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Why Do Guys Say I’m Intimidating?

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When a guy thinks you’re intimidating, it’s plain and simple, he sees you that way.

But, let me tell you this fact, it’s not your issue all the time; it’s mostly his.

Maybe he’s dealing with low self-esteem or has this outdated notion that a woman should be meek.

When he realizes you’re confident and self-sufficient, and this throws him off, that’s on him.

But, in all that you do, don’t change for anyone who finds you intimidating.

The right person, someone who appreciates your personality and independence, will come along.

Those who find you intimidating might stick with that mindset forever – not your circus, not your monkeys.

Living in that kind of situation is not worth it.

Don’t lower your standards to please someone else.

In this blog post, we’ll make known why some guys find you intimidating.

So, hold your head high, don’t underestimate yourself, and let’s get into it.


Why Do Guys Say I’m Intimidating?

1. Your confidence

Why Do Guys Say I'm Intimidating

When a guy says you’re intimidating, it basically means he sees you as a powerhouse of confidence.

You’re rocking that self-assured vibe, and sometimes, it gets him off guard.

What we need you to understand is that it’s not because you’re doing something wrong.

It’s more about him and his feelings.

Maybe he’s not feeling great about himself, or he’s stuck in this old-fashioned idea that women should be shy and reserved.

And when he realizes you’re out there being yourself and totally self-sufficient, it can make him feel uneasy.

So, get this that that’s on him, not you.

Don’t feel the need to change just because someone thinks you’re too much.


2. You are ambitious and independent

Why Do Guys Say I'm Intimidating

Being ambitious and independent can throw a guy off his feet.

Because you’re out there conquering your goals, chasing dreams, and being your awesome self, a guy might get intimidated.

Some guys might see your ambition and independence and feel overwhelmed.

It’s not that you’re doing something wrong.

It’s just that your go-getter attitude might be too much for them to handle.

If you’re aiming to be the big boss running your own company, and the guy you’re eyeing dreams of having a little food and snack corner, your big CEO dreams might be much for him.

It’s not that he doesn’t respect your goals.

It’s just that your CEO vibes might feel like a distant galaxy compared to his snack-sized dreams.

And the higher you shoot for the stars, the more it feels like you’re leaving him in the dust, making him feel like he’s sinking deeper into snack-land

It’s like you’re on different floors of a building where you’re on the penthouse while he’s down in the basement, and that can be intimidating for even both of you.

It might look like you are looking down on him.

Meanwhile, it’s just a matter of finding someone who’s comfortable in the same elevator as you, going up or down.

What you need is to find that sweet spot.

Be your ambitious, independent self, and you will meet someone who you will not make them feel like they’re playing catch-up.


3. Your manner of expression

This one is about you.

It’s about how you talk.

Ever had someone say you’re intimidating because of the way you communicate?

It happens.

Sometimes, your manner of expression might be the thing but beyond what you say, how you say it plays a great role.

Imagine you’re sending vibes that unintentionally tell him that you are way higher than him.

It could be your tone or even your choice of words.

Like, are you unintentionally giving off vibes that are telling them not to mess with you?

So, to avoid unintentional intimidation, think about how you’re coming across.

Maybe throw in a smile, keep it cool, and make sure your words aren’t coming off too strong.

Communication is somehow like dance styles, so make sure you’re doing the cha-cha, not the tango, when you’re just having a casual chat.

Just be in that space where you’re confident but not coming off like the CEO of Intimidation incorporated.



4. Body language

Why Do Guys Say I'm Intimidating

This is another form of expression, different from how you talk, but we must look into it.

What are you saying without words?

Your body language is basically the stuff you’re saying without actually talking.

Sometimes, the way you move or carry yourself can make someone think you’re intimidating.

It is a language your body speaks that you might not be aware of.

Language experts said crossed arms, a stern face, or avoiding eye contact are signals that might unintentionally send a message to guys to keep their distance.

We’re not saying you need to be a walking, talking emoji, but being aware of these non-verbal cues can make a big difference.

Maybe we should loosen up a bit.

Smile more, make eye contact, and try not to look like you’re ready to tackle a lion.

Open body language makes you way more approachable.

In a way, you are telling everyone around that you are friendly and you are open to chat.

Just pay attention to what your body is saying because it projects louder than your words.


5. Their fear of rejection

Why Do Guys Say I'm Intimidating

Some guys might call you intimidating because, deep down, they’re scared of getting rejected.

It’s some kind of invisible shield they put up to protect themselves from feeling vulnerable.

Your being confident and doing your thing might make them worry that they won’t measure up or that you might not be into them.

You know, when people say you’re intimidating, it’s often because they worry you might bail on them.

It’s like they’re thinking that they are not enough, or maybe you are just hanging out with them to kill time.

They probably see you as this unreachable star, and they’re wondering why you’re bothering with them.

It’s more like they’re scared you might give them the boot, and that makes them feel uneasy.

Well, this one?

It’s not your job to fix their fear.

If they find you intimidating, it’s more about what’s going on inside their heads than anything you’re doing wrong.

We’re not saying you should hold back or dim your light, but understanding that their intimidation might come from a fear of being rejected can help you handle these situations.

When you come across a guy who is intimidated, note that it’s not about you not being awesome enough.



If someone thinks you’re intimidating, it’s their issue, not yours.

Being awesome and confident is not the problem.

It’s their own stuff they need to figure out.

Now, let us give you this golden advice, don’t change who you are just because someone can’t handle your awesomeness.

Move on and wait for the right person who digs your personality.

Those who find you intimidating might stick with that mindset forever, and you don’t need that kind of vibe in your life.

Living in a situation where you feel you have to shrink yourself?

No, that’s not cool.

Don’t lower your standards just to make someone else comfortable; it’s not worth it.

Hold your head high, know it’s not your fault, and keep being the confident person you are.

The right guy will see that, no doubt about it.

Stay true to yourself.