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8 Obvious Signs You Are Begging For Attention In Your Relationship

8 Obvious Signs You Are Begging For Attention In Your Relationship

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In a relationship, some things just happen naturally, especially when there’s love in the air.

One of those things is giving attention, and it’s a two-way street in a relationship.

You shower your partner with attention, and you get the same in return.

But there’s a limit to this attention.

It’s cool to want attention in a relationship, but outright begging for it?

That’s not healthy.

If your partner loves you, they should naturally give you the attention you need.

If you find yourself not getting enough attention, it might mean you’re not a top priority.

Now, it’s okay if it’s clear you’re not the number one focus.

You can decide what to do with that info.

But it gets messy when you start begging for attention.

Trust me, that’s a way of being taken for granted or even disliked.

Sure, you might think you’re showing love in a big way, but there’s a difference between loving hard and begging for attention.

When you’re loving hard, it’s a mutual thing.

Both of you are in it, reciprocating the love sacrifices.

Begging for attention?

That’s like doing all the loving on your own.

It’s not healthy when you start doing things against your own personality just to grab your lover’s attention.

Your partner isn’t a god, and you shouldn’t have to worship them for a glance your way.

Begging for attention can turn into a long, frustrating wait with no answer.

And the tricky part is you might not even realize when you’ve crossed the line from loving hard to begging for attention.

That’s what we bring to you in this article.


8 Obvious Signs You Are Begging For Attention In Your Relationship

1. You leave what makes you happy to do what makes them happy

Signs You Are Begging For Attention In Your Relationship

Begging for attention might lead you to do things you’d never imagine, like ditching your happy place for the sake of making your partner happy.

Take this for example, you abandon your favorite TV show to watch football with your guy.

You’re clueless about which team is which and why 22 guys are chasing a ball.

Instead of bailing and finding something else to do since the TV is not available at the moment, you stick to your partner like glue, bombarding them with annoying questions.

You’re not into the football game, you’re just desperate for attention, and it’s getting on your partner’s nerves. 

This behavior not only shows a lack of self-love and independence but it also puts unnecessary strain on your relationship.

When you prioritize your partner’s interests over your own, you’re sending the message that their needs and wants are more important than yours

Over time, this can lead to resentment and an imbalance in the relationship dynamic. 



2. You get upset when your partner does not reply to your text or pick up your call immediately

 It’s totally okay to miss calls, we can’t be glued to our phones all the time, right?

But you want your partner to text back or answer your calls promptly, and when they don’t, it can be a bummer.

But you should cut them some slack, anyone can be busy at any point in time.

They might be working, catching some sleep, hanging out with friends in a noisy spot, or stuck in a meeting.

Instead of getting upset, try understanding that they’ve got stuff going on.

Feeling upset because your partner is not responding to your calls right away might be because you’re craving some attention.


3. You constantly ask for reassurance of love

Signs You Are Begging For Attention In Your Relationship

I’ve got this friend, right?

He’s always needing his girlfriend to reassure him that she loves him.

And fortunately, the girlfriend happens to be my friend, also.

Poor thing, she’s fed up with his constant need for reassurance.

She vents to me about how he’s always questioning if she loves him after a phone call.

Like, seriously?

He would even question why she is not missing him.

He would say she’s not missing him if she hangs out with others.

Talk about begging for attention!

Seeking reassurance all the time means insecurity, and that insecurity is what turns into desperate cries for attention.


4. You always post about them on social media, but they don’t

In this digital age, social media has become a cool way to share the love vibes.

Everywhere you turn, couples are posting about their special moments, be it proposing, cooking up food, nailing dance routines, taking on TikTok challenges, or just sharing sweet birthday wishes and love notes.

It’s not just about flaunting your love life online, it’s more like throwing a love fiesta for all to see.

Of course, if your partner isn’t into the online showcase, that’s totally fine.

But if they’re active on socials, sharing everything but your relationship, and you are always sharing about you guys, it might be a sign that you are begging for their attention.


5. You always initiate the call

Signs You Are Begging For Attention In Your Relationship

This one here can be a little tricky.

But let me break it down.

In a romantic relationship, no one has a designated duty to make the first call, it’s more about whoever’s up for it.

Maybe you’re the early bird, or they are.

Sometimes, it hits you that it’s been a while, and you make the call, or they beat you to it.

But if your partner isn’t ringing you up at all, it’s always you taking the lead.

You’ve experimented, held off till the afternoon, and yet, you find yourself dialing first.

It could be that you’re practically begging for attention in that relationship.


6. You are always looking for ways to please them

It’s great to try to make your loved one happy, you know?

Like, it’s one of those awesome things about love.

But here’s the thing, if you’re doing everything to please them, going all out, and it still doesn’t feel like you’re hitting the mark, that’s not cool.

Even when you’re not vibing with something, you’re doing it just to make them pleased.

You’re putting them first and yourself second in everything.

That can kind of feel like you’re begging for their attention, you know?


7. You say yes to everything they request

Signs You Are Begging For Attention In Your Relationship

Imagine you are working from home, being the writer that you are.

You are deep into crafting an article, and suddenly, your significant other hits you up, asking you to cook a meal or hop into helping them with the laundry.

Despite having a looming deadline, your response is an easy “yes.”


Maybe it’s because you’d rather not say you are busy at the moment and promise to do it later.

I wouldn’t say that’s being a pushover, but that you don’t want them to feel bad because you don’t want to lose them.

That’s the kind of stuff people who crave attention tend to do, don’t you think?


8. Your boundaries are not respected

Are you cool with your partner crossing your boundaries, yet you wouldn’t dare budge an inch into theirs?

It’s like, do you even respect yourself, or are you just craving your partner’s attention?

You know yourself better than anyone else, but it’s like you’re not telling them what’s good for you.

Instead, you’re letting them throw whatever they want your way.

They can hit you up for anything, anytime.

If you’re not setting and sticking to your boundaries while bending over backward for theirs, it might just be like you’re begging for their attention.



Honestly, as humans, we crave love and connection.

We all want to feel valued and desired, it’s just part of who we are.

But the thing is, they say it takes two to tango.

Love is a two-way communication.

When you’re giving attention without getting any in return, it’s like begging for attention, and that’s not okay.

If you’re truly loved and appreciated, attention comes naturally.

If you catch yourself doing the things we talked about in this article, it’s a sign that it’s time for a change.