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Things to Consider When Choosing First Date Outfit

Things to Consider When Choosing First Date Outfit

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I think people can sometimes fantasize about a proposed date that they underrate their outfit, with so much emphasis on the venue, things to discuss or eat. The reality then sets in when it’s time to get dressed and step out.

There is a popular belief that men find it easy picking their outfit than women do, but trust me, men can still get stuck when trying to figure out their look for their crush.

I am not a fashionista and I love to keep it simple but classy regardless of the occasion. However, I have noticed that some person’s confidence depends on how gorgeous they look. Your date is meant to be fun right? And you ‘d like to make a lasting impression with your date, so your choice of first date outfit or even any other date should be dependent on the event, your lifestyle, the weather, the personality of your date, your mood, the time of the day it is and whatever other factor that works for you.

Here are some tips that could help you make better choice of first date outfit


#1 Prepare ahead of time

You need to double check a lot of factors with your dates, like knowing the venue and the time of the day will help you make better decision. For instance, you can’t be going on a date in the cinema or pub and you appear in suit; a fancier dress would suit that occasion. It could be a short dress for ladies, tee-shirt and jean for the man depending on your personal preference. If you are going on a date in the winter, then a nice winter jacket and matching shoes will be more appropriate, considering the weather.


#2 Try not to overdress

I know you might be wondering if you could overdress? Yes, you can if you don’t dress appropriately to suit the occasion. They say “less is more”. You might want to dress to impress your date, but I’d say make it simple or classy, wear a nice perfume to complement it if you nor your date isn’t allergic to scents.


#3 Flaunt it

We all have that part of the body which is a goal, so whatever you feel is an asset and something that can be admired by your date but not unappealing can be flaunted. I won’t, but some ladies love to flaunt their cleavages, choosing a top that matches that may be cool. I have nice curves, so I wouldn’t mind wearing a legging or bodycon dress on my dates. Someone who has a tattoo on the arm might want to wear a sleeveless shirt to highlight that. A lady or man with nice or hot legs may want to consider wearing a short to date to show it off.


#4 Go Shopping

I wouldn’t say you should break the bank because you are having a first date, but if the occasion or venue warrants you to dress in a particular style of outfit that is not in your wardrobe, or not so nice, you may have to consider shopping for it. For instance, if you are going for a date at the pool, you might have to get a swimming trunk. If your date is at the gym, and you are not the regular work out person, getting a gym dress will be appropriate.


#5 Wear what makes you comfortable

You wouldn’t want to wear a stiletto heels on a first date because you are going on a first date if you aren’t comfortable walking around in heels. It is better to appear good and comfortable in your outfit than wearing something that could make your date go wrong.


#6 Dress according to your personality

It is not advisable to dress contrary to your personality because you want to impress your date. Let your dressing portray whom you are and what you stand for. You wouldn’t want to wear a sagging pants on a date because you want to be portrayed as being sociable, especially if that isn’t your choice of style on a good day.


#7 Look Neat

Irrespective of how expensive your outfit is, be sure they are neat and clean. Iron the clothes, dust off your shoes and purses or any other thing that needs to be fixed.


#8 Have a pre-date grooming

A lot of people are anxious having a first date with a crush or someone they adore. So, it won’t be harmful if you practice how your look would be earlier and draw a strategy to make things perfect. If the date will warrant you to fix your nails, get your haircut, pack your hairstyle in a nicer way, draw your eyebrow or whatever, then get it done.


#9 Get Someone to look it up

You might want to try the outfit on before your date to be sure it looks perfect for you. If you have a friend or anyone who can assess it to give you an honest opinion of how you look in it, that is even better.


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