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10 Glaring Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

10 Glaring Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

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Going through life after a breakup can feel like an overwhelming journey filled with deep emotions and a lot of uncertainty. 

It’s entirely natural to wonder if your ex still has feelings for you or if you nurse some feelings for them and you really hope to get back together.

The future holds no certainties, but you can take hints from some of your ex’s behavior to know if you stand a chance at being together.

It will make more sense if you feel the same way for each other.

This is basically not a foolproof hack to know if your ex wants you back.

It is just a way to access the situation from a rational point of view and not an emotional one.

These are some of the signs your ex wants you back.

10 Glaring Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

1. They reach out to you frequently: 

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship.

If your ex is frequently initiating communication with you, it could be a sign that they are interested in reconnecting. 

This behavior may indicate that they still have feelings for you or that they are trying to maintain a friendship with you. 

Maintaining a friendship might be the first step towards building a relationship for them.

However, you should pay attention to the nature of the communication. 

 Know if it is from a platonic angle or an emotional one so as to know how to channel your desires.


2. They bring up positive memories: 

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

He might be on your own thinking all your ex wants back is friendship.

And they suddenly start reminiscing about the happy times you once shared together.

They can go as far as even referencing your shared experiences. 

This is a sign that they are nostalgic for the connection you once had.

This may indicate that they are interested in revisiting those feelings or exploring the possibility of rekindling your relationship.

The chances that they are visiting and exploring those memories because they want to get back are very high. 


3. They seem interested in your life:

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

 Sometimes, an ex can show up out of the blue, showing interest in your life. 

You find them asking about your current activities and trying to catch up on the parts they have missed while you were apart.

This can be beyond catching up on good times and even transcend to wanting to know where they fit in your life.

They want to know if the dreams you both had are still in sync or if you’re already out of it.

This shows that they care, and it takes someone who has an interest in you to care about you and the details of your life.


4. They initiate physical contact: 

There is something about subtle physical contact that speaks of intense emotional feelings.

I mean If your ex is initiating physical contact, such as hugging, touching your arm or shoulder, or standing close to you, it could be a sign that they are interested in reconnecting physically.  

Physical touch is a powerful form of communication and can convey emotions that words cannot.

So if your ex is initiating contact, it could be their way of expressing their feelings for you.

Note the context of the touch at this time and the emotions behind it. 

Is it a gentle and loving touch, or is it more playful and flirtatious? 

This can give you insight into their intentions and whether they are looking for a deeper connection with you.



5. They express regret or apologize:

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

It takes some degree of responsibility and vulnerability for someone to admit they were wrong and apologize

If your ex reaches out to you and expresses regret for how things ended or apologizes for their actions, it could be a sign that they still care about you and want to make amends. 

This is especially true if they are specific in their apology, mentioning certain things they did that hurt you. 

It shows that they have been reflecting on the past and are genuinely sorry for their mistakes.

Consider the sincerity of their apologies and the context in which they are expressing regret. 



6. They make an effort to spend time with you: 

You only get to spend time with someone if you prioritize them in your life. 

If your ex is making an effort to see you, whether it’s for a casual hangout or a more formal date, it could be a sign that they miss you and want to reconnect. 

Even if they are busy with work or other commitments, if they consistently make time for you, it shows that you hold value in their life.

Pay attention to how often they initiate plans and the type of activities they suggest.

Pay attention to their body language and behavior during these encounters.

Do they seem happy and engaged?

Do they make an effort to touch or flirt with you?

If they seem genuinely interested in spending quality time with you, then there may be potential for rekindling the relationship.


7. They initiate discussions about the future: 

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

If you and your ex-partner have been separated for a while, but they still bring up future plans or events that involve you, it could be a sign that they are not ready to let go.

This could be anything from mentioning an upcoming concert or vacation, to discussing future career goals and aspirations together. 

It shows that your ex still sees you as a part of their life and wants to continue building a future with you.



8. They express jealousy: 

Let’s assume you have a friendship with your ex and you start talking about potentially dating someone new. 

If your ex shows signs of jealousy, such as asking intrusive questions or making negative remarks, it could be a sign that they still have feelings for you.

Jealousy is often a result of wanting what one doesn’t have, so if your ex is feeling this way towards your potential love interest, it may be because they still want to be with you.

They still have feelings for you and are not ready to see you move on with someone else.

This can also be seen in their behavior, such as trying to sabotage potential new relationships or constantly trying to stay connected with you.



9. They make an effort to improve themselves: 

If one of the reasons you broke up was because of personal issues or bad habits, but you see your ex making an effort to change and improve themselves, it could be a sign that they still care about you.

They may have realized their mistakes and are actively working on becoming a better person, in hopes of winning you back. 

They start taking personal development classes, going to therapy, or even just making small changes in their daily routines.

This shows that they value your opinion and want to become the best version of themselves for you.


10. They express interest in reconciliation:

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

This is the most obvious sign that your ex still cares about you.

They may directly tell you that they want to get back together, or they drop hints and constantly bring up the topic of reconciliation.

They may apologize for their actions, express regret over the breakup, and ask for another chance. 

This shows that they still have strong feelings for you and are willing to put in effort and work towards repairing the relationship.

It shows that they are willing to work through any past issues and make changes to improve the relationship.