Catchy Birthday Instagram Captions For Yourself

birthday instagram captions for yourself

One’s birthday is a memorable event to look out for, and it, sometimes, takes a lot of preparation to celebrate on this grand day that comes once in a year. Considering the rampant use of social media these days, people have seen Instagram, in particular, as a medium to express themselves. As you plan to … Read more

55 Romantic Ways To Say I Love You

romantic ways to say i love you

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world and also the hardest feeling to express. Most people usually just say “I love you” when they want to express how they feel about someone but variety is the spice of life. Monotony leads to boredom and couples are always advised to spice up … Read more

Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

questions to ask your girlfriend

It has always been said that communication is the bedrock of a healthy relationship; this is not a cliché. I personally believe that there are different kinds of communication and they are all necessary. Some people only engage in serious conversations in their relationship and have no room to play around with each other while … Read more

Things to Consider When Choosing First Date Outfit

first date outfit

I think people can sometimes fantasize about a proposed date that they underrate their outfit, with so much emphasis on the venue, things to discuss or eat. The reality then sets in when it’s time to get dressed and step out. There is a popular belief that men find it easy picking their outfit than … Read more

First Year of Marriage and Possible Challenges

first year of marriage

Marriage ceremony is a beautiful event. often times, it is glamorous and well attended. However, as the occasion ends, couples then face the reality of living together and building their home. No matter how old-fashioned this advice is, couples need to be told the first and following years of their marriage will be challenging because … Read more

How To Be a Good Wife

signs a man is in love

A lot of women put themselves under unnecessary pressure in order to be tagged a good wife. Often times, most pieces of advice and responsibility of keeping the home or relationship are given to the women, as if the man is equally not accountable. I’d think it is because women are master planner and perform … Read more

Nigerian Presidential Candidates 2019

Nigeria 2019 presidential election candidates

Nigerian 2019 Presidential Election But more, specifically, the Presidential election is the recurring decimal in discussions around the country. Apart from the fact that it is patriotic to participate in elections by voting in the leaders of your choice, it is certain that the leaders we elect will determine how we would live in the … Read more


Nigeria 2019 presidential election candidates

Elections in Nigeria Elections in Nigeria are always a serious business for both party faithfuls and the citizenry. The Nigeria’s presidential election is slated for February 16, 2019. It’d be the sixth quadrennial election, since the military handed over the to a democratically elected civilian government on May, 1999. Candidates and Campaign Nigerians are sometimes … Read more

Valentine’s Day 2019 : 10 Fun Things to Do

valentine's day 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019 is fast approaching and many couples are most likely thinking of what to do to celebrate. I mean, the day cannot pass by without you and your lover doing nothing in particular. As the day progresses, we are bound to see “woke” people whip up their motivational speeches about how they celebrate … Read more