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How To Be A Good Husband

How To Be A Good Husband

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The society saddle women with so much marital responsibilities and probably forgets it’s the duty of the man and woman to make each other better and happy.

However, there are amazing men who don’t just love their woman by words but constantly prove it in action and aims at being the best version of husband.


Here are tips on how to be a good husband


#Respect her and don’t let her see you as domineering

A good husband should acknowledge his wife as his soul mate, not controlling her. Some men openly criticize their wives in front of strangers, they have instilled so much fear in their wives that they dare not have a say in their home. Respect her feelings and idea, not bossing are around. I see some women complain about their husbands imposing decisions on them rather than hearing their views about matters and reaching a compromise to get things done.


 #Be more romantic

There is a speculation that women are more romantic in nature, but a good husband should work on turning his wife on. Some women complain their husbands only caress or cuddle them when it is time for lovemaking, this shouldn’t be. Spice up your love life, take her on romantic date nights, write her poems, send her flower and ask her what romance means to her, so that you can please her better.


#Know your wife better

Awkward as it may sound, some men barely know their wife. A good husband should know the weakness, strength, likes and dislikes of his spouse. There is a TV program for spouse where the anchor asks similar questions from couple about each other, and I see a lot of husband don’t much about their wives, not the size of her shoes nor her underwear.


#Communicate with her

It is not enough to assume your wife knows it all and is just hesitant to do things right. Make sure you tell her ways to make you happy, respect, support and care for you, that’s how to make your marriage better.


#Assist her in homemaking

Little things we do for our loved one matter. Since the society assumes homemaking is the sole responsibility of the woman, a good husband would gladly offer to give her the needed assistance from doing dishes, to looking after the kids and cooking in order to ease her stress.



#Prioritize her

A good husband should make time for his wife and give her the needed attention. Some men who love football would rather not eat the meals prepared by their wives than not watch match, forgetting their spouses are more valuable than their love for soccer.


#Discuss your finances with her

A good husband should carry his wife along on budgeting. I remember a colleague once said her husband hides his phone each time he logs in to his internet banking. Being open to your wife about your income and expenses will make her plan along with you and contribute her quota.


#Ensure your family and friends respect her

A good husband should love and support his wife so much that his folks dare not demean his wife. Protect her and do not make her shortcoming obvious to third parties.



#Give her your time

One of the precious gifts you can give your wife is your quality time. I have heard women complain about their husbands meeting all their basic and luxurious need but won’t just give them the needed attention for personal moment. A good husband wouldn’t let his business, hobby, work or interest come between him and his loving spouse.


#Never forget her special dates

Women takes dates so dearly, her birthday, kids’ birthday, wedding anniversary days and more are dates that means so much to her. A good husband should equally put these things at heart and make it a remarkable one for her. As funny as it sounds, some men even forget their own birthday how much more other anniversaries.


#Support her goals

A good husband would drive his wife to reach her potentials. Support her ambition and encourage her to keep growing. Some men believe their wife won’t be submissive if she attains a greater height and hence prefers her being a mediocre.


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