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8 Unexpected Gestures Men Make That Women Absolutely Adore

8 Unexpected Gestures Men Make That Women Absolutely Adore

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Most relationships survive on the little things that are done consistently and spontaneously

And not on those big things that the eyes of the public pay attention to. 

It is true that grand gestures and expensive gifts have their place and are very important in a relationship, but most of the time, they do not win the woman over. 

It is often those unexpected, random acts of love that do it for them. 

You know, these spontaneous things that men do without prompts and outside special occasions. 

It is different from the ones that are expected or requested. 

It is more heartfelt and genuine, expresses love on another level, and leaves a remarkable memory in the woman’s heart.

And it goes to show that the man is thoughtful, and attentive to his woman. 

Those seemingly little things that make big waves in a relationship are the things we want to consider today. 

And encourage the men to do more of these things for their women. 

8 Unexpected Gestures Men Make That Women Absolutely Adore

1. Thoughtful Compliments

8 Unexpected Gestures Men Make That Women Absolutely Adore

You know when you are just going on your way—you’re well dressed as you usually are, but have not paid attention to how good you look. 

And without warning, someone just tells you how beautiful you look. 

It has the ability to take your mood that day from point 5 to point 100. 

It’s not like you don’t know that you are beautiful or need validation of what you know about yourself, but a genuine compliment (especially from a man with whom you are connected) is a miracle worker. 

A man who is attentive to details, such as a new hairstyle, a new dress, a different perfume scent, etc., is real gold to his woman. 

And guess who is the diamond of the season?

The one who gives out compliments freely. 


2. Remembering Small Details

8 Unexpected Gestures Men Make That Women Absolutely Adore

I am not sure I can vividly explain how I feel when my man mentions something about me—maybe something I’d told him and forgotten about, or something about me that he’s noticed (something I consider inconsequential.)

It just tells me, “Girl, this guy is paying real attention to you.”

And I’m certain I am not the only woman who feels this way. 

A man remembering the small details about a woman’s life goes miles to show that he values and listens to her

He is paying real attention to her. 

And especially when it comes at a time when she least expects it. 

She really doesn’t need anyone to tell her that he cares about her beyond the surface level.


3. Acts of Service

8 Unexpected Gestures Men Make That Women Absolutely Adore

I find that we have a larger population of men who would rather not do domestic chores and run errands.

But somehow, they just find that they have to do these things to fulfill their responsibilities. 

I don’t know how you do it in your homes, but a lot of homes today adopt the method of shared responsibilities. 

It promotes unity and harmony in the home. 

When everyone knows what they ought to do and does it right well. 

But it is a beautiful thing if you return from a long day and find that your man has helped you out with your chores or has gone on an errand for you. 

And you didn’t even ask him to. 

It even gets better if your love language is an act of service. 

Doing this for you somehow tells you that this man doesn’t just love you; he is willing to put in extra effort just to see that life gets easy for you.


4. Spontaneous Texts and Calls

8 Unexpected Gestures Men Make That Women Absolutely Adore

My man doesn’t make calls. 

Unless in situations where he just can’t text

We talk through texts, so when he calls me randomly in the middle of the day to “check up on me”, it is definitely something I like to see. 

Maybe it is not calling for yours, yeah.

But imagine receiving a quick text or call in the middle of a busy day just to say, “I’m thinking about you.” 

Even if you were having a bad day, the day will just take a 360° turn, which can mean a lot.

It’s a small but powerful way to stay connected and show affection. This simple act can bring a smile to her face and remind her that she’s on his mind, even during hectic times.


5. Surprise Date

8 Unexpected Gestures Men Make That Women Absolutely Adore

Every couple in a relationship takes time to go on dates regularly. 

Some people schedule a time for regular dates; others just randomly choose a mutually favorable day to spend some time out together. 

But those dates when your man just calls you out of the blue and says, “Get dressed, I’m picking you up in 10.” should be awarded the best dates ever. 

No pre-plan, just your man taking you out.

And when you ask where you’re going, he says, “You’ll see.”

It is something every woman loves to experience. 

And it really doesn’t have to be anything grand for it to make her feel good.

The thoughtfulness of the surprise and the excitement it adds to the relationship are enough for her to feel the love you’re dishing out. 


6. Sharing His Vulnerable Side

8 Unexpected Gestures Men Make That Women Absolutely Adore

It is a rare thing to find men who are willing to share their vulnerable side. 

So it counts as a surprising gesture when a man randomly decides to share his vulnerability with a woman. 

Men like to have a strong outlook. 

They like to look like they have everything under control and do not have fears or struggles.

But that is not entirely correct. 

Men struggle. 

They get afraid and do not always have everything under control. 

But they often do not like to expose this part of themselves to people, especially the woman they love. 

They want her to see only strength and their ability to protect her. 

But when a man decides to open up about his fears, dreams, and insecurities with his woman, it tells her that he trusts her and values her support. 

Contrary to their popular belief, this kind of emotional honesty strengthens the bond between them.


7. Small Surprises

8 Unexpected Gestures Men Make That Women Absolutely Adore

You don’t get to see someone who makes time and comes up with ideas to surprise you every day. 

I’m not sure you even want to be surprised every day—unless you want to have hypertension. 

Or lose the joy of finding the surprise surprising. 

But getting small surprises once in a while, especially the completely unforeseen, brings joy and satisfaction that cannot be measured. 

We know when we’re expecting to get a surprise.

On our birthdays, on our anniversaries, or on a special occasion. 

But have you gotten a surprise when there was no occasion and nothing to celebrate?

That one is completely mind-blowing and beautiful to see. 


8. Genuine Praise in Public

8 Unexpected Gestures Men Make That Women Absolutely Adore

This is completely different from flattery or eye service. 

Flattery is when you are sweet-talking a person, saying they possess attributes they actually do not. 

Eye service will make you praise your woman in public just to be seen as a good man. 

When, in fact, you never praise her in private. 

But when you praise her in front of others or tell others about what she means to you, you reaffirm your love for her, boost her confidence, and deepen her love and respect for you. 

Showing her off like that and singing her praises not only makes others value and respect her, but it also teaches them how to. 


It is an easy thing to please women—most women. 

So, you want your woman to adore you?

You should start to practice these beautiful, unexpected gestures.