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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Bipolar

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Bipolar

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It’s normal for relationships to have their ups and downs.

Actually, if it’s all sunshine and no rainy days, that’s a red flag.

Life can’t always be an easy stroll in the park.

But then, things get challenging when your partner is dealing with a mental illness like bipolar disorder.

Dating someone with bipolar disorder can be a real challenge because neither they nor you have control over it.

Most people don’t even realize what they’re dealing with.

You might think your guy has a lousy personality, but in reality, they are sick.

The tricky part is, most times, the person who is sick might not even know it themselves.

Your gut feeling might be telling you something is off about their behavior.

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that’s not easy to catch if you don’t know the symptoms.

In this article, we will break down the signs your boyfriend might be bipolar.

But before we do that, let’s get what bipolar disorder is.


So, what’s bipolar disorder?

It’s a mental condition where your moods go on intense changes.

Someone with bipolar disorder can swing from emotional extreme highs called mania to rock-bottom lows called depression.


10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Bipolar

Below are signs that your boyfriend might be suffering from bipolar disorder.

1. Pronounced unpredictability

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Bipolar

Unpredictability might not be a big deal, but it might also be, especially when it comes to the point when it is pronounced in your boyfriend.

For instance, one minute, he’s owning the dance floor at a party, and the next, he’s off in his own world.

It’s like going from the life of the party to a solo act.

Imagine swinging between being the ultimate extrovert and then, out of the blue, embracing the introvert life.

Now, if your boyfriend happens to have bipolar disorder, that unpredictability dials up to the extreme.

It adds a whole new layer to navigating his ups and downs.


2. Abnormal high levels of energy

A person with bipolar disorder once told me that during their high-energy moments, it’s like zooming down a mountain at top speed, so high a speed that it becomes a scary blur.

When someone’s in the manic phase of bipolar disorder, they feel this incredible surge of energy.

It is like they’re on top of the world and wired in a totally different way than usual.

This can be an exciting and exhilarating experience, but it can also lead to dangerous behavior.

During manic episodes, individuals with bipolar disorder may engage in risky behaviors such as excessive spending, promiscuity, or drug use.

They may also have racing thoughts and be unable to sleep for long periods of time.

These extreme levels of energy can be exhausting for both the person with bipolar disorder and their loved ones.

There are also depressive episodes, where they may feel extremely low and have little energy or motivation. 

If your boyfriend has bipolar disorder, you would see in their level of energy, feeling very high and jumpy, like they have taken some kind of drug to boost their energy. 


3. Disturbed sleep

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Bipolar

People with bipolar disorder often deal with constant sleep struggles.

When the manic phase kicks in, their energy goes through the roof, making it tough to catch some Zs.

It’s a norm to the sickness.

While staying up all night might seem exciting to some, for those with bipolar disorder, it’s their usual lifestyle.

This can cause daytime grogginess and major crankiness during manic episodes.

Getting a solid four to five hours of sleep is a major battle for someone navigating bipolar disorder. 



4. Talking rapidly

Someone with bipolar disorder might talk so fast that it’s tough to catch what they’re saying.

Research suggests it’s tied to their rapid thoughts.

These ideas zoom through their mind, making them want to spill them out just as quickly.

As a result, their speech becomes super speedy, making it a bit challenging for anyone trying to make a meaning of what they are saying.

It can also be difficult for someone with bipolar disorder to slow down their thoughts and speech, leading to racing thoughts that can be overwhelming.

This can make it hard for them to focus on one topic or conversation at a time, as their mind is constantly jumping from one thought to the next.

In addition, talking rapidly can also be a symptom of hypomania or mania, which are both stages of bipolar disorder where a person experiences intense highs and increased energy levels.

During these episodes, individuals may feel a heightened sense of self-confidence and speak quickly due to their racing thoughts and inflated self-esteem.

If you notice your boyfriend displaying this



5. Feeling invincible

When your boyfriend’s in the mania phase, he might think he’s a superhero, totally convinced he can conquer anything.

It’s that overconfidence is linked with bipolar disorder.

This comes with the thought and feeling that he is super intelligent.

He feels super smart and invincible, thinking others aren’t as sharp.

The belief that he knows it all is a clear sign of bipolar disorder.



6. Dissociation

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Bipolar

People dealing with bipolar disorder often go through periods of feeling disconnected.

When they’re in a low phase, they might distance themselves from family and friends.

Stuff that used to bring them joy, like arts, music, movies, and sports, loses its appeal.

Even their big life goals might not spark excitement.

Sometimes, they may not even want to be around their significant other – just craving some solo time.



7. High degree of impulsive and risky behaviors

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Bipolar

Someone with bipolar disorder might do some wild stuff without really thinking it through.

Imagine this, someone says they want to ride a rollercoaster at fighter jet speed – that’s the level of risk we are talking about.

They might blow all their cash on a crazy shopping spree or decide to ditch their job and hit the road for some spontaneous cross-country adventures.

And yeah, they can get involved in extramarital affairs.

When they’re in the manic zone, their sex drive hits the roof, and that can lead to some serious relationship drama.



8. Inability to complete tasks 

One sign of bipolar disorder is having trouble seeing tasks through to the end.

Like, someone with bipolar might begin learning to drive but then suddenly decide they hate the sound of the engine.

It happens in different areas too.

They might start a new hobby but then get bored and move on to the next thing without ever fully mastering the first one.

This can lead to feelings of frustration and failure, which can further exacerbate their mood swings.

If your boyfriend acts this way, it might not just be indecision, it could be bipolar disorder.


9. Inability to concentrate

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Bipolar

You’re chatting about hitting up a party, but he’s all about how the movie was a bit meh.

Getting off track or missing the point could signal bipolar disorder.

If he can’t stick to the conversation at hand and keeps drifting to unrelated stuff, or if he’s forgetful about plans and needs constant reminders, that might be a red flag for bipolar disorder.


10. Unsteady eating patterns

You might notice that sometimes he eats a bunch when his energy level has surged high, but then he might skip meals or not eat much when he’s feeling low.

Studies show people with bipolar disorder often have wonky eating habits.

So, if your guy’s eating routine is all over the place, it could be a sign that he’s dealing with bipolar disorder.



People often don’t realize that certain behaviors could be signs of a mental health issue.

While having one or two of the signs we mentioned may not automatically mean your boyfriend has bipolar disorder, it’s the combination of many signs that could indicate it.

There are misconceptions about bipolar disorder, such as the belief that those with it can’t maintain stable jobs or that it affects everyone the same way.

This is not true; individuals with bipolar disorder can still have stable jobs and relationships while showing some or most of the signs we mentioned.

Also, know that bipolar disorder is categorized into bipolar I and bipolar II based on symptoms, and it doesn’t affect everyone the same way.

It’s vital to understand that this mental illness can’t be wished away.

It’s not just general moodiness but a genuine disorder that requires treatment, usually a combination of medication and therapy.

If you observe these signs in a loved one, consulting a doctor is crucial.