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6 Sure Tips And Tricks To Make Your Man Feel Powerful

6 Sure Tips And Tricks To Make Your Man Feel Powerful

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I reckon our society’s put some unfair labels on men lately.

We’re seeing more guys getting labeled as sissy because masculinity has been linked to being toxic.

My mom used to tell me not to hop on the bandwagon of women who, in the name of feminism, make their husbands feel useless.

She’d call them radical feminists.

Like her, I’m a feminist, but I let my man handle his business.

My feminism is all about keeping my dignity, confidence, and self-respect intact.

But it doesn’t mean I’m taking over for the guy in my life.

Being a man is being a man, plain and simple.

No need to fight for what isn’t yours.

Want your man to feel like a superhero?

Want to know how to make it happen?

If you ask me, you’ve made the right call.

There’s a reason why men and women are built differently – different bodies, different hormones, different purposes.

We all have our roles, and messing with that just leaves everyone feeling useless.

So, here are some ways to make your man feel like he’s got the power.

6 Sure Tips And Tricks To Make Your Man Feel Powerful

1. Trust his leadership

Tricks To Make Your Man Feel Powerful

The number one way to make your man feel powerful?

Let him know you trust his lead.

Some men shy away from taking charge, worried about being labeled as old-school macho.

You know, they don’t want to be charged with male chauvinism.

It’s not their fault, it’s the crazy expectations society throws at marriages nowadays.

But you can shake that off by telling him your home doesn’t play by society’s rulebook.

Don’t stress, though, he’s not here to take over your whole life.

Trusting his lead is like handing him the wheel while you kick back.

It makes him feel like a superhero, and trust me, he won’t want to let you down.

See it like a lion stuck in a cage versus one ruling the jungle.

The caged one wastes away because it can’t unleash its hunting instincts.

On the other hand, the jungle king has a total ruler demeanor.

Trust your man’s lead, and you’ll see the superhero shine through.


2. Communicate trust

Make it a habit always to let him know you believe in him.

Tell him you believe in him.

That’s how you show you trust him.

Share with him that you believe in his skills and his life’s purpose.

Even when you think he might not be on point in his judgment, try saying something like, “I really like this idea; it’s smart. But what if we tweaked it a bit to make it even better?”

Then, share your thoughts.

When you express confidence in his plans and purpose, it boosts his confidence and makes him feel powerful and ready to tackle anything.

We all need that reassurance sometimes.

Life can throw jabs at our goals, making us feel low.

But having someone who trusts and believes in us makes us stronger, helping us stay consistent in chasing our dreams.

Always communicate trust to him.



3. Support his decisions

As you pursue your passion, back up your choices.

It might mean giving up some of your time and energy or even chipping in some cash.

Just keep it sensible.

You won’t always agree on every decision, and that’s cool.

Speak up with humility, let him know your thoughts, and give him a chance to hear you out.

Once he’s set on a path, be his biggest supporter.

Ask how you can pitch in or be there for him.

Speak positive, reassuring words into his life.

And don’t forget the power of a good prayer, it can open doors you didn’t even know were there.

When he feels your support, there’s no peak too steep for him to climb.


4. Appreciate him

Tricks To Make Your Man Feel Powerful

Don’t underestimate the power of showing some gratitude, no matter how things pan out for him.

If he’s a good guy, you can bet he’s putting in the effort.

Take a moment to notice the grind, whether it’s a tiny step or a giant leap.

Give a nod to the sacrifices he’s making to keep the ship sailing.

Life doesn’t always throw a win his way, but he’s in there swinging.

When success does knock on his door, throw some well-deserved praise his way.

And if things take a detour into failure, be the reminder that you’ve got his back no matter what.

It might seem like a small deal, but appreciating him is a big deal.

Never scoff at the little things he brings to the table.

Every decent man out there is hustling to give his family the best shot.

So, when you toss some appreciation his way, it’s like giving him a power-up.

Suddenly, he’s geared up to do even better.


5. Celebrate his achievements

Tricks To Make Your Man Feel Powerful

Those  “I’m proud of you” remarks you dish out whenever he pulls off anything, no matter how small, really amp up his confidence.

Give his wins a public shout-out.

Share something awesome he’s done on social media, or brag about it when you’re hanging out with family and friends.

It’s a virtual high-five that tells him he’s doing well.

These moves reassure him that he’s on fire.

Because let’s be real, sometimes guys feel like they’re not hitting the mark, like they are not doing enough.

Your celebration is a reminder that he’s on the right path, giving his power a solid boost.


6. Encourage self-care

Tricks To Make Your Man Feel Powerful

Give him a gentle nudge to look after himself.

That means paying attention to his style, getting a fresh haircut, and tending to his beard.

Even small grooming goes a long way.

Suggest he consider the world of beauty products.

It’s not just for the ladies.

Let him know it is cool to invest some time in his fashion game.

Clothes are not just fabric, they are your personal billboard.

Share that what he wears can say a lot about who he is.

Feeling powerful starts with the right outfit, accessories, and a nice scent.

And hey, if you want to treat him, go for it.

Pick up something snazzy for him, a cool shirt, a stylish accessory, or maybe even some grooming products.

Let him know he’s worth it.

Encourage him to break a sweat regularly.

It’s not about becoming a gym addict, but a good workout can do wonders for both body and mind.

And don’t be shy to suggest a spa day or a gym date.

You can encourage him to buy books too.

As he builds his physical body, building his intellect is as much important.

This will boost his confidence to talk among great people.

Remind him that self-care isn’t just for Instagram models.

It’s about feeling good in your own skin, and a little effort goes a long way in boosting that powerful feel.



Just thinking about all the awesome stuff you do can give him a serious power boost.

When he sees you in action, it is like having a partner in crime, he knows someone’s got his back, and that is the kind of support that keeps him rolling.

You know the saying, “Behind every successful man is a woman”?

Well, in your case, I would tweak it to say, “Behind your powerful man, there is no one else but you.”