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Ways To Impress A Girl And Make Her Fall In Love

Ways To Impress A Girl And Make Her Fall In Love

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When it comes to impressing a girl you like or have a crush on, little things or gesture really matters. It is not about faking it, or pretending to be who you are not, but about being yourself and doing the slightest thing effortlessly just to win her heart.

However, people are different and we all have diverse things that turns us on or off. But I am sure everyone loves to be treated with courtesy. So, impressing a girl isn’t such a herculean task as the words “impress” implies. Don’t be surprised that an ordinary compliment may earn you the key to a girl’s heart.

Here are few ways or things to do in order to impress a girl


  1. Be well mannered

Personally, I have always loved polite people. While I was single, I thought I was the only one who liked men to be courteous in their manners of approach until I sought the opinion of other ladies, and then I realized that no woman wants to mingle with a man who is full of himself.

So, treat everyone around you well regardless of their status if you really want to impress her. Don’t talk ill of servers at the restaurant or your subordinates. She would love you for that.


  1. Dress impressively

Overtime, I have noticed that some men don’t mind dressing shabbily because they feel they are not women who pay attention to their dressing. The irony of this is that a pretty woman equally wants to hang out with a good-looking man.

You need to take your grooming serious if you want to impress her.

Have a clean hair cut or shave, wear a nice perfume, neatly iron your clothes, dust your shoes and there is no harm in going extra mile to wear colour of dresses that she likes.


  1. Let her know that her opinion matters

Most women want to be with a man who let them have a say. So, if you do want to impress her, carry her along and seek her opinion on issues, even if she has little knowledge about it, that may give her the motivation to seek more knowledge.

Not just about her alone, but also be a good listener and give people around you the room to express their views.

Ladies complain about men who are just friends or associates who boss them around, and I, sometimes, wonder how such men would handle relationships if they don’t regard the women in their circle.


  1. Maintain eye contact

Trust me, this works like magic, when you have an eye contact during conversations, you both might really know if you have a thing for each other.

You can easily read her mind through her eyes to see if you are both on the same page. She might be impressed with the way you look at her seductively and feel you won’t have that eye contact if you don’t feel good about her.


  1. Compliment her

You don’t have to be insincere when paying her a compliment. You need to pass her a genuine compliment in order to impress her. There are some accolades that plainly looks like flattery.

All you need to do is to compliment her on something she does well, this could be done in private when having a face to face conversation, or when hanging out with a close circle of friends, in such a way that she won’t feel offended, or through phone chats or text messages.

Compliments such as “you speak eloquently”, “I love the fragrance of your cologne”, “You looked gorgeous in that outfit and I couldn’t stop staring at you” are compliments that could impress her.


  1. Don’t brag about your possession

This is one of the mistakes some men make, they think gloating over what they have acquired is one of the ways to impress a girl. But a girl who knows her worth would be turned off by these brags.

It is better to let her discover the heights you have attained, or how many properties you have when you both have gone deeper in love, rather than making her think that you are trying to buy her heart with these possessions.


  1. Let her know your intentions in time

One of the ways to impress a worthy woman is to make your intentions known as soon as you are sure of how you feel about her. You don’t need to put her in the “friendzone” for too long.

A classic woman has a lot of suitors, you don’t need to put her in the position where she has to figure out if you really want a relationship or casual friendship.

Make your intentions known so that she can make up her mind and not let other guys frolic around her especially when the feelings are mutual.


  1. Be Disciplined

A man must be well-disciplined to make headway and even manage a relationship. Self-control is one of the important attributes that a man must possess.

That a lady hangs out with you doesn’t mean you should touch her inappropriately without her consent. Respecting her privacy and knowing your boundaries are ways to impress her.


  1. Be mature and express your intelligence

Every woman wants a man who is capable of handling things maturely, not the kind of man who stalks or chokes his crush; respect her space.

And at every opportunity, let her know you are not one of the “empty barrels”, show her your skills of intelligence through the way you react to situation and proffer solution. That’s one of the best ways to impress a woman who knows her onions.


  1. Treat her right

This is relative to the personality of the girl you are dealing with. Though, every woman wants to be told in words and action of how special we are.

Understand what the love language of your girl is, be it buying her gifts occasionally, sending her some flowers, going to the cinema or dinner dates, taking her to get a pedicure or spa treatment on your bills and more.

This is not to say that you should break the bank to impress a girl, but some of these gestures, when she hasn’t even requested for it, would mean a lot to her.

Don’t be surprised that being humorous, putting a smile on her face by being concerned about her personal growth equally matters.


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