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7 Subtle Things Guys Do Only When They’re Comfortable Around You

7 Subtle Things Guys Do Only When They’re Comfortable Around You

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When you are with a man, do you concern yourself with whether or not he feels at ease with you?

You see, there is an ongoing conversation about how women see every man as a potential threat. 

Men are aware of this fact, and sometimes it subconsciously affects the way they relate to women.

No, it’s not because they also see women as threats, but because they are bothered about whether or not they see him as a threat or as a person with genuine intentions. 

So they will often take their time and test the waters, one foot in front of the other.

Going slowly and steadily until they begin to feel like you are at rest with them. 

At this point, they too begin to feel at ease around you, and it’s only then that you can see them do some things they’ll only do when they’re at ease with you. 

7 Subtle Things Guys Do Only When They’re Comfortable Around You

1. He Lets His Guard Down

7 Subtle Things Guys Do Only When They're Comfortable Around You

There’s something my people say a lot: “No, go loose guard o.

The basic interpretation is “Don’t let your guard down.”

It can also mean that you should pay attention and behave properly. 

Well, some men who say they are macho men who cannot “loose guard” are usually the first to let their guard down as soon as they begin to feel comfortable around a woman. 

How can you tell that his guards are down?

He no longer tries to present a polished version of himself and he feels safe enough to be real with you. 

He begins to share more personal stories, including those stories that he might not tell just anyone. 

Then, somehow, he’ll let you in on his likes, dislikes, and habits. 

Once he begins to do these, you can easily tell that he is super comfortable around you.


2. He Shows Vulnerability

7 Subtle Things Guys Do Only When They're Comfortable Around You

I think there’s a working relationship between comfort and vulnerability. 

I notice that as soon as we begin to feel comfortable around someone, we begin to open up areas of our lives that we hide from the public.

And that’s how it is when a guy is comfortable with you—he is not afraid to show his softer side. 

Naturally, men are not the type to easily show vulnerability. 

Before a guy lets you in on his deepest parts, there must be a deep connection between you two. 

At that point, it begins to feel natural for him to talk to you about the things that deeply affect him, and he does not hold back from expressing the accompanying emotions. 

He talks about his fears, insecurities, and the things that keep him up at night. 

As soon as he begins to show this level of openness, it is an indicator that he trusts you with his emotional well-being.


3. He Teases You Playfully

Things Guys Do Only When They're Comfortable Around You

One man once said that he does not play with women because he does not want any woman to disrespect him under the guise of teasing. 

Guess who I saw a few months later playing with a woman like a child?

Yes, you guessed right. 

And you can’t even blame him. 

It was cute to see. 

How someone can go from here to there just by being comfortable around someone. 

Once a man is comfortable with you, he’ll begin to do all that playful teasing and lighthearted banter. 

Saying and doing things just to pull your legs. 

And he’ll also be receptive to your jokes and teasing.

He will only become playful with you if he wants to let you know that he is at ease with you and wants you to ease into him, too.

Seeing you laugh is usually the highlight for him.


4. He Doesn’t Feel the Need to Impress You All the Time

Things Guys Do Only When They're Comfortable Around You

Most of the time, you’ll hear people say to their partners, “This is not how you were when you were hitting on me.”

One married woman told me that her husband used to take her out to beautiful places before they got married. 

When she asked him why he stopped after marriage, he said, “You are mine now. I don’t need to do anything extra.”

There’s a difference between when a man is wooing you and when he has found comfort in your presence.

In the former, he will do everything within his power to impress you.

Meanwhile, in the latter, he won’t even try to impress you one bit. 

So if there were things he was only doing to please you—things that weren’t part of his natural behavior—he let go of them and returned to behaving as naturally as possible. 

This means you may also begin to see his bad behaviors, too. 

Because that show of looking like the most perfect gentleman is over. 


5. He Enjoys Quiet Moments with You

Things Guys Do Only When They're Comfortable Around You

When men are not yet comfortable around a woman, they often feel that they are responsible for keeping the conversation going.

And so they tend to be unable to stop talking.

The only challenge with this is that when people have to talk too much, they usually end up saying things they’re not supposed to say. But being comfortable with someone means you can actually enjoy their company without the need for constant conversation or even activity. 

Once a man begins to feel at ease around you, he’ll no longer feel the burden of keeping the conversation going. 

He can now appreciate sharing quiet moments with you. 

This can only happen when the relationship has reached a deeper and more peaceful level, where you don’t need each other for entertainment but just find contentment in each other’s presence. 

6. He Shows Physical Affection Casually

Things Guys Do Only When They're Comfortable Around You

Even when they don’t look like it, it often takes a lot of courage before a man can share physical intimacy with you—at any level.

It is the reason rejection smashed their egos really hard. 

But when a man has gained comfort in his relationship with you, physical affection becomes an easy thing for him, especially if he has shared it successfully with you quite a number of times. 

This show of affection is necessary for maintaining closeness and intimacy in the relationship. 

So he uses those moments to tell you, “Hey, I love you, and it feels like home around you.”

At this point, physical affection does not only come naturally; it comes frequently, too. 

Random holding of hands, hugs, and soft touches. 

7. He Opens Up About His Future Plans

Things Guys Do Only When They're Comfortable Around You

Men are people who love their privacy and will not bring you in on his private plans until he has a certain level of trust in you. 

And you will know, because he will start talking about his future plans and aspirations. 

He’ll tell you about his career plans, dreams, and aspirations, as well as where he sees himself in the coming years. 

He might even tell you where he sees you in all the plans. 

And as much as he wants to discuss his future with you, he also wants to know what your future plans are so that he can match the level of alignment. 

When he does this, you can tell that he is already considering a long-term commitment to you. 


The fact that a man has let his guard down around you should not give you the opportunity to become disrespectful or take advantage of his openness and vulnerability. 

You won’t only close his heart against you, you’ll also close it against other women after you. 

So, appreciate his love and ease, and enjoy yourself while easing into him, too. 

Relationships are usually at their best when both parties share the same level of energy.