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6 Sweet Things That Men Do That Women Often Misinterpret

6 Sweet Things That Men Do That Women Often Misinterpret

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Men and women are two very different entities. 

Sometimes I think about how both genders are both humans yet so different. 

I feel like the different stages and levels of pain a woman has to go through in life are what make her an emotional being—easily irritated and affected by circumstances. 

I also feel like the unending responsibilities that come with being a man are what make men quite the logical beings that they are.

They are usually after practical ways to fulfill their responsibilities and not after emotions and too much talk. 

In these differences, a man and a woman come together in matrimony or in a romantic relationship, and we find situations where one does a thing that is misinterpreted by the other for lack of understanding. 

We see this every day, and sometimes it leads to the end of what would have been a very beautiful relationship. 

So, to proffer solutions to this challenge, we will start by listing out some of the things a man does that is often misinterpreted by his woman to help her find understanding and keep the relationship from unnecessary hassle. 

6 Sweet Things That Men Do That Women Often Misinterpret

1. Giving Space

6 Sweet Things That Men Do That Women Often Misinterpret

Everybody needs their space.

Both singles and people who have partners. 

I know there is a loud argument on the internet that people must talk to their partners every single day or else they do not love them. 

It has made it so that if a man decides to take a break from speaking with his woman to afford her some personal space, she is taught to believe that he doesn’t love her anymore. 

A misinterpretation fueled and sponsored by people on social media with different lifestyles and choices from hers. 

In reality, many men understand the value of personal time and space in maintaining a healthy relationship. 

They believe that their partners need personal time as much as they do and that by allowing her time to herself, they are showing respect for her individuality and independence. 

Rather than seeing this as a sign of emotional distancing, she should see it as an act of trust and respect.


2. Offering Practical Help

6 Sweet Things That Men Do That Women Often Misinterpret

I remember watching a video clip on social media about how women react when they go to their men for emotional support and get practical solutions instead. 

It was a funny clip that made me laugh hard. 

Many times, when women are down, the first thing they want is a hug and reassurance that things will be well—not a practical solution. 

Practical solutions are very good and can be followed, but they are usually not welcomed as the first response. 

Unfortunately, men are more logical people and like to express love through actions rather than words.

They believe more in solutions than in talks, leading them to offer practical help instead of verbal affirmations. 

Whatever solution they offer for them is meant to show their women that they care and support them.  

However, more often than not, women (who are emotional beings) misinterpret this to mean that he is trying to take control or that he is implying that she cannot handle things on her own. 

But in truth, these men just do these things as a way of showing they care.


3. Being Protective

6 Sweet Things That Men Do That Women Often Misinterpret

It is a man’s pride to be able to protect his woman

He is watchful for anything that looks like harm around her and makes extra effort to prevent it from reaching her.

But sometimes he gets too overprotective, and this beautiful thing he is doing becomes something that portrays him as overbearing or controlling. 

No, your man is not warning you against a person or a thing because he wants to control your life. 

He has seen something that threatens your well-being and is trying to protect you from it. 

It’s not him being controlling, it’s a show of love and concern for your safety. 

I agree that there is a thin line between being protective and being controlling. 

So men should take note and be careful to ensure that their attempt to keep their woman protected does not translate into control. 


4. Sharing Interests

6 Sweet Things That Men Do That Women Often Misinterpret

When your man invites you to share in his interests or hobbies, there is this tendency to feel like he is trying to mold you into his preferences. 

But I know for one thing that if it is their interest, they want to do it by themselves, the way they like it. 

It takes extra love and care for a person to invite you to share in their interests. 

For instance, when a man invites you to watch a game of soccer with him. 

Men like to watch the game with other men—people who share their passion and can feel the adrenaline rush the way they do. 

So if it happens that your man, a soccer lover, invites you to watch a game with him, he is not trying to bend you to like what he likes. 

He is extending a hand of fellowship to you, showing how much he wants to spend time with you and bond with you. 


5. Complimenting Other Women

6 Sweet Things That Men Do That Women Often Misinterpret

I have a habit where I try as much as possible not to pass off an opportunity to share a compliment with someone, whether someone of the same sex or the opposite gender. 

If you look attractive to me, I’ll see to it that you are aware. 

Some men are like this, so you will catch them twice or more complimenting other women. 

Other men are just the polite ones who like to give credit where it is due. 

But many women will not have it.

Is their man complimenting other women?

It is a no-no for them. 

And you cannot blame them so much. 

Complimenting other women can easily be misread as flirtation or a lack of interest in the current partner. 

It feels like, “So your partner is not good enough for you?”

But we often forget that compliments are a very effective social currency. 

People who like to build their social circle and network are prone to giving out lots of compliments. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are looking outside. 

6. Being Quiet

6 Sweet Things That Men Do That Women Often Misinterpret

I met a man who would often go silent in the middle of a conversation. 

And you don’t want to imagine how annoying it was for me at first. 

Because it felt like a silent treatment.

And as soon as he gets into that silent mode, just don’t bother with expecting a response from him. 

You won’t get any.

Later, I discovered that he is a very thoughtful person who likes to take time to ponder a concept or idea before he presents it. 

Some men are often less verbal about their emotions than women, leading to misunderstandings when they become quiet. 

Their silence is often misinterpreted as anger, disinterest, or a sign that something is wrong in the relationship, as I did. 

But like I discovered, those quiet times are often used for processing their thoughts or emotions internally. 

They might be stressed, tired, or just need a moment to themselves. 

With time, I learned that silent mode meant time to stop talking and let him breathe. 


Men are special people. 

And all you need to do to navigate your way through their hearts and lives is wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

You know and understand what keeps them at peace and happy, and you have the wisdom to apply what you know to achieve results. 

That is the real way to keep your relationship bubbling and going with the man you love.