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6 Romantic Moves Guys Make That Are Straight Out of a Movie

6 Romantic Moves Guys Make That Are Straight Out of a Movie

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How do you watch movies?

For entertainment or for education?

I do movies for both, even though I gain more of the latter than the former from them.

I watch movies mostly when I am bored and looking for ways to while away time. 

I think some people watch movies to get ideas on the next romantic move to try with their partners. 

Romance is often depicted in movies with grand gestures and sweet moments that leave us swooning. 

Of course, I watch some romance movies, and I ask myself if their producers are not aware that people know how things are done in real life.

Because what is all that exaggerated love for?

Well, some people share my views about some of these cinematic moments being too good to be true, so men take inspiration from them to express their love. 

And you’ll just know that the expression is movie-inspired, given how unrealistic it tends to be. 

It’s those movie-inspired romantic moves that guys make that we will be looking at in today’s article. 

6 Romantic Moves Guys Make That Are Straight Out of a Movie

1. The Love Letter

6 Romantic Moves Guys Make That Are Straight Out of a Movie


What a lot of women experience in their relationships today is waking up to sweet love text messages or on instant messaging apps. 

Men do not need to write love letters and send them by mail to their women. 

But, of course, women still love having love letters. 

It is a very intentional and timeless way to express love and show affection. 

When a man actually sits down to pen down his feelings and send them through, you can tell that this man is in for a long ride. 

But where we have several media for digital communication, men do not take thoughts to handwritten notes.

And it is the reason people can decide that the gesture was inspired by a movie if a man actually goes through the stress of sending his woman handwritten love letter. 

It makes me think about the movie “The Notebook.” 

So these letters can actually be added to a keepsake box to be reread whenever you need a reminder of his love.

2. The Grand Declaration

6 Romantic Moves Guys Make That Are Straight Out of a Movie

I think it is just about enough for a man to tell his woman that he loves her and wants to be with her in the comfort of their privacy without pulling crowds. 

Hold on, before you crucify me, this is strictly my own opinion and is in no way supposed to influence yours. 

I am a lover of simple and private love stories. 

But I know quite a number of women who like it grand. 

And I see how men put in effort to give their women a grand display. 

And somehow, there’s something undeniably magical about a grand declaration of love.

Think of the classic scene in “Say Anything” where John Cusack’s character holds a boombox over his head, playing a song that talks about his feelings. 

Of course, the boombox is a bit outdated, but the essence remains the same. 

Whether it’s through a public speech, a serenade, or an elaborate proposal, these grand gestures kind of testify to his willingness to put it all on the line for love.

Especially when his woman is a lover of loud expressions of love.


3. The Dance Under the Stars

6 Romantic Moves Guys Make That Are Straight Out of a Movie

Do couples still dance when they are out on dates?

I live a tad boring life.

I see it in movies but in reality?

Do you dance with your man when you both are out on a date?

What of under the stars?

Like, you both watch out for when the stars are out and then you come out with your music and dance?

It should be a beautiful sight to see outside the screen. 

Dancing under the stars is a scene straight out of a romantic movie like “La La Land.” 

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know this. 

It is intimate, dreamy, and creates a moment that feels like it’s just the two of you in the world. 

When a guy suggests dancing outside, perhaps with soft music playing from his phone or a nearby venue, he is probably trying to create magic for you two. 

Even if you live my kind of life, you will definitely enjoy the peace and serenity that come when you are both outside on a cool evening, swaying to the sound of music and exchanging sweet nothings with each other. 


4. The Spontaneous Getaway

6 Romantic Moves Guys Make That Are Straight Out of a Movie

Have you seen “Roman Holiday?”

This is the movie that best describes this one. 

But have you actually experienced a spontaneous getaway before?

I think it is one of the best experiences (based on my imagination and what I’ve seen in movies). 

I know I said I live a boring life, but I’m not immune to spontaneity and fun. 

Imagine if your man tells you to pack your bags for a one-week trip and puts you on a plane to a place you have always wanted to visit. 

The thoughtfulness, the love. 

A move that gives “I want to experience the world with you.”

And the fact that it is spontaneous adds an element of adventure and excitement to a relationship. 

So, in addition to giving you your dream trip, he is also creating an opportunity for you both to make new memories together


5. The Grand Apology

6 Romantic Moves Guys Make That Are Straight Out of a Movie

This makes me think of the year when one apology was trending on my country’s social media. 

What happened?

A man apologized to his wife using millions and millions of dollars. 

And social media was on fire.

The question in several people’s minds was, “What offense did he commit?”

And as is expected of social media users, people had many speculations. 

The weirdest of them all. 

Well well. 

We all make mistakes, but it’s how we make amends that counts. 

In movies, grand apologies are usually dramatic and heartfelt and are supposed to win back the heart of the person they’ve hurt.

This makes me think of Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary or Andrew Lincoln’s character in Love Actually holding up signs to profess his feelings. 

A sincere, thoughtful apology that acknowledges mistakes and shows genuine remorse can actually be incredibly romantic and a sign of deep respect and love.


6. The Keepsake Box

6 Romantic Moves Guys Make That Are Straight Out of a Movie

There are very few people who actually do keepsake boxes today. 

Especially with the Internet and cloud. 

The most people do is upload memories they do not want to lose to their cloud and store it there. 

For those who are not sure, a keepsake box is an actual box (or container) that is used to store collections of memories from significant moments in a relationship. 

If you see a couple keeping an actual keepsake box, you can easily suspect that they got the idea from a movie. 

In many romantic films, couples actually have keepsake boxes filled with mementos from significant moments in their relationship. 

Things found in them usually include ticket stubs from their first date, photos, love notes, or little trinkets that remind them of each other.

Creating a keepsake box or a folder on the cloud to save your memories is a deeply personal and sentimental gesture that shows you both treasure the memories you’ve made together.


Romantic gestures, whether movie-inspired or common in everyday life, can go a long way in expressing love and affection. 

Life is not a movie; movies are made to make us feel a certain way, but some of the romantic moves portrayed in movies can be the touch of magic our relationship needs.