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6 Signs of a Weak Man in a Relationship

6 Signs of a Weak Man in a Relationship

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It is true that a man’s glory is in his strength. 

No matter all that is going on in the world today and unending gender wars, it is an undisputed, unspoken fact that every man’s beauty and glory are in their strength.

Every woman prides herself in knowing that she has a man behind her who has physical strength, strength of character, emotional strength, etc.

And whether we like to admit it or not, there’s always this hinge of disappointment in our minds when our man fails to show strength in the areas we expect him to.

Every woman’s need in a relationship is unique and dynamic, but no woman really wants to be in a relationship with a weak man.

And because of the unique nature of women’s needs, there are also several indicators of weakness in men.

What one woman may consider a weakness may not be a weakness to another woman.

But there are a few outstanding signs that can help you know if a man is weak in a relationship or not.

6 Signs of a Weak Man in a Relationship

1. Lack of Communication

6 Signs of a weak man in a relationship

A man who lacks the ability to stage and maintain open and honest conversations in a relationship is a weak man.

Shared communication is a basic need in every relationship.

It is that one thing that gives room to shared vulnerability, deep emotional connection, mutual understanding, and good conflict management in the relationship.

No one wants to be in a real relationship with a man she cannot talk to – a man with whom she cannot share her deepest fear and her greatest joy.

This is how it works:

If a woman keeps talking to her man and gets feedback that suggests she is not being heard or that what she is saying does not mean anything, she will soon withdraw and share things less with the man.

And you know, it may not be deliberate for the man to invalidate her concerns; he may just lack the ability to respond properly to them.

Another way you know a man who is weak in communication is that he struggles to express his thoughts, feelings, or concerns.

Sometimes, you’ll see people like this take to aggression just to cover their inabilities rather than open up to learning and learning better ways to express themselves.


2. Lack of Accountability

6 Signs of a weak man in a relationship

A weak man is a man who cannot take responsibility for his actions.

A man may be tall, physically strong, and intimidating, but if a woman wants a bodyguard, she only needs to contact a private security firm.

A strong man takes responsibility for his actions and their impact on the relationship.

On the other hand, a weak man will often avoid accountability.

When there is a fail from his end, he is always having standby excuses for his actions and inactions.

He is also the best player in the blame game – he’ll always find someone or something to blame for his unacceptable behaviors.

A man who does not have the ability to grow up and own up to his mistakes will definitely lose his woman’s trust and respect.


3. Passive Aggressiveness

6 Signs of a weak man in a relationship

Many men who are unnecessarily aggressive are weak men.

As I mentioned while explaining communication habits above, many times, they use that aggression to camouflage their weaknesses.

A strong man will approach and address issues in his relationship directly and with respect for his woman.

But you will find a weak man being abusive, making snide comments, giving silent treatment, and so on.

He may feel like he is gaining dominance by being aggressive, but all he will end up doing is creating a wider distance between his woman and him, and escalating the issue out of proportion.


4. Emotional Unavailability

6 Signs of a weak man in a relationship

If you ask women what they want in their men, most of them will say, “I want a man who is there for me.”

Of all the things women appreciate in men, the one they appreciate the most is his ability to be there for them.

It is the reason people always say that it is easy to win a woman if you give her attention.

The saying is not far from the truth.

A man who is emotionally unavailable will not only struggle to connect on a deeper level with his woman, but he will also leave a void in her heart.

If, in a bid to show himself as a strong man, he avoids having emotional conversations with her or letting her into his vulnerability, he will soon realize that he is a weak man who is unable to maintain the emotional connection in his relationship.

Because when a relationship lacks emotional intimacy, it begins to feel shallow and unfulfilling.


5. Lack of Ambition or Drive

6 Signs of a weak man in a relationship Relationship

I had a male friend who spent many years of his life in one spot doing nothing.

He had people pushing him here and there to get on with a course, but he never budged.

During those years, he dated several women, and they left him one after the other, all for the same reason.

He had no plans for his life.

Forgive me, but after many years of advising, pushing, and trying, I had to sever the friendship for my own progress.

You see, it doesn’t matter how built up a man is or how much weight he can lift.

When a woman comes into his life, she looks out for the security of her future.

“If I go into a more committed long-term relationship with this man, will he be able to take care of me?

Does he have working future plans?

What is he doing now that will serve him a better tomorrow?

Is he one to easily give up on a course?”

These are the kinds of questions she will be asking herself after a while of enjoying the muscles and abs.

And if he seems to be a man like my friend, without any ambition or drive, it won’t be too long before she realizes that she is with a weak man.


6. Inability to Set Boundaries

6 Signs of a weak man in a relationship

Another test of strength of character is the ability to set and stay within the confines of boundaries.

Whether it’s boundaries in his relationship with his woman or among friends and families, a man who is unable to set and enforce his own boundaries or respect other people’s boundaries is a lousy man who lacks strength of character.

Boundaries are very important for maintaining a healthy relationship.

It is a way of establishing your personality to others.

Everything cannot go for everyone.

Everyone must know what they can tolerate and what they cannot.

A man who allows everything into his space and does not know when to stop will soon become a nuisance to the people around him.

A strong man, no matter how friendly and accommodating, knows how far he can go with being friendly and accommodating as a man in an active relationship.



When a woman finds that her man is weak in their relationship, she can help him to become stronger and better through having an honest conversation with him about her concerns.

She can also suggest things he can do to help him improve.

If he is willing to work with her through dealing with the situation and becoming better, then he is a strong man with the potential to be an even stronger man.