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9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

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I don’t know one relationship that lasted without a deeply rooted emotional connection between the partners. 

Physical attraction is good; shared interests work great in connecting people, too. 

However, emotional connection is what holds people together in a healthy, long-lasting relationship. 

Because after a while of seeing a person who you once found physically attractive, they begin to repulse you. 

People’s interests change daily, so what happens when you no longer share interests?

It is usually easy to break through a woman’s wall and build an emotional connection with her. 

But it often proves more difficult to build a strong emotional connection with men. 

But there are a few ways we’ve tested and tried—practical ways that do not fail if you are looking at creating a strong emotional bond with your man. 

9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

1. Create Shared Experiences

9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

Create a time when you both get to do something together

Something that you both love. 

And as much as possible, take pictures and save them up for memory’s sake. 

These shared experiences, whether they are big or small things, create lasting memories and a sense of togetherness. 

There are several options you can choose from.

You can travel together, take on new hobbies, or even try out a new recipe. 

These moments are when you have the opportunity to grow closer to your man and strengthen your emotional bond.

2. Be Supportive During Tough Times

9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

A lot of men do not turn to their women during tough times because there is this popular opinion that women usually desert men during tough times. 

So they hide their struggles from them and act like all is well. 

But you can create an exception for your man. 

No matter how much he tries to hide it, you’ll somehow still know when he is struggling. 

During those times, be an anchor for him. 

A pillar and a support system. 

If it is a financial situation, send money to him even when he’s not asked. 

Hide some notes inside his wallet and pockets. 

Make sure that the home does not run out of supplies.

When he sees how supportive you are, he’ll become more open to you about his struggles, creating a deeper connection between you two. 

3. Engage in Deep Conversations

9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

Men are very logical beings.

They like to think deeply and share those thoughts with someone who has their kind of depth.

They may not tell you that they are not exactly satisfied with the everyday chit-chat and small talk here and there. 

But if you are shallow, you won’t see the part of them that deeply connects with another person. 

So, every now and then, engage him in deep conversations. 

Ask him forward questions.

Talk to him about values, beliefs, and goals. 

Once you begin to have these kinds of conversations with him, you unlock a part of him that you didn’t know existed. 

And you begin to understand each other on a deeper and more profound level.

4. Be His Safe Haven

9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

We conducted a study on men who stay out late, and we found that most of them do so because they don’t feel like they are going “home” after a long day. 

They feel like they are just going to their bed space. 

So they just wait until they are ready to sleep before they go home. 

Others said that staying late helped them to escape the nagging of their women and family troubles. 

From all the responses we received, we discovered that “home” for most men is a person and not a place. 

After the long hassles of the day, they want to return to their person. 

The one who understands them and makes them feel welcomed and loved. 

So, if you want to build lasting emotional intimacy with your man, make the relationship a safe haven where he feels comfortable being himself without fear of judgment. 

When he feels safe and at home with you, he begins to express his true self, including his vulnerabilities and weaknesses. 

5. Practice Patience and Understanding

9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

It is quite tasking to gain access to a man’s vulnerability to build real emotional intimacy with him. 

It will take time, and it will take effort. 

But it is not something that cannot be achieved.

You need a great deal of patience and understanding to reach your goal.

There will be days when this man won’t even want to talk to you, and there will be days when he will be yielding and supportive. 

But as long as you both remain committed to each other throughout, you will definitely grow stronger together.

6. Express Appreciation and Gratitude

9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

There’s something that a soft response does to people – it crumbles their wall of defense. 

I know a lot of people will argue that sweet words only work for women.

But that’s not true.

Try sweet words on your man and see how it melts him 

Express appreciation and gratitude to him by singing his praises and see how he’ll become red from blushing. 

You see, appreciation does a lot to enhance emotional intimacy. 

You’re not entitled to anything your man does for you. 

And even if you want to argue that you are entitled to it, you are not an animal not to say thank you to him when he does these things. 

So acknowledge the little things he does for you and let him know how much you appreciate his efforts. 

A simple “thank you” or a heartfelt compliment can go a long way in making him feel valued and loved.

7. Be Present

9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

You can’t achieve emotional intimacy with your man if you are not actually present in his life. 

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to get distracted by phones, computers, and other devices. 

And I find that we tend to take the presence of our loved ones for granted when we are always in the same physical space with them; until we begin to see them only once in a while. 

So, while you’re with your man, make a conscious effort to be present with him. 

Put away the screens, make eye contact, and engage fully in the moment. 

When you are present and paying attention to him, you show him that you value your time together and are genuinely interested him.

8. Physical Affection

9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

You don’t have to wait for your man to touch you before you touch him. 

Some days, just sneak up from behind him and give him a back hug. 

Make it a regular habit to hold his hands and give him a long hug – especially after a long day. 

Physical affection does not always mean having sex. 

Climb up on him during movie time and cuddle him. 

Give him a random kiss during the day, and run his head and his beard. 

Place your head on his chest. 

You know that physical affection releases oxytocin, the “love hormone,” which increases the feelings of closeness and bonding among couples?

Engaging regularly in physical touch is such a powerful way to build emotional intimacy. 

9. Resolve Conflicts Respectfully

9 Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy with Your Man

They say women are people who talk anyhow and say anything when they are angry. 

Well, anybody can talk anyhow. 

I think it is majorly dependent on their temperament and not gender. 

But away from your temperament, you should be conscious of the fact that every relationship faces conflicts and decide how you want to handle the conflicts in your relationships. 

Of course, how you handle them can either build or break emotional intimacy. 

So, learn to approach disagreements with respect, empathy, and a willingness to understand your man’s perspective. 

It is not every time you should talk.

Sometimes, just be quiet and listen. 

Avoid blaming and criticism.

Instead, focus on finding solutions together. 

Healthy conflict resolution strengthens your relationship and builds trust.


Building emotional intimacy with your man is not a one-night thing. 

It is an ongoing journey that requires dedication, effort, and love.

Pay attention to those small, everyday actions – they are the ones that often have the most significant impact.