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9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

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It has somehow been established that it is easier to know when a man likes you than when a woman does (except in cases where the man is a serial flirt.)

So why do women still miss the signs that a man is interested in them, even when it is happening right under their nose?

Because most men are rational and logical people and do not see the point of hiding their feelings towards a woman they really want. 

So, when a woman misses these signs, it is either because she has no interest in him or because she is oblivious to how men behave when they are interested in a woman. 

And the man is paying attention, too.

Because if the woman does not return his energy after a while, he may take it to mean that she is not interested in him. 

And he may decide not to take things further. 

In order that you do not miss out on your Romeo when he comes along, we have put together these 9 telltale signs that your man is interested in you. 

9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

1. He Makes an Effort to Spend Time with You

9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

It is true that some people are great at socializing and networking. 

So you will often find them in the midst of people, exchanging ideas and contacts. 

But a man who has an interest in you makes a conscious effort to spend time with you, not minding whether he is an introvert or extrovert. 

If he is the socializing type, you’ll notice that the time he spends with you is different from the time he spends with others. 

With you he is not just exchanging contacts and interests, he is exploring his interests in you. 

He wants to know you and maybe create a deep connection between you two. 

2. He Values Your Opinion

9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

A man who has an interest in you will frequently seek your opinion on things. 

He will ask for your opinion when he is making decisions that don’t concern or affect you in any way. 

And you’ll be wondering why he decided to ask you. 

It is basically because he values your perspective, and he considers making you to be a major part of his life. 

So, even though you are not yet a part of his life, you should be a part of his decision-making process. 

3. He Acts Differently Around You

9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

One of my friends talked about how her male friend’s behavior changes when he is around her. 

According to her, when he is talking to other people, he somehow has control of his conversations. 

But when he is talking to her, he seems to not know what to say.

He becomes fidgety and somehow shy. 

She was wondering if she was a scary person or something. 

I had a good laugh before I told her that her friend was interested in her. 

He becomes so affected by your presence that if you stand close to him, you can almost hear his heartbeat. 

He will also get sweaty and constantly embarrassed. 

All this happens just because he is concerned about how he looks before you.

He wants to create a good impression that will ignite your interest in him. 

4. He’s Always There When You Need Him

9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

There are some people who can be really reliable, yeah.

But you don’t get to see it because they do not value you. 

When a person places little or no value on you, it will be a difficult task for them to show up for you when you need them. 

But a man who is interested in you and places value on you will effortlessly show reliability.

He will show up for you when you need him, and his words will be consistent with his actions

You may not know that he is interested in you, but you can easily tell that if you need help and call him, he will come through. 

You also know that if he says a thing, that is what he will do. 

5. He Makes an Effort with Your Friends and Family

9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

For the guy who is interested in you, his relationship with you doesn’t just end with you.

It extends to the members of your family and your friends. 

Men who are always avoiding the opportunity to spend time with your family or be introduced are most likely not ready to get into anything serious with you. 

But the one who is interested in having something special with you will often go out of his way to get along with the important people in your life. 

He will attend your family’s events as long as he is invited and makes an effort to socialize and bond with your friends and family.

He understands their significance to you and how it is important to you that your people are fond of your partner.  

6. He Sends Thoughtful Messages


9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

I think this is one of the most basic indicators of interest in this digital world. 

Everyone is texting each other – thanks to social media and instant messaging apps. 

But inside the long list of people someone texts every day, there’s one chat that is the most important.

One chat that is probably pinned whose messages never get lost in the river of messages coming in and going out. 

If that message is yours (and you’ll know because your message will barely drop before he is already typing a response. 

When he finds a funny meme, he sends it to you.

He sends you YouTube links and playlists. 

That guy is interested in you. 

7. He Asks Lots of Questions

9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

The world has become a place where people like to mind their businesses. 

And you can scarcely blame them.

If it is not an interest to them, they do not bother about it. 

So, if a man keeps asking you questions about yourself—your life, your thoughts, your interests, and your feelings—he is interested in you. 

And this one has gone beyond just small talk. 

You will know that he is deeply interested in the things he is asking you about. 

In his mind, he is already weighing your answers to see how they can favor his interests. 

8. He Goes Out of His Way to Help You

9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

Men do not go out to the street everyday to help random people they see.

Except they are humanitarians or are registered for volunteering. 

But even then, they scarcely go out of their way to get these things done. 

The only time you will catch a man consistently going out of his way to help someone is if he is interested in them. 

So your guy consistently offers his help or goes out of his way to make your life easier?

He cares about you, girl. 

You’ve barely told him what is going on with you before he tries to find solutions. 

And in situations where you do not tell him, he feels terrible that you didn’t give him an opportunity to help. 

9. He Shows Genuine Excitement About Your Successes

9 Ways Guys Show They Are Interested That Women Might Miss

A man who is truly interested in you will celebrate your achievements as if they were his own. 

So check it.

If he is always genuinely excited and happy for you when you succeed, it shows he likes to see you happy. 

His enthusiasm for your accomplishments clearly shows that he cares deeply about your well-being and takes pride in you and your successes.


When you understand these signs, you can easily recognize when a guy is genuinely interested in you. 

Every man is different, with unique ways of expressing interest in a woman, but these common behaviors are usually a reliable way to determine whether a man has feelings for you or not.

Afterwards, it is for you to decide if you want to reciprocate the energy or if you want to cut off the connection between you two.