows what she wants.’ 

Be realistic when talking, address issues clearly, and talk to your partner in a way that gives him the feeling of you being a blessing. 


6. Appreciation 

How to be more feminine in a relationship

Yeah! Appreciate your partner’s every effort.

This gives them a feeling of being noticed and not being used.

You will get more from a man when you appreciate him regularly.

I’ve heard some women say, ‘Why should I appreciate a man for his responsibility?’ It really made me cringe to hear such a statement. 

Feminine women don’t feel entitled, they appreciate their men, simply because they know that appreciating their men will make him show up more than they ask for. 

Appreciate those who are around you and make them feel needed and welcomed. It’s a feminine energy! 


7. Positive growth 

How to be more feminine in a relationship

Put more effort into your own growth, unlearn the negativity you’ve learned, and then replace it with positivity.

Some ladies were raised in an abusive home, and this tends to make them desire abusive men and toxic relationships.

If this is you, then you’ve got to unlearn those things and consciously put in the work to be more healthy and replace them by learning positive things. 

Toxicity isn’t a sign of a feminine woman.

Let go of the things holding you back from becoming feminine. 


8. Dressing style 

Yes, your style can say a whole lot about your femininity. Astronauts don’t dress like lawyers.

To be feminine, you’d dress as a woman. 

Dress modestly as a woman and not lower the standards of morality.

Let your dress tell society that you’re a woman and you’re not a man.

Like an old saying that says & dressed how you want to be addressed.

When you are modestly dressed like a woman, you feel and feel like you are in your natural state of power, and all the benefits will follow you. 


These aren’t all necessary things to do, but they will definitely help you become more comfortable with being feminine in your relationship.

Yes, we live in a world where people are confused based on their own personality, but don’t let that be you 

Be feminine in your relationship and simply be a special one; that is where all the gold is.