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Morning Routine For A Romantic Marriage

Morning Routine For A Romantic Marriage

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Do you know having a morning routine can determine how your day will be spent? Imagine having this routine with someone you love.

Life becomes more beautiful.

It’s no longer new to say that “marriage is hard work”, but the continuous effort of a couple to make each other happy, spice up their marriage will help sustain the home.

The little things couples do on a daily basis can strengthen the bond they share.

Here Are 10 Morning Habits for Couples Who Desire a Romantic Marriage:

  1. Have a heart to heart talk in bed

A lot of couples don’t go to bed together for so many reasons, but most would end up in bed eventually.

Having a heart to heart conversation about their relationship and family at large before setting out from bed as a morning routine has worked for my husband and me.

I realized the conversations we have in bed in the morning goes a long way in making us a better couple and parents.

Trust me, nothing beats waking up to a friendly chat with someone you love.

The atmosphere is still calm with no interference and the mood for the day is set with this simple morning routine.

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  1. Have a good morning Kiss:

If I am to take a survey, I won’t be surprised to know that a large percent of couples do not kiss in the morning.

Funnily, I have heard about couples who only kiss when making out and not any other time.

Giving your spouse a good morning kiss will make him/her have a refreshing day.

This is what romantic couples do to spice up their marriage, you should make it a morning routine too.

  1. Give each other breakfast in bed:

A lot of lovers do this while dating, only to get married and see it as unnecessary.

Serving your spouse breakfast in bed once in a while will go a long way in spicing up your marriage. Romantic couples have this habit and it has kept them going.

  1. Have a morning exercise/ work out session together:

Hubby and I decided that we wanted to be more fit, so we sometimes get to walk together when we have someone around to help us look after the kids.

This has helped us connect more because we have a series of conversations in the middle of that session which help us know more about each other’s thoughts and activities.

  1. Have washroom routine together:

The little things you do in your marriage matters.

Romantic couples should be free with each other even in the closet.

You don’t have to wait till the time to make love before you see spouse’s nakedness.

Sometimes, hubby and I brush our teeth at the same time and tease each other while at it.

Don’t underestimate the power of showering together in strengthening the bond between you and your spouse. Include this in your morning routine and thank me later.

  1. Read the Holy Book and pray together:

Romantic couples who are religious study the holy book and pray together in the morning.

God is a factor that every couple should include in their marriages.

So, studying together and sharing your thoughts would help strengthen your bond. It is important to connect to God before connecting to the world.

  1. Send each other a good morning message:

Everyone loves to read sweet words. Sending your spouse, a good morning message as text or on social media will lighten their mood and make them have a fulfilling day.

It adds more spontaneity to your day despite the fact that you woke up next to each other.

  1. Go over each other’s daily schedule:

Carrying your spouse along in how you aim to spend your day will help build romance in your marriage.

This not only improves communication, but it also makes your partner have a sense of belonging that reassures them that they are part of your life.

Also, putting heads together will help you both plan a better day and everyone comes back home having a fulfilling day.

This is something I love about my husband and me.

We help each other to carry out our daily chores; from going to work, to dropping and getting the kids from daycare and school.

  1. Help each other with house chores:

Leaving one person to take care of house chores can be overwhelming. You can help each other  with:

  • getting the kids ready
  • doing dishes and
  • cleaning the house and car and so on

Remember love is kind and selfless.

  1. Take Breakfast together:

Not everyone likes to take breakfast, but you can have tea, coffee or whatever works for you together.

This is one of the morning habits that build family bond as kids can join in this practice.

I hope these ten morning habits will help you to to have a romantic marriage.

Written by Olajumoke Onifade.