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6 Things Men Do to Impress Women That Go Unnoticed

6 Things Men Do to Impress Women That Go Unnoticed

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Have you ever experienced a situation where someone told you something about your partner, and it felt so new to you that you thought they were lying?

So you decide to go take a closer look, and you find out that it is completely true. 

Two quotes come to mind at this moment:

“Over-familiarity breeds contempt.”

“A prophet is honored, but not in his household.”

No. I’m not suggesting that you do not honor your man, nor am I suggesting that you hold him in low esteem. 

But this kind of thing happens to us all. 

We become so used to a person and their activities that we do not even notice the things they are doing “for us.”

I quoted it because sometimes they may be doing these things for themselves or not directly for us, but the intent is to impress. 

So it happens that there are quite a number of things that men do in their relationships to which their women are oblivious. 

Happening right before them but they cannot see it. 

Well, today, we want to zoom in on these things, hoping that it will clarify their women’s vision and create the impression they seek to achieve. 


6 Things Men Do to Impress Women That Go Unnoticed

1. Appearance Efforts

6 Things Men Do to Impress Women That Go Unnoticed

Over the years, I have noticed that most men do not pay any attention to their physical appearance unless they are trying to make an impression. 

Not all men, but a greater percentage of men fall into this category. 

But in a situation where they’re trying to make an impression on a woman, they pay more attention to their haircut, facial features, and clothing. 

They put extra effort into looking sparkling clean to impress the woman. 

Sometimes, they go the extra mile to do physical fitness (something they were probably not doing before). 

So they’ll register at a gym, take an interest in sports activities, and all that. 

Just to look more attractive. 

Oh, I almost left out the part about taking their personal hygiene more seriously. 

So he’ll take his grooming and the way he smells more seriously. 

He does all these things, and the woman he is trying to impress may not even notice a thing. 



2. Random Acts of Kindness and Consideration

6 Things Men Do to Impress Women That Go Unnoticed

Do you know some people are not kind at all?

Some people you look at and feel like they’re really kind are not even one-bit kind. 

They only put up a kind outlook to make an impression.

You’ll catch them being extra kind to the person they want to impress and even to the people around them. 

Well, away from that, a man’s kindness (actual kindness, now) and acts of consideration may pass unnoticed by his woman. 


Some women have had the privilege of having very kind people in their lives so much so that acts of kindness have become the norm to them. 

The trouble will only arise if you are not kind.

So you go the extra mile to do things that will make her happy and comfortable, and she will not even consider it twice or respond in a gratifying way because, for her, these acts have become a routine—a normal part of her daily life. 


3. Emotional Support 

6 Things Men Do to Impress Women That Go Unnoticed

I’ve not yet met a woman who entered a relationship without the expectation that her emotional needs would be met. 

Women are more emotional beings than logical beings. 

And what they look for the most in men and in relationships is the fulfillment of their needs. 

That does not throw away the fact that they might not notice their man’s efforts to be there for them at all times. 

Emotional support, especially in rough times, is usually the most (by a woman’s standard) men can do to show the lady that they are there in body and soul. 

The man may decide that offering logical solutions is the best approach, but a woman wants someone who can understand and empathize with her, someone who can give her a hug and reassure her that it will be all well. 

But somehow, women get too used to having emotional support so much so that they do not give consideration to the man’s effort in emotional support. 


4. Acts of Chivalry

6 Things Men Do to Impress Women That Go Unnoticed

Acts of chivalry are basically those things men have been doing since ancient times that are usually the test of gentlemanliness. 

Those things are not so popular among the new generation of men. 

Acts like opening the door for a woman, pulling out a seat for her, lending her your coat on a cold day, etc. 

These acts usually show clearly that a man has respect and cares for the receiving woman.

Acts of chivalry are not completely extinct in today’s world. 

So a woman may find a man who carries her heavy loads, takes the side closest to the road when they are walking, holds the door for her, lets her go first, etc., and won’t even notice the effort he is putting into doing these things because she expects him to do them by default. 


4. Financial Contributions and Management

6 Things Men Do to Impress Women That Go Unnoticed

Men often take on financial responsibilities or contribute to managing household finances. 

On many occasions, the greater chunk of the responsibility lies with him—and in some homes, all the financial responsibility. 

This will include providing for the home, financial budgeting, saving for future goals, or paying off debts and loans. 

But do you know that it is one thing to make money and another to manage it?

So in some homes, men are also laced with the responsibility of managing the finances they are making. 

And they’ll gladly do it, aiming to provide stability and security in the relationship. 

Because, truly, one cannot have a home without money—he knows this and works hard to eliminate poverty in his home. 

However, these financial efforts can sometimes be overlooked, especially if they are seen as part of their expected role.


5. Compromise and Flexibility 

6 Things Men Do to Impress Women That Go Unnoticed

I always say—and I refuse to think that I may be wrong—that partners must be flexible and willing to compromise in every healthy relationship. 

They should be able to adjust their schedules, preferences, desires, or plans to accommodate their partner’s needs, excesses, and desires. 

Sometimes, they have to sacrifice their personal time, change plans at the last minute or even adapt to new routines just to ensure peace and harmony in the relationship. 

One partner cannot take advantage of the other’s willingness to make compromises. 

Both partners must be actively involved in making compromises if it is a healthy relationship. 

So, most men make an effort to be flexible and willing to compromise just to show their dedication and commitment to the relationship. 

Despite this, chances are their women may still not notice the fact that their man is flexible and accommodating. 


6. Supporting Independence and Personal Space 

6 Things Men Do to Impress Women That Go Unnoticed

I hear some women say, “My man does not stop me from being myself and enjoying my personal space whenever I want it.” 

And I’ll just smile. 

Do they actually know the intentionality he invests into doing that for them?

Or do they think it is something that is supposed to happen by default?

You see, supporting their partner’s independence and personal space is another way men try to impress women. 

They understand the importance of having time for oneself and respect her need for her own space and independence. 

Once in a while, he encouraged her to pursue their own interests, spend time alone with her friends, or just enjoy some time alone. 


You should begin to pay more attention to your man—intentionally. 

So that you can see those things he is intentionally doing just to please you. 

Most of these things are not his default settings. 

He puts in time and effort to show you that he is willing to make this relationship work. 

So it is high time you noticed and acknowledged them. 

You are not ungrateful, are you?