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8 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle a Deep Woman

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle a Deep Woman

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When you hear that a woman is a deep woman, what comes to your mind?

I mean. 

The first time I heard the phrase, I had to pause for a bit and think. 

Deep woman?

Why deep?

The idea behind the use of the word deep is to describe the woman in comparison with the strength of a building. 

Engineers will tell you that the deeper the foundation, the stronger the building. 

A deep woman is a woman who is rooted deeply. 

They say a tree grows in two directions–downward and upward. 

And a tree that will stand the test of time will spend many years growing downward before it begins to show forth its beauty and strength upward.

A deep woman is one who has taken deep root in life and is not easily swayed by its storms. 

She has spent time building strength of character and charisma. 

She has gathered knowledge, relationships, and resources that can help her sail through life. 

You do not expect a woman like this to settle for less in any way or form. 

People will actually have to meet up to her standard or stand by and watch her in life. 

Many men, even though they would really love to have a relationship with her, are unable to handle a deep woman. 

What do you think is the reason?

Let’s see. 

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle a Deep Woman

1. Authenticity

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle a Deep Woman

A deep woman is authentic and original

You can hold her by her word at any time of the day. 

She doesn’t live a double-standard life or a fake life. 

She is who she says she is. 

If you want to keep a relationship with a deep woman, you must value honesty and genuine connections, just as she does. 

And she can easily spot when someone is being fake or insincere. 

A man who is not used to being his authentic self or who hides behind masks will miss this opportunity. 

Because he does not have the ability to build and sustain a genuine connection with another person. 

He is in the relationship basically to loot the woman, and he’s been succeeding. 

But it won’t work with a deep woman. 


2. Desire for Growth

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle a Deep Woman

A deep woman is always looking to grow and improve herself. 

No achievement is enough for her. 

As she is rounding up with one program, she is already getting ready to get into the next. 

She is never satisfied with her achievements.

She values personal development and expects her man to have the same mindset. 

But some men get really intimidated by women who are always on the move for growth and development. 

Especially men who are content with the status quo and are not interested in self-improvement.

At this point, he is already feeling like she is doing too much and trying to outgrow him. 


3. Complex Personality

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle a Deep Woman

It’s not easy to fully know who a deep woman is by just looking at her

Many times, you’ll need to take time to study her, have several conversations with her, and spend time with her before you even get a sense of her personality. 

Sometimes, it may feel like she is forming too difficult to understand or she’s being pretentious. 

She can be intense and passionate one moment and reflective and introspective the next.

For a man who feels like he is already carrying too much and does not have the patience to carry any other complex thing, a deep woman won’t just work for him. 

He would prefer to be with a straightforward, predictable woman.


4. Fear of Vulnerability

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle a Deep Woman

Deep women crave deep connections, and this usually means vulnerability. 

They must be able to share vulnerability with their partner. 

The place in their lives where they are both open to each other without fear of judgment or shame. 

The trouble is that many men have been sold to the societal belief that men are supposed to show strength and not show weakness or softness. 

And the adoption of this belief has cost them so many things, including what would have been a beautiful relationship with a deep woman. 

While she is seeking someone to share vulnerability with, they are adding blocks to their wall of defense and making sure she does not have access beyond it. 

The absence of vulnerability in a relationship does not work for deep women. 


5. Independence

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle a Deep Woman

Some men are not very comfortable with women who love their independence. 

Yes, relationships require that partners are dependent on each other.

But even with that, they must be able to retain some level of independence if they are to have a healthy relationship. 

But society has wired men such that they believe that a woman must be 100% dependent on them. 

But a deep woman can’t be completely dependent on a man.

They often value their independence and have their own interests, goals, and lives outside of the relationship. 

Men who are used to being the center of their women’s world or used to being in a traditional relationship that meets all society’s standards will definitely feel intimidated by these kinds of women. 


6. Need for Understanding

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle a Deep Woman

Deep women have a strong need to be understood and appreciated for who they are. 

They want their partners to see them beyond the surface level and appreciate their complexities. 

But some men are shallow lovers. 

They just want something on the surface and are not willing to invest the time and effort to truly understand their woman. 

Some men may find it difficult to connect with a deep woman.


7. Lack of Emotional Intelligence

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle a Deep Woman

Once you see people who do not have emotional intelligence, you’ll know there and then. 

There’s no missing it. 

Especially in the face of challenges and misunderstandings. 

Listen to the kind of things they say, and the way they behave. 

Sometimes, they say things that are in no way related to what is going on, gaslighting the other person. 

Women who are deep and smart cannot stand emotionally unintelligent men. 

It is bad for their mental health. 

Emotional intelligence is key for deep women. They are highly aware of their own emotions and those of others.

Men who lack emotional intelligence may struggle to understand and relate to a deep woman’s feelings, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts.


8. Lack of Strong Communication Skills

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle a Deep Woman

If you do not have good communication skills as a man, you most likely won’t stand a chance with deep women. 

Deep women value strong communication. 

They are women of focus who are not interested in little chit-chats. 

When they engage in conversations with you, they want to discuss issues that affect them and their relationship with you.

And they want to do it in a clear and straightforward manner. 

They also want to share their thoughts and express their feelings

Men who are not comfortable with having honest conversations or who avoid difficult conversations may find it hard to maintain a healthy relationship with a deep woman.


Being with a deep woman is not for the faint of heart. 

It requires a deep man to be with a deep woman. 

So as a man, if you believe that you want to have a deep woman in your life, now is the best time to begin to grow your roots downward and gather the strength you need to be able to handle your deep woman when she comes.