18 Signs Of A Married Player

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Signs of a married player
Why would you want to read a blog filled with signs of a married player?

Well, if you have some doubts about the person you are dating, it’s probably time to go over some points.

Anyway, keep on reading to know more.

If you’re in a relationship with a man and he shows a few of these signs, it’s highly likely that you may be dating a married player.

Some men pursue women for fun and that is totally fine.

Some men are in it for the long game.

When you’re dealing with a married man, they are playing a very long game and they don’t care how much damage they do along the way as long as they get what they want, which is money.

In fact, it’s their M.O.

So in this blog I’ll give you some common signs of a married player so you can be aware of them before getting in too deep.

Have you ever met a married player?

They think playing the field will give them more options or better opportunities in life.

Many married guys think that getting caught cheating is better than getting divorced.

This may help them avoid divorce but does nothing for long-term happiness.

If you’re looking for signs of a married player, it’s not as easy as you’d think.

It takes a lot of work to get to know someone — and a lot of work to figure out if they are a married player.

As a woman, it’s hard to tell if your man is playing you for the long con, or if he’s actually looking for true love with you.

Are you dating a married man?

Do you think it’s impossible to find a faithful man in this generation?

This blog will give you some tips and signs to help you recognize a married player before being heartbroken!

Relationships are hard.

There are so many things that make relationships so complicated.

For women, it’s mostly men’s feelings.

Men have feelings about certain women (they like them), which leads to certain problems for the relationship.

If your man has a secret, you have to be smart enough to know about it.

I will give you some tips in this article about married players and how to spot a married man by reading some of the signs.

If the signs are there, then chances are that you are correct in your assumption.

Although both men and women cheat at all ages, cheating is more common among men, who will have more sex partners overall and at every age.

There is a plethora of signs that can alert you of a married man.

With today’s technology, we have little to no excuse to let an affair slip through our fingers.

Sometimes it’s not enough to just talk about something — but for you to actually be able to SEE it.

That way, you know for sure if there’s hope for your relationship or if it’s time to face reality.

The signs of a married player may not be as obvious as you think.

While many married players make themselves easy to spot, some play the game legitimately, and it can be hard to tell the difference between a player and a good guy.

We have always been taught that cheating is bad.

However, there are those who still take the risk of getting into relationships with married people.

There are some signs that the guy you’re dating is probably a married man.

You need to be careful with these signs and use them very carefully.

18 Signs Of A Married Player

1. They Are Always Busy

The main excuse a married player will give you is their busy schedule.

A married person has many responsibilities and commitments that they need to attend to.

This could be a good excuse for them not to meet up with you at times.

If this happens often, then it is one sign of a married player.

2. Always Looking Over Their Shoulders

They are always watching over their shoulders whenever they meet up with you in public places.

They would normally choose restaurants or coffee shops that are far from where they live and work so as to avoid being seen by someone they know.

This is because they fear the possibility of their spouse finding out about the affair.

3. Never Talks About Themselves

Another sign of a married player is when they never talk about themselves or reveal very little information about their personal lives.

This could mean that they have something to hide from you, and it could be their spouse and family that he’s trying to keep from you.

4. He Doesn’t Wear A Ring

That’s because he doesn’t want to be recognized as married in case he hits on women while he’s out.

5. He Works Late Hours Or Has Lots Of Out-of-town Business Trips

While this may not be a concrete proof of him cheating, it is a pointer towards his cheating activities.

Whenever he goes on business trips out of town or claims that he has to work late hours, there are high chances that he’s creating plenty of opportunities to cheat.

6. More Female Friends On Social Media

He has lots of women friends on Facebook and other social media sites.

If he acts like a single man online, then he might be up to no good in real life too.

7. He Avoids Personal Questions

He never talks about family and avoids questions about kids or other family members.

When you ask him where he lives, he gives a vague answer like an apartment complex or condos instead of an address.

This could mean that he doesn’t have his own place and may not want you to know where his home base is located.

8. Meetups

Married men usually don’t have time for morning or lunch dates.

The only time they can squeeze in a date is at night or during the weekends when their wives are busy with their own lives.

Open his wallet, and you’ll find receipts from restaurants and other items that he purchased during his date with you.

9. He’s Too Good To Be True

If he has everything you’ve ever wanted in a man and more, then there’s one thing you should realize: he is too good to be true.

He shows up when you want him to, he calls when he says he will, and he makes love to you like it’s the last night on earth!

What else could a woman want?

You’re right: nothing!

10. He Doesn’t Talk About His Personal Life

A married man doesn’t talk about his family or any personal details regarding his marriage because he doesn’t want you to know that much about him.

If your guy never talks about having kids or being married even though he is old enough to be married and have kids, it’s possibly one of the signs of a married player.

11. He Won’t Introduce You To His Friends

If he’s hiding you from his friends, he’s probably hiding you for a reason.

Ask him why he doesn’t want to introduce you to them and see if his answer is convincing enough.

12. He Works A Lot Of Late Nights

This is a classic sign of someone who is cheating on their spouse.

But, it can also apply to someone who’s cheating on their girlfriend as well.

If your guy works late every night, then perhaps it’s time to go into detective mode to find out what he’s really up to at work.

13. His Cell Phone Is Off Limits

He won’t give you his phone or computer password.

When it comes to being in a relationship, trust is very important aspect of it.

If your man won’t give you his passwords because he has something to hide, especially the password for his phone or computer, then this may be a big red flag that he has something going on behind your back.

If he gets secretive about his phone calls and text messages, then you need to be concerned.

You should not have to ask him for access to his phone, it should already be yours if you’re in a committed relationship!

If he won’t let you near it, then chances are he doesn’t want you to see who is calling him or texting him.

It could also mean that he is keeping photos of his family on there and does not want you to see them.

14. He’s Never Really Around On Weekends

It might be because he has to work late or because he is spending time with his family, right?


He might have a wife and kids at home and they will always come first.

15. He Makes Plans Last Minute

This shows that he doesn’t really care about making plans or keeping them for that matter.

16. He Doesn’t Answer Your Calls Or Texts For Hours On End

He doesn’t care if he leaves you hanging or waiting around wondering what’s going on with him because he knows you’ll still be there when he decides to show up again.

17. He Only Wants To See You At Night

A guy who is looking for something serious will make an effort to see you whenever he can, even if it’s just for 30 minutes to grab a cup of coffee.

A player will only want to see you at night because an intimate relationship is his main focus and he doesn’t plan to settle with you, that’s if he’s not married already.

There are some signs of a married player that can be more obvious than others, but it’s important to pay attention to all of them and to not just ignore the red flags that are in front of you.

We all have our own personal baggage, but you don’t want someone who is trying to bring their own issues into your relationship.

You want a partner who understands the importance of healthy communication and who treats you with love and respect.

If a man you’re dating is showing any of these behaviors, he’s likely a player and not someone who wants something serious.

It’s possible to be friends with a player.

My best advice is to not get involved, don’t spend time alone with them, and keep any communication strictly platonic.

If you can do this, you’ll avoid any potential problems that accompanies being involved with a married man.

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