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9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

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As a woman, have you ever sat down to wonder what it is that makes a man decide he wants to get into a relationship with you?

Or do you think he made the decision to commit to you in a relationship right from the day he first saw you with your beautiful curves and enchanting smile?

You see, a beautiful woman is always a point of attraction for men.

But many men in their right mind do not decide to make a commitment to a woman just because she is shining and has all the right curves.

After the attraction, they want to get close to the woman to see what stuff she is made of.

This finding will help them decide whether to commit to a relationship with the woman, keep her for a fling, or let go of her completely.

So, what are the things he sees that make him decide on a relationship?

9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

1. Self-Confidence

9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

There’s no doubt about the fact that confidence is so attractive.

Even you, in your confidence, are attracted to yourself.

How much more a man who is beholding such a beautiful sight?

When a woman walks with confidence, she is just telling the world that she values herself.

And I apologize, but you cannot have people treat you better than the way you treat yourself.

Nobody will value you more than you value yourself.

And as soon as a man sees a woman who values herself, he somehow believes that there is something extra special about her that he can only access if she is his.

Hence, he’ll be moved to get into a relationship with her.


2. Authenticity

9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

How do people maintain living double lives?

Is life for them like a movie where you only need to get in and out of character?

But even with movies, I feel like it is easier for actors because the production lasts only for a while, and they are playing a scripted role where even if they make mistakes, they can just refer to their script.

But people who live double standard lives, how do they do it?

Being authentic means being true to yourself and not trying to be someone you’re not.

Somehow, someday, it will flop.

Your masked appearance may attract men, but your authenticity will make them want to build a sustainable relationship with you.

They’ve looked at you and they know that you are what you say you are.

Men absolutely love and appreciate that.


3. Positive Attitude

9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

Life is already filled with enough negativity as it is.

Nobody wants your share of it.

Meanwhile, have you noticed how contagious positive energy usually is?

I mean, stay around a person who is always joyful and brings in all the positive vibes and see how much that can uplift your mood.

Men are people who are usually saddled with a lot of responsibilities.

Society has too many expectations of men.

It’s the reason you’ll often find a man uptight and sometimes, downcast.

Many men look forward to having a woman whose smile can light up their day.

Whose soothing words can reduce the burden they carry.

A woman with a grateful heart and a positive outlook toward life, even in the face of challenges.


4. Good Communication Skills

9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

The thing people in relationships spend a greater time doing is talking.

Just in case you were wondering.

And you should know.

Because what do you spend time doing with your friends?


So, when a man is looking at getting into a relationship, he is looking for a woman who he can comfortably relate with.

A woman who is able to express herself articulately, listen attentively, and communicate her needs and desires constructively is a big catch.

Then an extra touch to that is if you are able to hold intelligent conversations.

Bring forth strong reasons during conversations, without mind games or manipulation.


5. Independence and Ambition

9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

In many traditions of the world, the woman’s world is often wrapped in the man’s world.

Especially in marriage.

Such that women can’t really have any goals and ambitions for fear of it being overridden by marriage.

But we’re living in a new age.

Gender roles are collapsing and room is being made for a more versatile way of life.

Men now find it extra attractive that a woman has a sense of independence and ambition.

Truly, in this age, no man really wants a woman who is confined to the kitchen and the bedroom.

Men are seeking career women.

Women who can take up responsibilities and who can stand by themselves outside the relationship.


6. Sense of Humor

9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

Just like with positivity, it is way easier to live life with a woman who has a good sense of humor.

A good sense of humor makes communication way easier and more enjoyable.

It lights up the mood and sets it up for emotional connection.

After experiencing stress on a daily basis, men like to have a woman who can make the time after enjoyable and memorable.

Women who can make them laugh and can also receive humor as it comes.

Nobody wants to be around that woman who is always uptight with a frown on her face.


7. Empathy and Understanding

9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person.

As an empathetic woman, you are able to understand your man and how he feels at all times.

And connecting with him in this kind of understanding has a way of making the burdens easier for him, especially during difficult times.

Men like to avoid women who would put extra pressure on them when they are under pressure from work or family.

They want a woman who would understand what they are going through and give them grace and a shoulder to lean on.


8. Trustworthiness and Loyalty

9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

Even your platonic friends won’t take you seriously if they cannot trust you.

How much more a man who is investing his heart and resources into you?

Any relationship that will succeed must have trust as an ingredient.

All that being here today and there tomorrow, men do not want that in a committed relationship.

They want a woman who is loyal to them.

A woman they can boldly call theirs without fear of opposition.

A woman who is faithful to him and to the relationship.

Who would uphold the sanctity of the relationship and not share herself with other men?

It takes time to build trust, but a little crack in it and everything comes crumbling down.

No man wants to invest in an unreliable venture.


9. Physical and Emotional Chemistry

9 Things That Make a Guy Want to Be in a Relationship with You

People say that this is the first thing that makes a man want to get into a relationship.

But they are not altogether correct.

Physical chemistry may attract a man.

But when he gets closer, he wants to know if that chemistry actually does exist and if it can get even fiercer.

Some men get closer to a woman who they thought had chemistry with them.

Only to find out that that spark was not chemistry.

But if that spark still exists after the first meeting, they want to move things forward and form a relationship.

Because both physical and emotional attraction creates a sense of intimacy and passion that keeps the relationship alive.


These are just the basic things that a man sees in a woman and decides that he wants to get into a relationship with her.

There are other things that can influence that decision, including personal reasons, peer pressure, and societal standards and pressure.